Talking Walls

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  1. Cheyenne's vision blurred as she awoke from her stupor. There wasn't loud music or the shouting of rowdy party-goers anymore, but instead, dead silence. "What was in that drink?" Cheyenne thought to herself. The room was only illuminated by candlelight, revealing nick-knacks from times of old. She heard someone on the speaker say something about surviving in a haunted mansion and money. Knowing that she needed the money to pay bills, she did anything to win.
  2. A groggy voice inaudibly commented "Oh, I'm still not dead?" as a figure propped itself up from where it had lain, resting back on its elbows.

    Carter Agrona slowly forced his dark eyes to open. 'Eh? This isn't the mill...' he thought to himself, noting the lack of cement, whirring of machinery, and wailing of small animals. He sat up fully, yet still slouching. Why was it so hard to wake up? Where was he before he'd fallen asleep... or been knocked out? He took notice of the candles and trinkets nearby. He determined it was a fancy place. If there was one thing he wasn't familiar with, it was fancy. He shook his head, using his arms to push himself to his feet. He heard an announcement. Money, he would adore. Survival, he knew already he would fail at. He wasn't worthy of living, anyway.

    "Is anyone here..?" he called out into the dim room.
  3. Cheyenne heard a voice in the distance and light a candle to follow the source of the noise. From the dim lighting she couldn't tell whether the man was a spirit or a live human being like her. Her survival instincts were in full gear, so she paced around the room searching for anymore humans. She was still a bit dizzy from the drink, but she was able to hear everything clearly. "Prove to me that you are not a spirit." Cheyenne replied.
  4. Oh, there was a person there. Why did he have to prove anything to her, though? She seemed far away, so he raised his voice to make sure she could hear his answer. "Puh-lease. I was supposed to become a spirit ages ago. I could drop dead at any moment." And the griping began... Well, he'd been loud enough that anything else in the area would surely be able to hear him easily enough. If there even was anything else. A bat, shocked from its perch by the noise, sprung into action, zipping around the room carried by demonic black wings before disappearing into the darkness.

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  5. "Alright, no need to be cranky.' Cheyenne replied. It was good to know that there was another human with her, even though he was a bit of a jerk. She pulled out of her knapsack one of the many protection charms she had. "Take this, you may need it." Cheyenne replied. She lit a lantern only to feel a million eyes staring at her.
  6. Groaning a bit at the noises, Layla cracked open her eyes to see that where she was, was dimly lit thanks to a lantern. "Where am I?" She asked, blinking open her greenish eyes a bit more to clear her vision. The only thing she remembered was drinking something someone had given to her. Normally, she would refrain from eating or drinking anything she wasn't familiar with, nut for some reason or another, she did this time. Sitting up a, Layla looked to notice a few others in the room "Wh-who are you?"
  7. A masculine groan escaped from somewhere in the room, cloaked in darkness. Following that, was a feminine yawn from the same area. Two silhouette's rose from the ground and walked into the dim light, one taller than the other. With a closer look, you'd see a man and girl with red hair and red eyes to match. There was no doubt the two were related. Strangers could not look that similar. The two looked at each other and the man frowned. "Your a special kind of stalker, aren't you Mae? You'd follow me all the way to a dim room." Said the man, though his voice was teasing. The girl, Mae by the sound of it, puffed her cheeks a little and crossed her arms over her chest. "I wasn't stalking you! And I didn't come here on purpose!" She snapped, narrowing her eyes. The man laughed and put a hand on her head, ruffling her hair. The girls arms fell at her sides and she sighed. "Honestly Jax." She muttered, before turning her attention to those around them . Jaxon noticed as well and looked over the group as well. "Who are you guys?" He asked.
  8. Cheyenne turned around with lantern in hand to see a few more humans in the room. She announced herself by saying, "I am human, you have nothing to fear from me." She had regained her vision, but to her horror, saw a young man with half his face missing and a gun at his side. "He is definitely here." Cheyenne gasped.
  9. In an instant Layla felt extremely cold, as if the thermostat was changed to freezing temperatures and for all she new, she was the only one who felt it. Turning a bit, her vision slowly becoming clearer, she saw a faint outline of someone who was there but not truly apart of the present group. Feeling her heart beat quicken and her breath picking up, Layla tried to calm down but for some reason it eluded her. Within a few short minutes, she passed out again.
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