Tea and Crackers! Or was it Peas? ((UnicornPancakes)) ~EAH~

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  1. And so our tale starts, with but a quiet night-in at Madeline Hatter's personal dorm..
    No, no! They're squabbling, can't you see it? Kitty Cheshire is up to no good tonight! They were supposed to have a tea-party with both; royals and rebels, but hardly anyone has shown! And who is to blame for that?
    No way, Kitty's been laying in bed all-day!

    Madeline has grown rather discontented, her face screwed up in a funny look and she's glaring up at the ceiling. "Quieet! I can't even hear myself think, you guys!" She crossed her arms, and pouted, "Now, if you two can behave, I can drink the rest of my tea before Raven and Blondie get here! They promised!" Earl Grey, her small grey mouse came over balancing a tea-pot on his head. "Oh, my favorite! Thank you Earl Grey!"

    Very well, as I was saying, there has been a lack of tea-goers on this day. What could they possibly be doing?
    I am sure that we will find out.

    Kitty looked to Maddie, who had yelled out before going back to her tea. She was grinning, and decided to poke some fun at the girl. "Maddie, are you talking to the birds again? I think we could roast one," she giggled, covering her mouth with purple-painted nails. She stood up from her bed, stretching out slowly as she got herself up.

    "No, I was talking to the narrators! Hehe, they're a bundle of nuts! Wait, or are they talking birds? Oh crumpets!" She tapped her chin, pondering seriously about the matter before giving up and setting herself to a new task. Madeline reset up her tea-set on the small table. Now with four cups of tea, rather than two cups of tea. "Some tea, Kitty? I am sure they are tip-top-top of the line!"

    What was this girl going on about? Kitty shook her head, and couldn't help but to laugh and take a tea-cup from the crazy girl. She took a sip of the tea, "Yea, nice tea!" She set it down on the vanity near the window in their room, pulled a brush from the top of it and began to groom her hair so that she could put it into a braid. Her cat ear head-bands adorned around the mirror, and she sipped her tea occasionally.
  2. Both Briar Beauty, and Apple White made their way to Madeline and Kitty's dorm. Both princesses were the most well-known fairy tales in the school, especially Apple White."Aren't you just hexcited about Maddie's tea party?" Apple commented, becoming filled with excitement and started hopping up and down. "I brought some apple tarts for all of us to share. Yuuum!"

    "Calm down, Apple. The party hasn't even started yet." The brunette laughed as she carried her handheld jukebox with her. "I've downloaded some wicked tunes on my jukebox for the party. Melody Piper helped me with it. She makes the best remixes!" Briar bragged.

    "Oh, there it is!" Apple exclaimed, as she pointed to the dorm room. When both girls were at the foot of the door, Apple gently knocked. Her smile widened with anticipation.

    "Apple, no one's going to hear you with that knock" Briar said, and took her turn to knock on the door. Without waiting for a response, Briar decided to just open it. "Heyyyy everyoneeeee!" She greeted, but soon realized that Apple and herself were the first to come to the party.
  3. Maddie turned excitedly, a tea-cup perfectly in either hand and she had a broad smile on her face. "Apple, Briar! You made it to the unbirthday tea-party today! Oh, isn't this just hexciting?" She handed both of the girls a teacup and quickly took a seat, bobbing her head happily.

    Kitty stood now, after finishing brushing her hair and glances to the Royals. The feline-girl pulled a dark-purple cat-ears headband off of her vanity and slipped it on her head. She yawned and waved a hand in front of her mouth, bored at the moment. What could she do to get to Apple White and Briar Beauty? Maybe a spider on a spindle? Kitty began to snicker, "Oh, rats, Madeline! I just forgot... I need to go find something." She then dematerialized with a giggle and a grin, deciding to go down the hall. Down the hall, and realized who she needed: Sparrow Hood! He could get her a spider or two. She was giggling as she went looking for him.

    And there she goes... Kitty Cheshire, creating mischief where ever she goes.
    Oh, stuff it Grumpy-pants! The show is just getting started!

    The turquoise-violet haired girl waved ecstatically at Kitty, "Oh, Kitty! Don't forget to check on everryone-ellsee! Tea time is the most important squirrel of the day! And you got it, narrators! Oh, Apple, Briar, wasn't this just the most tea-riffic idea? I think if a tree shaded the sun, and the mouses ran free, it'd be even better! Don't ya think Apple?" She picked up Earl Grey, placing him back into her hat. Ohh, he tea-ickled!
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