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  1. So, I'm mostly gonna be using this to bring out my characters more. I don't want anyone posting please (though if you have feedback, I'd love to hear it via PM.) I'll be doing just tiny forms at first, and expanding them as I go. I'll be using old characters and new characters, so some I have thought of more than others. I have a plot in mind, so yay for that. And yes, I'm using all fantasy creatures (for now).

    Form for now-
    Personality: (3 words that describe the character)
    History: (a couple sentences)
    Appearance: (photo/drawing of some sort)
  2. Name: Cyrus Etheridge
    Age: 23
    Nationality: White American
    Abilities: Shape Shifting (he gains the abilities of a snow leopard)
    Project: Animalia
    Personality: Quiet, Mature, Gentle
    History: Was born to his mother Gloria, and never knew his father. Kara is his best friend from childhood. No siblings.
    Appearance: Cyrus

    Name: Kara Whitman
    Age: 22
    Nationality: White American
    Abilities: Shape Shifting (she obtains all abilities of a red fox)
    Project: Animalia
    Personality: Outgoing, Cheerful, Adventurous
    History: Born to her mother Renee and her father Thomas. She lived a happy life. Best friends with Cyrus.
    Appearance: Kara

    Name: Everett Myers
    Age: 27
    Nationality: Scottish American
    Abilities: Telekinesis (only items under 10 lbs)
    Project: Mentalis
    Personality: Calm, Helpful, Lazy
    History: Born to mother Julia, and raised by father Brandon. His mother passed away in childbirth, has stepmother named Sheila.
    Appearance: Everett

    Name: Amira Baumgartner
    Age: 21
    Nationality: White American
    Abilities: Extreme Strength
    Project: Mutatio
    Personality: Kind, Shy, Intelligent
    History: Born to her mother Nicole and father Colin. Has 4 younger siblings.
    Appearance: Amira

    Name: Sasha Orlov-Smith
    Age: 15
    Nationality: Russian American
    Abilities: Telepathy (he can only read thoughts)
    Project: Mentalis
    Personality: Imaginative, Passive, Rigid
    History: Unknown birth parents, adopted by Shaun and Constance Smith when he was 8. Two step siblings.
    Appearance: Sasha

    Name: Vera Loveless
    Age: 24
    Nationality: Black American
    Abilities: Regenerative Healing
    Project: Mutatio
    Personality: Opinionated, Sweet, Funny
    History: Born to Alex and Jana, raised in a middle-class household, one older sibling, two younger siblings.
    Appearance: Vera

    Name: Milo Locklear
    Age: 29
    Nationality: Native American Descent
    Abilities: Environmental Adaptation
    Project: unknown
    Personality: Fighter, Stubborn, Leader
    History: Abandoned at an orphanage, adopted by a lesbian Native American couple, Hannah and Donna.
    Appearance: Milo

    Name: Rosanna Bridges
    Age: 26
    Nationality: English American
    Abilities: Matter Absorption
    Project: unknown
    Personality: Loving, Perfectionist, Timid
    History: Born to Mark and Michelle, raised in an upper middle class home. Three younger siblings.
    Appearance: Rosanna
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  3. A new virus is spreading through the populous. The virus, known as Ferangia, causes all the symptoms of the average case of influenza: Stuffy head, chest pressure, vomiting, fever, aches and pains, and chills. If it is influenza, then it is likely to pass by without harm. However, if it is Ferangia, then the victim is at high risk for death. How can it be found? With a simple cheek swab to look at the patient's DNA. Some people are immune to this virus, and the DNA can tell the doctors whether or not they are. If they are not, they need to be taken in for treatment. A special facility has a supposed cure for this disease (some speculate their testing is how it got out in the first place), and they offer the treatment for free.

    The patients must travel to this facility. Here, they are given the treatment. It is a series of five shots to the arm over the course of three days. Two on the first, two on the second, and a final one on the third to make sure it's actually gone.

    Unfortunately, this treatment does not have a very high rate of success. Many times, they must declare the person dead. Those who make it also never seem quite right in the head after they leave. Many pass it off as an unfortunate circumstance, and just pray they don't get it. Others have become a bit more skeptical.

    In truth, the people who took the treatment weren't actually sick. They had a flu, yes, but nothing worse than that. Ferangia was a fabricated lie so this facility could loophole around human experimentation. Not even doctors know of this, so they blindly send people to their demise. This specific facility, New Horizons Medical, focuses on transforming humans into something more. They want to make super humans. They have mostly succeeded. The serum that causes change seems to work. In order to keep the patients happy, they make sure to treat them well.

    There are three experiments in this program. There is Project Animalia. This infuses human genes with those of animals. It was originally just tested with common animals, such as rats. However, they have recently started to test with more rare ones. The Project Mentalis is used to give people psychic and other mental abilities. While ESP and telepathy are the most common, they've been able to give some people other abilities as well. The Project Mutatio is all about physical traits. Giving humans extra strength, speed, or endurance.
  4. Cyrus woke, his vision blurry. He squinted up at the ceiling, noticing how it was so sterile looking. Pure white. A fluorescent light shone above him, making the whole room horribly blinding. He slowly attempted to get up, only then realizing that he was strapped in. Well that was a pickle. His vision slowly came back to him, mostly getting used to the light. He felt very cold, like ice was running through him. The surface he was on was cold, too. A few taps with a fingernail told him it was metal. So, like an operating table or something. Did the treatment not work? He didn't feel sick anymore. His chest no longer hurt, and he didn't have a stuffed up nose. Odd. He was still tired though, and as if someone shot him up with some anesthesia, he was out again.

    He woke up once again, his vision blurry, and he himself groggy. He still couldn't get up. He laid there for a goodly long while, before his wits came about. He looked around the room, not seeing anything of importance. It was a white room with a door. He struggled against the restraints, which sounded louder than it should have been. He thought this odd, but chalked it up to drugs and the room being small. He wasn't getting anywhere. "Hello?" He called out. No answer.

    After some time of just lying there and thinking, Cyrus heard a commotion outside. Yelling. Then something loud; an explosion? It was silent for a few moments. The light above him flickered, then died. A red emergency light flooded the room, and he felt the restraints around his wrists and ankles open. He sat up slowly, still a little dizzy. Glancing around the room, there seemed to be nothing other than a door. A chart was clipped to the end of the table. It had his name, vitals, things a normal doctor would use. Many things he didn't understand. He put it back, then went to the door. There was no window, so he simply opened it slowly, expecting chaos. No such thing. Just a hallway, lit by red lights. More doors were down each side.

    He took this moment to look down at himself. He was wearing a hospital gown. His wrists and ankles were a bit red from the restraints, but nothing worrisome. His skin was warm to the touch, but he still felt cold. He felt pretty normal other than that. What wasn't normal was what was going on. He was supposed to be here for treatment. Apparently he had that virus. Now the power was gone? What shitty institution was this place. He needed to find clothes and find someone who knew what was going on.
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  5. An explosion, and then silence. That's what Kara heard from her small cell. She became extremely concerned, going to her door. She had a window in hers. She could see armed men running down the hall, though she didn't know why. Looking directly across from her cell, she saw her new friend. A young boy, probably about 16 years old. He had bright blonde hair. They had stared at each other at times, and used gestures for communication. They looked at each other, both of them shrugging. Kara tried the door. Nothing. It was locked. She walked in circles, letting out a small scream as the room went black, a small floodlight in the corner lighting up her room in an ominous red. She heard a click. The door. She ran to it, bursting out of her room. It was red out here too. Shouts could be heard further down the hall. Others began emerging from their cells as well, including her new friend.

    The young boy simply stared into the distance, gulping at the sound of suppressing fire. Kara looked at the others, some of which started running away from the gunfire, and some towards it. She looked at the others who stayed. "We need to stick together." She told them, and many nodded in agreement. She wasn't sure where to go. She chose away from the gunfire. Gesturing to all of her fellow prisoners, she led the trek.

    The woman was very confused. She had woken up a few days before, in pain from the various needles they stuck in her. She could tell, because of small scabs all along her arms, legs, and neck. She thought she was just coming in to receive treatment, but this was something more. They wouldn't let her out, the doctor assigned to her was told they needed to quarantine her. Her symptoms were gone, so why was she still here? She just didn't understand. Her thoughts were cut short when the doors in front of them were whipped open. More men armed with guns. They were aimed at their small group. She stopped in her tracks, raising her hands in the air. Others, however, weren't that calm. Many ran at the men, hoping to get out. Gunfire rang through, bodies dropping. Kara screamed, the boy grabbing her and bringing her to the floor. They crawled to the back of the group, Kara wanting to do something. She knew she couldn't though. The boy started to smear his face with blood of a fallen comrade. Kara took this as a sign to do the same, realizing what he was doing. With bodies still dropping in front of them, they both grabbed a corpse, hiding under them. She had heard about this, and knew, this was likely going to save their lives.