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  1. In 2017 the world was thrown into hysteria. A previously unknown terrorist organization executed high-profile attacks around the globe, simultaneously.


    USS Gerald Ford shortly after being struck by a private jet filled with explosives, outside San Diego.

    The attacks happened within hours of eachother. The date 3/15 has been dubbed "Loud Wednesday" and immortalized in history.

    -The Queen of England's jet was highjacked over Scotland, they executed her and the prime minister, live on BBC.
    -Three nuclear warheads were stolen from a Russian base in Vladivostok.
    -Cyber attacks were launched against multiple banking firms, resulting in the largest breach in client privacy and the largest online heist ever. Several billion dollars in various currencies were stolen, crippling the Chinese economy.
    -The EU HQ in Brussels, Belgium was sieged by heavily armed militants. The death toll is expected to reach over 200.
    -Multiple U.S Navy vessels were targeted by suicidal planes and boats. Multiple ships damaged. Two corvettes, 1 destroyer and 1 carrier were sunk.
    -35 car bombs detonated throughout France. Death toll is currently at 413.

    As a result, riots and protests have erupted in cities all over the world.

    Their goals are unclear. Their plans are unknown. The extent of their capability is unknown. How they prepared this without our intelligence agencies finding out is unknown. Where their funding came from is unknown.
    But we do know a few things. They have identified themselves as the "The Resistance". In the viral video where they executed Queen Elizabeth, they announced their resistance to something called the "Invisible Hand." We don't know what that is. But they are willing to kill thousands of innocent people to "resist" it, apparently.

    That brings us to why you are here. The Resistance has seized multiple nuclear devices and mass quantities of currency. This leads us to believe that they are going to strike again, and harder. This can NOT be allowed to happen. As a response we have created Task Force 315. TF315 will report directly to the U.N security council and will be supervised by the CIA. The Task Force will recruit and put together the best operators, agents and investigators from around the world. You're mission is to uproot this resistance at the source, and neutralize the threat it poses. You will have unlimited access to facilities and resources from all supporting countries.
    Current supporting countries are: The U.S, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russian Federation, China, South Korea, Australia, South Africa, Tunisia and Malaysia.

    It is imperative you do not fail.


    So this is my idea for a realistic-ish tactical RP, based in modern times. The players will be soldiers and government agents from a variety of backgrounds and countries. They're job will be to track down and destroy the mysterious Resistance. This roleplay will be slightly more linear than most but I still intend give the players ample oppurtunity to influence the story.

    What do you think? Any questions? Suggestions?
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  3. I'll get to work on an OOC. =D
  4. I'll be just dropping my DM from Task Force Wolf, since I never got to use him.
  5. I'll sign up in a sec!
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