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    Haru Yakima




    Singing // Piano // Minor Knife Skills

    Butterfly Knife

    Younger sister of a top Drug and Prostitution leader, he hasn't be kind to his poor sister. After their parents death when they were children Haru and her brother lived on the streets, where at the time he took good care of her. They stayed in a abandoned warehouse where he started his enterprise. Keeping his sister in the dark for most of her life, that all changed when Haru turned 16. He turned cold to his sister and saw her as more of a object then family, beating her to let his stress out. He put her to work luckily with enough respect still for her to keep her out of prostitution, but making her perform in his clubs singing and playing music. She was loved and earned many fans, sleazeball fans sadly. Another little present her brother bestowed upon Haru was forcing her to get butterfly tattoos on her hands, his symbol to mark her as his. She lives her life hoping for something better and resenting her brother.
  2. Wow... It sounds like you had a tough battle, but your heart came home after all :)

    Welcome Back :D

    I'm sure you won't find it difficult to readjust, considering we haven't changed much.
    And, for one thing, I have no clue why you're embarrassed, so just think of it like starting over ;)

  3. iI should shouldn't I! And I mean, everyone has bumps in their hobby career. I'm TZS dammit! Starting over is what I do! Lookout world. :P I still have this impulse to change my screenname though. You know like, when food gets dropped on the floor, and even though you know the floor is clean, because you just cleaned it, you still don't really want it back... I was looking fondly over some of the other names I cycled through in this site; shewolf, spiderporn, my original thezerosystem. It's strange, thezerosystem is actually more comfortable to me than my actual IRL name. I kinda miss it maybe- I'll go back to that. An adjustment more than a change.
  4. Welcome back, TZS.

    Funny how us drifters always seem to wind up back here, sooner or later.

    Hope the changes aren't too weird, and you get yer RP set up again.
  5. Yup :D Yup :D That's the spirit!

    And hey~ You can color your title while you're at it, considering you have enough Iwaku-coins to pay for it :D
    Check it out here~ Coloring your user title :D
    There's a bunch of things you can do for a fresh start ;D
  6. I think I'm getting the hang of it. Thanks! Yeah I think I'm gonna. Just have to go fish it out of the bin and pm the players to see who's still interested...
  7. *flings bombs and things at TZS*

    We missed you too.

  8. YEAH! At our house we don't have plastic covered furniture and no one cares if you say FUCK or PENIS really loud! >:D
  9. Who's Gabe?

  10. Mein gott I have missed the hell out of you guys!
  11. "So I can be sith my son?"
  12. Karlag: Tell us where this John Seed is.

    Reverend Lewis: He's stationed in Holland Valley, that's the town up the hill. But you'll have a hard time getting there, especially now that he knows somebody's making trouble. Not only is his sanctuary heavily guarded, nearly all roads to the town are lined with traps.

    Raina: Good, anything else would be boring.
  13. Seeing all the skulls didn’t conform Haru they only made her more uncomfortable. She continued to follow to the large crate.
  14. Luna quickly follows them, she trips and falls, her cloaking device turning off.
  15. MMMMM, I can imagine :)
  16. "That would be correct." Akita says, "Apparently some government agency was involved and I almost was shot by the owners of the law firm."
  17. Akita glares as he walks out and then hurries to the medical bay to check on her partner.
  18. her name was Sera

    So far no clue but I do know I want my girl to be this