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  1. Hey all. Had a few RP ideas floating around, and I decided it was about time I made a thread.

    I'm feeling in the mood for a group RP, and I'm sure there's one of you guys who would enjoy the setting. Admittedly, some of them will use more experimental RP tactics, see how it turns out (and maybe even bring in a few new ideas), but if it's not your cup of tea I can probably make do without... Enough babbling, here they are (post with which ones you have interest in, if possible in order of preference)

    1. Equilibrium - A strange event brings many civilizations to interstellar and galactic travel. What new allies await? How will the powers be? Will they help uncovering the truth? What lurks out there? (In this RP, each player chooses to either control a planet's civilization and species, manoeuvring huge fleets, or a lone space explorer sent as the pioneer of what lies ahead. At first, it will be sandbox, but who knows, maybe something can trigger an adventure...)

    2. The Musician - Humanity finally reliably reached the stars. Many civilizations were encountered, many alliances built - but a realization puzzles all: a few cultural songs, elements and tales were common to the whole galaxy, translated, for all to share... which unlocked the keys to the laws of this universe. But how? (This RP is going to be chock-full of cultural references both modern and ancient, and it will require a lot of thought to solve the puzzles... What you know, your character knows, and for all intents and purposes he probably has a pocket computer. Also, "magic" is manipulated through music.)

    3. Further - Space travel has been developed for billions of years. First they reached another star. Then they made it across the galaxy. After that, they conquered intergalactic travel, to end up unifying the whole known universe after eons... Wars were fought, friends made, challenges overcome... and now existence basks in a generalized state of harmony. But it took too long. The end of all is nigh... but a handful of creatures still hold hope to reverse it. (This one is probably going to make use of a dice system and stats to affect certain actions. And of course, different endings can be had depending on the events unfolding by the action of the characters.)

    4. Loop - During an experiment for FTL travel, mankind makes a horrible mistake, sending their astronauts into regions unknown... Will they make it back home? What will they discover? (Most straightforward one. No dice, no puzzles, just good old RPing along.)

    I'm awaiting your comments/suggestions/votes. And if none of these please you, I may or may not have a last, secret story to offer.

  2. Placeholder post for votes:

    Equilibrium: 2

    The Musician: 2/3


    Loop: 1/3
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  3. Now I'm not quite good at the sci-fi genre (I have zero experience with it), but I really, REALLY love your plots and possible mechanics behind each RP. Sandbox? Studying ancient culture? Dice? I love all of these <3

    Out of all of them, I think I will place my vote on Equilibrium. Mostly because it sounds the most simple to me. I'm no sci-fi geek, I hardly watch shows or read books of the sci-fi genre, but I'm willing to learn. If any of the other RPs get more votes, I'll still join and I'll just follow everyone else's lead.
  4. Not sure that I will have time to join a group roleplay with work and school, but I'd be most interested in 1, 2, and 4. 3 just doesn't have enough of a hook for me. It's very vague. 1 is great because controlling a civilization affords a lot of creative freedom and a lot of potential characters, but, from a GM perspective, it might get messy to control with all of that going on. Maybe implement a turn system where you can only move a certain amount or do a certain amount, but an infinite amount of roleplaying and scheming can happen in and around turns. 2 would also take a lot of GM planning as puzzle have to be made, but I really like solving puzzles. :3 As long as they are not vague and obscure. 4 just sounds like a good adventure. From a GM perspective, it would make a good group roleplay since it could allow for players to create the setting and conflicts every once in a while.

    If I had to narrow it down, I'd be most interested in 1 as is, but 4 is a close second.
  5. I already did make the first one on another website. I've got much of it figured out (putting a "turn" system is useless; one can just as well put massive progress in a single turn). Also, no worries about work and school: I work 40 hours a week so my postings won't be all THAT frequent either (maybe about 2-5 posts per day between the hours of 4-10 PM.

    2nd one, again everything is all right. Although sadly, I intended for at least SOME of the puzzles to require either obscure knowledge or google-fu, but if the consensus is that this is not desirable, it will not be.

    As for 3rd, the idea is similar to Mass Effect's, only that it's not only sapient life that gets wiped out, all matter does, and the players will attempt to circumvent that if that clarifies anything.

    I'll split your vote for now, let me know if you change your mind.
  6. Anyone else wants to vote before RP is made?
  7. I'd like to vote for Musician :)
    But I'd also like Equilibrium too!