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Hello all! I'm looking for someone to play with this little broken bird of mine. He started his debut in a MxM Creepy Child x Imaginary Friend romance but the rp ended before long with nothing much to show for it. Still, it permitted me to become attached to the little guy and I'd be willing to discuss any plot involving him, both cute (and a little dark due to the nature of the character) or thriller-ific.

Please send a writing sample, your preferred posting speed and any idea you may have for plot. Thank you!

Abandoned Imaginary Friend - Partly Awakened Tengu Spirit
"You left me to rot...why?"

Personality: Extremely codependent by nature and jealous of anyone taking away his creator's attention from him, Talon has grown increasingly deranged and bitter the longer he was ignored and left to fade from view. Recently given ethereal form due to long-lasting grudge and despair, he wants answers... and retribution.