Talking to Death

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  1. Dear friends,

    I strike again! I know you think I can't see we're crammed in here enough! I assure you, that's not true.
    Welcome to the afterlife, we have cookies. Congratulations, if you're here you're either dead, dying, or for some reason you're talking to the dead.

    World of the Living: A group of living humans discover themselves to have the powers of mediums, the ability to speak to and interact with the dead. This is both helpful and dangerous as those who've passed have insight to things the living often overlook but they also may have ulterior motives for assisting these young psychics. The game for them is to attempt to seek help from hopefully benign spirits while avoiding the malicious ones in order to save the world of the living from yet another disaster. Our brave mediums must hold ceremonies and seances to coax the dead for information.

    World of the Dead: Our world is a reflection of the world of the living. We can see and touch each other as if we were solid. Just as our surroundings the living residents are also reflected here. We can only see phantom-like representations of them. Only those of who are particularly experienced in the afterlife can interact with the living without being invoked or summoned. Do as you please here but keep in mind that no matter where you are, dead or alive, murder is still a "no no". If you manage to kill a fellow ghost there is no afterlife for the dead so nothing is left of them, they cease to exist. This level of murder is the worst of crimes so proceed with caution because if I catch you (and only if I catch you :awesome:) I'll be coming for you.

    Your friend during and after life,

    Grim finished his letter and had copies made for the recently deceased. He chose a very nice purple lettering and signed them each himself. That was a lot of signatures, these dead fools better be grateful.
    The recently deceased were gathered in the "Death-Be-It Hall for Beginner ghosts", where Grim planned to show them a thing or two about haunting. He wanted to get a good idea of what he was looking at before handing out his letters. Grim perched among the dark rafters of the large room and gazed down at the phantoms. He recognized them all, of course when they each died Grim was there. The new batch was something else, Grim knew he had his work cut out for him. He decided to make a more dramatic entrance.
    At the far side of the room was a massive stairway, just in front of it the floor began to boil with a dark liquid. The lights fluttered and turned off. The air grew cold. Grim rose from the boiling mass as glowing dark figure and began speaking with an echoing voice, "Welcome my recently deceased. I greet you with these letters."
    Grim's hands reach out and the letters flew into the air towards each of the figures standing before him.
    "I bid you to read these and join me for a quick seminar on exactly what you're facing as a ghost. Of course it's your choice whether you remain and listen or leave only to figure it out on your own. A warning however to those who wish to leave early, things aren't always what they seem!
    Your friend, during and after life. Grim!"
    And with that, Grim vanished. The lights flickered back on and doors just to the group's right flung open. Then at the same instant doors to their left opened as well. The right set of doors read, "Your life as a ghost" and the left set of doors read, "Exit".
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  2. Silver sat in her room at the mental institution white walls and a white door metal chairs this place had been her home ever since she was 7 this place was not her home it was more like a prison than anything ells. It was a prison that she would never escape from no matter how badly she wanted to. Silver closed her eyes and started to concentrate and the areas surrounding her waiting for a sign of a new ghost coming to speak to her or try and haunt her she had seen them all the new guys the old farts everyone but one kind the grim reaper him self. Using her internal eye she looked around her room trying to find a new person but sadly there was nothing. Silver sighed as she opened up her eyes and stared at the white ceiling. She ground and sat up mumbling to herself "well there is no point in just sitting around" she went over to a mural that she had been working on and started to paint trying to pass the time.
  3. Levi skimmed the letter. There wasn’t much there, Levi had been dead for a year; Grim must be getting old. He walked over to the two sets of doors. Glancing at the “Exit”,he then walked calmly over to the “Your life as a ghost”. What better way to arm yourself, than with knowledge? And I need all the weapons I can get, he thought venomously. On a day before, or perhaps a year before in the other world, he would want to go purely just because he was told to, it was the right thing to do. Or he was always told that was the right thing to do. He shrugged at the thought, shuffling into the open doors; not for the first time.
  4. A small depiction of Grim's legendary scythe appeared before the young soul known as Levi. The image glowed and a small called from it, "If you'd been here before and had done this before, why are you here?"

    Grim waited quietly in the next room for his new arrivals and perhaps a reappearance or two. Grim grinned, he did not mind at all seeing familiar faces. What he had planned was certainly new to most. Grim had decided that for the first time the souls gathered before him will be introduced to a medium. Even the oldest poltergeists will rarely meet a real medium, they were so rare so very rare.
    The medium in question, a young girl locked away in a mental institution was the perfect practice for these ghouls to speak to a living being without the issue of public attention. Of course the fact that she's a
    loony will insure no one to take her seriously in case something amiss were to arise. However, the way things turn out will depend solely on Grim's new ghouls.
  5. Paul was definitely in shock. He was standing there, watching as the odd figure was handing them some letters and saying some speech. He couldn't move or understand a thing. Where was he? What was that strange figure covered in black doing? Why wasn't he afraid? Why wasn't he feeling anything?

    The last thing he clearly remembered was answering a text message, while driving. It was a really hot girl she hook up with last night and they were organising a new meeting. All of the sudden, he heard a crashing sound and felt a deep pain. And now there he was, in that strange room surrounded by strangers. Anyways, he had seen the thing that called himself Grim after being in his car. He didn't remember why or how they met, but he couldn't take that memory of being grabbed by it from his car. He still didn't understand anything, but tried to read the thing that was on his hand.

    Afterlife? Dead? Phantom? Medium? Those words were echoing in his head, and he knew that they meant something. Something really important that he didn't understand, but just because he didn't want to.
  6. Yer'on stared up at the figure known as Grim with a kind of awe. He had never seen demons like that before, and the being talking to the massive group just radiated power. Though two weeks had passed in the human plane since Yer'on's death, to his perception, he was only just now reawakening. And once he realized what Grim was talking about, boy was he unhappy about it.

    "Nonsense!" the little demon screeched, flapping up in the air to be seen and heard properly. Grim's letter fluttered to Yer'on's side unnoticed. "I cannot possibly be deceased! I still have so many people to kill and crafts to create!" It wasn't often that Yer'on got this angry, but his size and high-pitched voice made it hard to take him seriously. "I demand you return me to my home this instant! I don't care how impressive you look!"
  7. Oliver took a deep drag from his Marlboro before flicking it to the ground and crushing it with the heel of his shoe. Technically his shift started three minutes ago, but he called in to the main office to tell Danita he'd be late. Danita was the receptionist at St. Joy's Mental Institution & Rehabilitation Center, and seemed to take a liking to Oliver's youthful appearence. In no way did he return her feelings, but if a little flirting got him an early break, then so be it.

    Ten minutes later, Oliver was clocked in and finishing up a quick morning report in his office. After faxing it to Danita, he threw on his lab coat and stepped back out in the hallway. There was nothing joyful about the St. Joy Mental Institution. The white walls were bare of emotion, except for the room numbers and the random picture of yellow daisies. Supposedly they were to inspire patients and help the healing process, and for some they seemed to help. Whatever.. Oliver looked over his patient list and scheduling for the day as he made his way to the mess hall for Pancake Friday. Technically gluten-sugar-flour free pancakes that tasted similar to cardboard, but they still were edible after enough jelly and watered-down black coffee. Friday was also the day he met one-on-one with Silver Nightshade, a patient with what seemed like severe schizophrenia. This was their first offical meeting as her new primary doctor, and Oliver was a little nervous about it. Something about the way sh-

    Sounds of conversations cut off his train of thought. Patients began filing into the mess hall, eager for crappy pancakes and orange juice. It honestly could be worse. Dr. Berg put on his best smile and began greeting the patients, writing down little notes on the clipboard his always carried. White flickering appeared in the corner of his eye as he chatted with Trevor, the male nurse on duty to help hand out medications after breakfast. Oliver's smile slipped as the flickering formed a body and a hand reached for him. Trevor raised a questioning eyebrow before Oliver excused himself. The visions came early today, which worried him. It's not real. This isn't real, it's not happening. Oliver thought to himself as he hurried back to his office. No time for pancakes it seemed.. Today was going to be a long one..
  8. Silver continued to paint the wall once she was done she put away her paint and paint brush in a neatly order she sighed and closed her eyes making sure nothing was around she wondered how long it would be before she met with her new Doctor maybe this one would listen to her for once. They all thought the same way your crazy hears some medication that would help her. But she wasn't crazy and she new that she just had an ability that not many other people had. She sighed and pushed her snow white hair behind her ear before she went up to the window and looked out of it seeing the white walls and the white floor she blinked a few times even to this day all the bleach white had really hurt her eyes. After seeing nothing interesting she went back to her bed where she sat down and looked at her mural. It was half light half heaven and half evil half dead the grim reaper was on top of the two over looking everything. Images of her past "visitors" where on the dark half and her light friends where in the light. It seemed like a simple painting but if you looked closer much closer the whole thing was drawn with using words.
  9. Grim had already disappeared into the next room but the screeching of the bat thing from behind the door aggravated him just enough to coax Grim from the darkness. He popped off his head with one hand and waved the other. The door obeyed and flew open. He tossed his head into the doorway. He then used one hand to pop off the other and toss it into the doorway as well. His body vanished once again into thin air.
    Grim's skull stopped between the doors and as it hovered Grim voiced further instruction for the "hard or hearing," "Keep in mind that everyone here may no longer be alive but they continue to exist nonetheless. Please, this way if you're interested in learning about your new form and the potential it holds." Once Grim was sure the flying rat was paying close attention the boney hand floating close-by stuck up its long, thin, ivory middle finger. The hand vanished, its job here was done.
    Grim's skull waited patiently in the doorway for those stubborn dead things in the room to figure the difference between their heads and their asses.

    Cotton was standing just outside the greeting hall. He'd quietly hopped along after Grim on the way to the reception. Cotton was strictly instructed by the Reaper to wait outside in front of the exit door. Cotton had not a single idea as to why he needed to stand here but patiently he waited, standing in the dark staring at the door. Cotton was getting a bit nippish and decided to open his side pouch for something to nibble on. Cotton found a small arm. Still fresh, right off the child's corpse, Cotton began to gently gnaw on it.
  10. That got Yer'on to stop jumping around, at least. "New form, you say?" he repeated, tilting his head to the side. "I expect this new form will be more powerful than my last? Hmmm." While he was waiting for elaboration, the floating hand flipped its tall middle finger in Yer'on's face before promptly vanishing. Yer'on blinked his red eyes in surprise, then broke out into a grin. "I changed my mind, I like you!" he chirped, not realizing that Grim was probably no longer listening. "You are delightfully gallant, my bony friend. Perhaps I will go along with your little scheme for the time being."

    With all his frustrations resolved as quickly as they'd come on, Yer'on hopped on all fours through the doors on the right. Perhaps he acted too rashly; maybe being dead just meant he'd be more powerful than before. There had to be some way to return to the plane of the living if he really still existed, right? And it wasn't like Yer'on really had a strong grasp on what dying meant anyway, if his actions in his final moments were any indication.
  11. 'Paranormal phenomenon'
    Ichigo holding the book in his right hand and begin to open a few page of those book. his eyes moved from left to right following every letter and word that written inside the book.

    In traditional belief and fiction, a ghost is a manifestation of the spirit or soul of a person. Alternative theories expand on that idea and include belief in the ghosts of deceased animals. Sometimes the term ghost is used synonymously with any spirit or demon, however in popular usage the term typically refers to a deceased person's spirit.

    The belief in ghosts as souls of the departed is closely tied to the concept of animism, an ancient belief which attributed souls to everything in nature.As the 19th-century anthropologist George Frazer explained in his classic work, The Golden Bough, souls were seen as the creature within that animated the body. Although the human soul was sometimes symbolically or literally depicted in ancient cultures as a bird or other animal, it was widely held that the soul was an exact reproduction of the body in every feature, even down to clothing the person wore. This is depicted in artwork from various ancient cultures, including such works as the Egyptian Book of the Dead, which shows deceased people in the afterlife appearing much as they did before death, including the style of....

    Ichigo closed the book and took a deep sigh "this is absurd. there is nothing like demon or ghost in this modern age" he packed his belonging back into his bag and left. City Library, in this place Ichigo usually waste his time for reading book and studying for his thesis about paranormal thing. he believe that everything in this world can be explained by science and technology. for example Ghost is nothing but a Ion in the air.
  12. Levi was silent and waited ; He had heard grim talk earlier, but Levi was still sour about his death and in some obscure, small way blamed Grim for it. Thus not wanting to talk to him for any reason. This was partly why he was here again. After he had died,Levi was somewhat extremely angry about being dead and although he did in fact go through the door on the right, he was seething the whole time. So he didn't pick up any actual information. Not wanting anyone (Grim especially) to notice this, Levi pretended he was just here to help the new arrivals, before stalking off into a corner waiting for things to begin.
  13. A headless reaper stood in front of a dark hallway and held his hands forward beckoning his head to return. The skull obeyed and floated passed the waiting ghosts into Grim's arms. Resting in his palms the jaw opened and his voice boomed through the corridors echoing off the walls.
    "Standing before me are the ghouls who have chosen to learn from me."
    The skull stretched its jaws and readjusted its position in Grim's hands only to continue with a quieter and softer tone, "...good decision. Now, follow me. There is much to achieve in little time we mustn't lag."
    Still holding his head, Grim turned towards the darkness and tossed his head forward engulfed by shadows. As he did this a neon sign above the hallway reading "
    World of the Living" lit up bright green. His body again, vanished.

    Grim's head arrived on the other side in a gloomy set of halls decorated by pale walls and an unenthusiastic painting of daisies. The tempting sunlight shown through a series of barred windows with a depressing sense of security. He levitated to his right where several steel doors lined up. Each had a word written in a bizarre language glowing deep yellow floating in front of it. His head stopped by the one which translated into "Silver". He asked the ghost standing nearest to him to press their hands on the door.
    Grim provided further instructions, "Make sure your toes are against the door as well. Now imagine the door's surface turning to liquid and sucking you in. Like quick sand, if that makes more sense."
    This was lesson #1, phasing through doors. Of course this ritual only works for doors, solid objects were a different story.
    Grim provided a warning, "If a living being can see or even hear you that usually means they are much more than what they seem."

    In the world of the dead a cloaked skeleton appeared by Cotton's side. Cotton shifted his weight to one leg and sniffed at the grim corpse. Cotton hesitated and then nodded. It appeared none of the new arrivals chose to stay behind so Mr. Tail's grizzly welcome was not necessary. From there he was asked by the death god to visit the world of the living and secretly follow behind the group of "student haunters". He'd be there to keep a distant eye on any stragglers. He was given permission to do as he pleased from there. Cotton had every intention on separating someone from the group and doing exactly what he does best without Grim's blessing but having permission would just make things easier.
    Cotton hopped off into the night headed for the gateway to the world of the living leaving Grim's body behind.

    The body stood there motionless for a moment or two before snapping its fingers. A massive scroll appeared in Grim's hands along with a pin filled with a virgin's blood. Grim's body was ready to demonstrate his lethal power. Grim's fingers went to work notching down two names, one being "Cotton Tail" and the other of a particularly benign persuasion. In his scripture Grim described a gruesome struggle entailing the end for someone specific he already had in mind. This of course was to take place at exactly 9:15 pm in the world of the dead. However, in the world of the living time itself was not perceived in the same way. In the world of the living, at some time taking place some where, some thing or some one would cease to exist.
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  14. Silver felt uneasy and she shifted her weight from the right to the left an unsettling felling cause a not in her gut and she closed her eyes and started to meditate. Her third eye opened and she sensed many massive souls in the room around her she felt one presence that was extremely powerful compared to the others. She took a deep breath and she thought to her self 'could it be the grim reaper?" She got up and went to grab her paint brush and took another deep breath and she started to paint trying to ignore the god of death if it was him. She finished the small piece of drawing and it was a blooming blue rose. She walked over to a corner where a small ray of sun was able to make it through the bar and she hurried over to it. She extended her hand into the sun and she hissed as she absorbed the suns power her hand shook and her veins popped out of her skin. She could feel the power of the light coursing through her body this was a rare chance for her to be able to absorb real actual light. Once she felt like she had absorbed enough she moved back to her bed and laid down making sure that if she needed she would be able to fight. Silver had encountered dark and pure evil ghosts before and the one time that she did not have her light with her she barley got away with her life from fighting one of them.
  15. Levi found a door, then placed his hands against it; making sure his toes were pressed up tight as well. Like liquid sucking you in huh? Levi didn't particularity mind water, so travelling through wouldn't be too difficult. Levi imagined it as a gentle bubble full of water. Breathing calmly he passed through this 'bubble' his closed eyes soon revealing a different room. Interesting, He mused. This made him regret (not for the first time) missing out on this when he had first died.
    He remembered at this part, he failed spectacularly. By being stuck halfway through the door; then after he had wriggled out, he proceeded to headbutt the door in frustration a few times, then sit down in defeat. As a sense of accomplishment bloomed in him, Levi practised it a few more times; over and over, each time a little better than the last.
  16. The idea of a door sucking him in didn't seem too pleasant to Yer'on; he hated being forced into anything unless it benefited him greatly. Earlier in his life, he had been summoned by a young witch looking for a particularly deadly familiar, and it wasn't until two months later that she finally bit the dust -- killed by a couple vigilantes seeking revenge -- and Yer'on was able to devour her corpse, thus forcibly ending the contract. That last part was the only pleasant thing about being the witch's familiar, and Yer'on's instinctive defiance of authority still carried over today.

    "Where does this door lead, exactly?" Yer'on asked, watching one of the other beings -- he hated the word "ghosts" -- phase through the door without much trouble. "I should hope this isn't some kind of trap. I won't be fooled by such shenanigans, you know."
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  17. Arabelle had been sitting in the forest near the spot that she had died, though she wasn't sure how or why she died. She knew it had to do with her lover, but she couldn't put her finger on it. She screamed suddenly as she appeared in a vast hall. She decided to look around, opening a door that had the letters "Your life as a ghost" on it. She shrugged, opening the door. Noone was there, and she quickly shut the door, opening the one that said "Exit". This one led her outside, where she walked around, looking at everything. Her head felt fuzzy, her eyes narrowed in frustration. I wish someone would help me... I'm so alone here, she though sullenly. She sat down on the steps outside of the exit door, holding her head in her hands. She noticed a piece of paper lying on the ground next to her. She gently picked it up, reading the only word that was written. "Grim". She sighed, crumpling the paper in her hands and throwing it. Maybe she could find this 'Grim', and maybe they could help her.