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  1. Back. I think.

    So after wandering off and preoccupied with IRL I decided I was too embarrassed to show my face back here when I did, eventually have a spare moment to myself. So I bounced around some other Role-Playing site (wicked, adulterous me!) and ... eh. They have like... sanity and STANDARDS and crap. Don't flake out. Your posts must be in this format. Oh- I stumbled upon the site everyone who split from Iwaku went. Anne and Gabe and the like. Nice people. Played with them a while. I just... I get feeling like I have to be on my "good" behavior. Nobody throws bombs at each other over there; no flinging random insults, no inappropriate come-ons in the Cbox(they don't have a cbox, but you know what I meant... It was nice, I guess. But...not home.

    Then I came back and discovered someone had hacked the email addy I use for this site and apparently tried to advertise here for some dr who thing. Anyway. Got that sorted, I think I know where I picked her up too. NEVER GOING BACK TO THAT FORUM. With your stupid pompous rp degrees and hacker mods. ^%*%$#@$%^%$#$@#%$

    But I did learn a valuable lesson. Ahem: Do not have your account password be the same as your email password. >_< (I know. Too stupid to live. Yea.)

    I was so embarrassed I wasn't going to come back here at all- actually, I almost discarded my whole TZS net id concept, but... ehn... you guys are family and It's not like I've got any pride anyway...

    So, my life is as it always is but I think I'll be around a while again... I might pick my Knight Hunters RP back up if the gang is still interested. I believe we were prepping for ninjabots... Maybe. I dunno.

    I'm a flake: Love me or leave me I'll be back round eventually regardless.

    GEEZ I leave for e a few months and I can't even navigate here- what did you guys do to the site!?!?! (not that I don't like it....)
  2. Wow... It sounds like you had a tough battle, but your heart came home after all :)

    Welcome Back :D

    I'm sure you won't find it difficult to readjust, considering we haven't changed much.
    And, for one thing, I have no clue why you're embarrassed, so just think of it like starting over ;)

  3. iI should shouldn't I! And I mean, everyone has bumps in their hobby career. I'm TZS dammit! Starting over is what I do! Lookout world. :P I still have this impulse to change my screenname though. You know like, when food gets dropped on the floor, and even though you know the floor is clean, because you just cleaned it, you still don't really want it back... I was looking fondly over some of the other names I cycled through in this site; shewolf, spiderporn, my original thezerosystem. It's strange, thezerosystem is actually more comfortable to me than my actual IRL name. I kinda miss it maybe- I'll go back to that. An adjustment more than a change.
  4. Welcome back, TZS.

    Funny how us drifters always seem to wind up back here, sooner or later.

    Hope the changes aren't too weird, and you get yer RP set up again.
  5. Yup :D Yup :D That's the spirit!

    And hey~ You can color your title while you're at it, considering you have enough Iwaku-coins to pay for it :D
    Check it out here~ Coloring your user title :D
    There's a bunch of things you can do for a fresh start ;D
  6. I think I'm getting the hang of it. Thanks! Yeah I think I'm gonna. Just have to go fish it out of the bin and pm the players to see who's still interested...
  7. *flings bombs and things at TZS*

    We missed you too.

  8. YEAH! At our house we don't have plastic covered furniture and no one cares if you say FUCK or PENIS really loud! >:D
  9. Who's Gabe?

  10. Mein gott I have missed the hell out of you guys!
  11. Now its tine you welcome properly!

    *Blows a horn and the back wall is demolished by the front end of a baneblade super heavy tank and all 11 barrels point at TZS*

    For yous cosideration... FIRE!

    *Cackles as 11 flags saying 'band' appear, right before the baneblade opens fire.*
  12. TZS, hello! And welcome back! You have been missed! <3
  13. *Flushes TZS with a hose on max...force*

    You've been tainted by RPA's shallow community, now you shall be one of us again.

    Proceed to smartassery.
  14. *hauls Alarice off for a tango*

    Ha! Torsry, you know the fire volunteers in my old neighborhood used tto drag their girlfriends out to the parking lot to have a weekly wet tshirt contest with the fire hoses? My mom was always ranting about how dangerous it was, but it was hecka fun to watch.
  15. MMMMM, I can imagine :)
  16. Hey yah welcome back have any new questions just ask

    *casts shadow and takes out the watch lights*
  17. Party's on!!! So who do I have to talk to about getting knight hunters project shine exhumed for a vile necromantic re-animation?
  18. Bids on the evil mastenmind.