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  1. So i'm just going to keep this short and sweet. I'm looking for a couple of role Play partners and I have a couple ideas I would like to do. I have come back from a hiatus from writing so i'm a tad rusty, but i'll get there. I average about 3 paragraphs at 5-6 lines each but I can go more depending on given content.

    Now i'm just going to put the ideas here. Sorry, i'm no good at fancy stuff so this thread is pretty boring.

    Destined For The Bad Side (open)
    My girl, who's somehow managing to always get herself mixed up in bad situations, loses her apartment as the building is suddenly getting demolished. With no where else to go, she moves into her friend's house(let's call her Brittany for now), who also lives with her boyfriend(let's call him Ray for now).. The last time she had gone over her house was about 6 months ago and at that point no one had lived with them. However, once she's moved in, she finds out that Ray's best friend moved in a couple months ago. And he's everything that my girl doesn't like. He's a 'Bad Boy' and he's also part of an underground fighting 'club'.. He fights for money. Now, my girl tries to steer clear of the Bad Boys. She's had enough of that lifestyle after being raised by an alcoholic & gambling father with no mother in sight for as long as she could remember. So she does her best to avoid this man even though they live under the same roof, with their rooms right next to each other. Even worse, there's a bathroom that also connects the two rooms in between them. Now, she's not a meek character, she can stand up for herself and won't back down. She's stubborn and can be rather bull headed at times. However, due to her determination to stay away from this man, he takes a strong interest in her. After all, he's not used to being ignored. He's an arrogant Bad Boy who has good looks on his side and having this girl ignore him is something he hasn't experienced. And he's determined to make her his.

    A Step Toward The Throne (open)
    Years ago, a kingdom was attacked by a neighbouring country, which threw it into ruin. The king had seen the attack coming and sent his infant daughter away, to keep her safe. Sent to the last place one would think a king's daughter would be sent. To an elderly farming couple who owned a farm. They accepted the infant and raised her, knowing full well who she was and what this responsibility would hold. They told everyone in the small farming village that they found her in their land and decided to raise her.

    So the princess grew up as a farm girl. She taught herself how to use a bow and arrow when she was 13, but could never get a hold of a sword to practice. Ever the curious child, she often explored and taught herself things. Even knowing full well who she was born as since she was young. But, she's now 18 and a movement in the kingdom has begun. Though no one except her and her 'grandparents' know who she is, the kingdom knows she's alive. And they want her back. The kingdom needs its rightful heir. There are a group of people who have made it their life's mission to find the princess and put her on her throne. One such man from this group sets off to find her by himself.

    The princess, thinking it time she went out on her own, leaves the farming village with bow and arrows and a bag full of stuff, despite her 'grandparents' ' protests. Along the way, she runs into the man who is searching for her. Though he has no clue who she is, nor she, him, for reasons, they decide to travel together.

    This is definitely a work in progress. This was just something I slapped together. We can work out the rest if you wish.
    I would be the princess in this one

    Now, if you don't like them, we could possibly work something out together. I can play the male in other RPs, but I am not very good at it.

    Please post here or PM me
  2. anyone?
  3. I like your first plot. :3
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