Taste In Food

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What are your favorite types of food and what the types you don't particularly care for?

I mostly lean towards pastas and seafood mostly, probably since I did live by the coast so seafood was plentiful and usually very fresh. But I really am not that picky when it comes to food, as long as it's good quality food and not something that's so unhealthy it could kill you like that one breakfast burger king sandwich a while back... I forgot the name.

There's not too many foods I won't eat but..I don't like spicy foods, they just make my nose act up, not really worth it..
Other than that...There's pickles I don't like for some odd reason, not sure why they just taste awful to me and I always make sure to avoid them.
I dislike: mushrooms & seafood
I like: everything else
I like pasta... lots of different kinds of pastas!

I have found I'm not a big fan of fish, though. D:
Eggplant and squash are nasty. Mostly texture, not so much taste.
I like some spicy stuff (like buffalo wings, chili con carne). I eat them knowing full well that my mouth, stomach, and ass will hurt.

Not too partial about squash, but hardly a problem for my tastebuds. I like eggplant only when it's "done right" (i.e. fried, placed in sinigang or adobo, not mixed with egg or some shit. It's called EGGplant for a reason.).

I used to like tilapia, but I'm staying away from it now due to a calorie-inducing revelation. That and it's not good without vinegar.

Above all things, however, I like my chicken, corn, carrots, potatoes, onions, cabbage, tuna, beansprouts, tofu, and pizza. And pasta.
Overall, Italian and Asian food are fucking delicious.
I -love- food in general now. I still won't eat some particular things but I love finding local ethic cuisine places; so far we have a favorite Japanese, Indian and Italian restaurant, along with some general ones that have stellar food. Also love cooking. I enjoy playing with sweet and spicy and figuring out new combinations that just work. I'm nearly always in the mood for Indian or Italian food; Asian food I tend to be a bit more finkey about. Mexican I've had nearly to death thanks to my family but its always good.

Also love baking, and French food is just...mmhm decadence.
Eh, I'm kind of picky. I like most seafood, pretty much all meat, and... I HATE spicy food, seriously, slim jims are unpleasant after a few bites, and I don't even know if they are supposed to be spicy, but they make my mouth feel all unpleasantly tingly.

I like sweets.

Most Chinese food, I will say. I am traumatized of chicken feet (some things my dad would say when I was little), and some of the other extremes (to the westerner's eyes, anyways) (ie frog legs, shark fin soup, although the later allegedly tastes like nothing)

I like meat. I would never, ever be able to go veggie. I tried lamb for the first time the other day. Pretty good, little meat on the chops, though. Bacon, mmm. Pork, mmm. Cows? Fuck yes.

I have too many vegetarian friends. How could you not enjoy the taste of farm animals? mmm... corpses.
Quoted for fucking truth.

Also; Bratwurst. Love me some mothafuckin' bratwurst. And fish, but I can't eat shellfish because of allergies. Fuck you allergies.

Jagerschnitzel with mushroom sauce. Doner-Kebab when shitfaced.... Germany, how I will miss thee.
I love me some dairy food! And meat, lots of meat.

Chicken Cordon Bleu is super nummy!

As far as spicy I prefer chemical spicy like wasabi as opposed to actual spicy like peppers.
I don't know why I prefer veggies over fruits. Maybe it's satisfaction after running the full course, or that my grandma likes to serve me the veggies. She's a hit and a miss when it comes to those, however.

While I eat and enjoy meat as much as everyone else, seeing a fuckton of different meats being stuffed in a single dish puts me off, and I always make this joke to everyone I know that entire sandwiches made out of meat can give me heart attack just looking at them.

Don't get me started on those pork brains in gravy.