Tales of Oradia [Medieval Fantasy]

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    The world of Oradia is young, and chaotic. Written history only goes back so far before it speaks of times before time itself. While civilization holds influence on the surface world, savagery dominates the world outside these relatively calm cities and towns. Dragons and other terrifying giant beasts populate the outer regions, the fae still dwell in their forests and jungles where they can hide and meddle with men that venture alone too far, and it is said that demons have already corrupted the earth where they have risen out of hell to torment the surface world.

    It is a time of myth and legend, where old gods and monsters still hold sway in the affairs of the world. It is a time of war against tribes of old, while tensions grow between split nations. The savagery of this world and the unknowns make it a dangerous place for those who wish to explore it, but it is also a time for heroes to rise to the occasion and carve a safe path for the rest.

    The center of the known world for us is the coastal city of Evanhearth, the safest place from the outside world you will ever set foot in. Just the same, it is the technological and magitechnical center of the known world. Of course, it's one of the only known walled cities in all of Oradia to anyone here, let alone the only currently known continent. The savagery of the world has prevented exploration, as nothing short of a small army is enough to travel into the unknown. Or, at least, everyone is pretty sure that is the case.

    The humans stay to their cities and towns in the west on the coast and in the plains and forests, while the dwarves stay to the underground and their mountains to the north of them, and the elves stay to their own forest retreats with the fae. Evanhearth tries to bring all three of the major races together through trade and diplomacy, but some are still stuck in their ways and prefer isolationism. It's not to say relations are rocky between the three, but... they could be better. At least they are trying. After all, expansion would be much easier if everyone worked together, hmm?

    There is much to be done in this young world. Artifacts left by the gods, waiting to be discovered. Settlers struggling to start their towns further and further away from the cities. Barbarian threats to be quelled, magic to be studied, monsters to be slain... all in the name of progress.

    Does it sound interesting to you? Would you like to give it a shot? Maybe got some questions? Check out the sign-up and discussion thread, just...

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Thread Status:
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