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  1. I'm looking for partners who:
    I do prefer someone who writes at least 1-2+ paragraphs, but I can work with whatever! ^.^
    A long term partner!
    Posts at least once every other day.
    Can add to the story
    Communicate with me! I love to bounce ideas around
    Gives a decent amount of detail. ^.^
    Is okay with 18+ themes (EX: Sex, alcohol, strong language, some violence, ext...)

    Posting times: Generally I post during the day. Generally in the afternoon. Or late evening (Mountain Standard Time)

    • Vampire x Slayer
    • Demon x Angel
    • Demon x Human
    • Werewolf x Vampire

    • Dragon (shape-shifter) x Witch
    • Dragon (shape-shifter) x Human (maybe sacrificial human)

    • Wizard x Princess
    • Prince x Princess
    • Knight x Princess

    • AI Robot x Human
    • Cyborg x Human
    • Alien x Human

    Plot ideas & cravings: I am really craving a good arranged marriage based RP, though I am definitely open for ideas.

    Feel free to post here or send me a message. ^.^
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  2. Hello! I wanted to let you know that you wrote your entire post in black! This makes it impossible for anyone using a dark background to read your post.
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  3. Still looking for additional partners.
  4. The wizard x princess idea seems interesting. PM me?
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  5. Still accepting RP partners.
  6. Hello, I was wondering if you would like to do some vampirexslayer with me~?
  7. Still open. Was a hair busy as of late, but things have finally calmed back down.
  8. I see the wizard princess is still open? I'd be interested in that.
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