Tales from the Mojave: A Fallout New Vegas RP

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  1. The year is 2277. It has been two years since the defeat of the Malpais Legate at the hands of Chief Hanlon and General Oliver. An uneasy calm exists between the NCR and Caesar's Legion, as both superpowers recover strength expended in the First Battle of Hoover Dam. In the midst of this stands New Vegas, an independent city-state ruled by the reclusive Mr House and his Securitron Army, a tantalising beacon of hope that all too frequently chews up those who visit it. The siren song of the city pulls in people from all around, and sometimes throws together some unlikely groups of individuals.

    So I've been playing Fallout New Vegas quite extensively in the build up to Fallout 4, and thought that the setting would be an interesting place to have a go at GMing my first RP. It's set two years before the events of Fallout New Vegas, but will not follow canon from there on. Ideally characters would be original, but I'm willing to consider pre-existing ones from the games. I'm planning to use the SPECIAL system as a way of assigning abilities, and maybe allow some tag skills as well, but I'm not intending to follow through the whole level and perk system as it is in games.

  2. I'm interested. Fallout has been on my mind a lot since the E3 announcement and it's been difficult to get away from. What are some of your plans for this? Have any specific ideas for the characters, like what brings them together?
  3. I'm interested as well!
  5. Interested. Would you allow me to start with a shishkebab? (Entire character build hinges on it and a flamer/incinerator)
  6. Plans aren't concrete at present. My thinking is that the characters, for whatever reasons they may have, are all in or around New Vegas at the start and are thrown together by events that occur. I'll probably plot out a few more ideas once I get an idea of what characters people are making - no sense setting up some sort of heist scenario if everyone's a big hulking unsubtle brute, for example :P
    Not sure what you mean by build here. For the ease of my own sanity, your character will be described by SPECIAL stats only, maybe a tag skill or two if I'm feeling ambitious. Not sure how vital that equipment is in that kind of build.

    For information though, I'd advise giving your characters higher-end kit. The more powerful your loadout, the more I would expect your CS to justify why you have all these cool toys. More basic equipment is easy to write into a CS. If you want to go for the challenge though, I'm willing to be impressed!

    I'll try and get the roleplay page up in the next couple of days - I'll put a bit more guidance on the CS skeleton.
  7. Alrighty then. I'll be watching for the OOC.
  8. By build I am referring to equipment concept. Basically making a pyro/demo guy
  9. I'm planning on being an Ex-Legionair.
  10. fully interested I've been doing the exact same thing actually (I found this to be the perfect time to play the DLCs because I didn't have the chance before I beat FONV before they came out)
  11. I want in on this. I loved all the games and can't wait for the next one in the fallout series.