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  1. "When man and spirit co-exist, dreams and wishes are fulfilled. The spirits have the power to bring mans wishes to fruition and in turn, those wishes preserve and protect the spirits livelihood."

    Two millennia ago, humans developed a power source called Spyrix that uses up the lives of spirits to produce power. As a result, the spirit Maxwell gathered a group of spirits and humans, whose evolution has allowed them to utilize mana, and erected a barrier around a large territory to isolate it from the world and escape the Spyrixs' influence.
    The isolated land came to be known as Rieze Maxia and the outer lands as Elympios. Twenty years prior to the present, Elympios was able to briefly bypass the barrier and formed a terrorist organization known as Exodus which intends to destroy the barrier to resupply Elympios' diminishing spirit supply. In the present era, Rieze Maxia is ruled by two countries called Rashugal and Auj Oule. While the two countries appear to live in harmony, they both initiate black operations in order to conquer the other and unite Rieze Maxia as one.
    ((This fanbased Roleplay is inspired by the game Tales of Xillia and is played out in the same world but in an alternative universe where Jude and Milla are not part of the plot. Basic rules of not god-modding and being polite (Out Of Character, you can be the biggest jackass in the world In-Character if you want. ;D) is a given. Other then that, I hope you enjoy!
    https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/tales-of-xillia-alternative-universe-ooc.37184/ the OOC thread, behave and be nice!<3))

    Reesha sighed as she walked down the streets of Kanbalar, the capital of Auj Oule. Her ocean green eyes were scanning her surroundings while she rested her right hand on her hip and her left hand was resting down her side, her soft purple hair hanged down her shoulders, reaching just a little bit below her scapula and her fringe was hanging so it covered the most part of the left side of her face. A scar ran across her left eye, from her eyebrow and down to her cheek, looking aged so it wasn't a new injury she had sustained but rather something she must've received already as a child, however it's hard to notice the scar as her hair covers most of it. She sighed heavily as she looked at the different merchant stalls, looking for new weapons and armor. Judging by her facial features, she looked to be in her early twenties.
    She wore a torn black leather chest-piece that reached to her ribs with dark red pants and knee-high boots and fingerless gloves that reached to her elbows, she had two chakrams strapped to her right hip and their beautiful silver color gleamed in the sunlight. Reesha was known among the people as a kind and gentle person, always helping those in need and always doing her best with using healing arts to aid the sick and the wounded, she was for the most part a magic user but she had her chakrams in case she would be in a battle where she would not have time to channel any spells.
    She looked towards the castle of Kanbalar and she let out a small snort in amusement as she thought of something before she looked forward again to look between the stalls. She had heard stories about the King of Auj Oule, that he was a King who looked after his people and who had the full support of the people around the land, from the stories she heard, he was nothing like what she had thought a King would be, but if she met him in person it could perhaps be different.
    Reesha was nothing but a simple traveler who was out looking for adventure and she was eager to go into battle, she had heard that at the age of twelve, a boy had become the champion in the coliseum in Shan Du, something that fascinated her beyond imagination and she was now eager to visit the coliseum to find out more about the boy that had won at such a young age over twenty one years ago, but it would have to wait as she had been assigned to deliver a letter to the King, it was a side mission she had picked up from a villager who was too sick to travel on her own and who was now recovering thanks to the aid of Reesha's healing magic.
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  2. Upon reaching Castle Kanbalar, Reesha would discover that at the stairs before the castle entrance, there were a line of people paused by two guardsmen.
    It was not the case that it was an uproar, instead quite the opposite. The King of Auj Oule was renowned for commonly accepting citizens into the castle to discuss whatever they would like to speak to him about.
    It was no different this day than any other day. Once Reesha would approach, one of the guardsmen raised his hand. ''Halt! State your business here. If you are to speak with the King, please, wait in line with the rest of the citizen.''
    The guardsman stated.
  3. Reesha approached the castle and she looked at the different people there before she looked at the guard who spoke. "I carry an urgent message from a woman in Nia Khera. She could not come here on her own as she has fallen ill." Said Reesha and she then held up the sealed envelope for the guards to see. "She told me it was important that the King would get this as soon as possible."
  4. He considered this for a moment, the guardsman that spoke with Reesha. He had been issued his orders, and this day had really meant to be as common as any other. Yet, now there was a stranger bearing a message, a sealed envelope for the King. He nodded. ''Very well, then.'' He stated as he stood aside. ''Enter the castle. You will be brought before the King there.''
  5. Reesha inclined her head towards the guardsman as he allowed her to enter. "Thank you." She said before she walked inside the castle. She looked around a bit as she waited for a short while before she was escorted to the throne room. Once there, she looked down at the floor in a thoughtful manner before she looked forward. She couldn't help but wonder what the king was really like after having heard all the rumors.
  6. Soon, the doors behind the throne opened, and someone stepped outside and towards the throne. Tall, dark-haired and clad in armor of crimson and obsidian colors,
    the man walked with both pride and dignity in his steps, and a sense of a royal presence around him. Yet most of all there is a sense of sheer power coursing from his core.
    Gaius made his way to the throne and sat down upon it, his purple-hued eyes looking straight into Reesha's, yet his eyes did not solely appear to stare at her, but into her soul.
    ''I am Gaius, King of Auj Oule.'' He stated, his voice deep and firm. ''You are here to give me a message. Is that correct?''
  7. Reesha blinked a few times as she saw Gaius and she then inclined her head before she bowed down. "That is correct. I carry a message from Nia Khera. A woman entrusted me with a sealed envelope and she asked that I'd bring it to you." She said and then stepped forward as she held out the envelope. "From what I gathered when I was there, the village had been attacked." Said Reesha and she lowered her gaze slightly. She wished she had gotten to Nia Khera sooner so that she could've possibly aided the villagers and prevent what had happened. "I do not know what the envelope contains, I have not looked inside it so if you had plans on asking me what is inside, I can only give you guesses and no straight answer."
  8. ''Nia Khera has been attacked? Why has this not reached me sooner?'' He inquired, but rather than to waste further time with questions, Gaius broke the seal on the envelope and began to read the contents of the letter.
    He was quiet during that time, and yet the word of Nia Khera being under assault seems to have made a concerning impact upon him. He did not appear worried, but instead, his expression was stern; determined.
  9. "I think that the woman who gave me the envelope was supposed to have come here, but she fell ill and was unable to move." Said Reesha and she looked at Gaius as he read the letter. It was a letter about Nia Khera needing aid as soon as possible as they were under attack by some Rashugal spies. Reesha looked down at the floor and one hand clenched over her heart when she thought about all that she had seen. "I have fulfilled my duty and promise, I shall leave you to your thoughts. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me." She said as she bowed towards Gaius and she then turned around to leave.
  10. ''Before you leave.'' Gaius raised his voice again before his eyes fell upon her once more. ''I extend my hospitality here to you. It appears you may need some food and rest.'' He stated as he placed away the letter and nodded to her. ''Thank you for bringing this here.''
  11. Reesha stopped and turned around again to look at Gaius as he told her that she would be able to rest and eat. "Oh, no, that is quite okay. I do not wish to be of any trouble." She said while she smiled gently. "But I must ask... Once you find the ones responsible... What will you do?" She asked.
  12. ''What a King must do.'' Is all that Gaius stated as he stood up from his throne. ''Now. Go and eat, rest. It is not of any trouble. You deserve it for bringing me this letter.''
    He stated before he turned away from Reesha, returning to whatever corridor were behind the throne. That was all there were of the audience with the King of Auj Oule.
    Yet, it was clear despite the brief audience that this was a King truly determined to protect his people, even those as far away as in Nia Khera.
  13. "What a king must do?" She thought to herself and then snapped out of her thoughts. "A-ah! I'm Ree-...sha." She said and then looked down as he had left before she was able to finish. She then turned around and smiled gently at a servant that took her to the dining hall and Reesha looked around as they walked before she sat down in one of the chairs as food was being served and she then began to eat. Truth is, she was really hungry and exhausted from all the traveling so some rest was tempting, but she felt a little awkward with being in a castle to rest, she felt like a fish out of water to say the least. "I wonder what he meant when he said that he would do what a king must do..." She thought to herself as she was eating.
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