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    2490, It has been 475 years since the third and fourth world wars which led to the fall of mankind. 90% of the planet has been reduced to nothingness in explosive and bloody devastation that had been man's foolishness. Earth's resources are dwindling by the second, as what is left of the human population struggle for the means to survive. Technology is now a golden handle held by the wealthy. Cities are now crumbling rat traps. Food and water is scarce, many animals endangered. The world is dying, the majority of man kind starves to death, while the wealthy and upper class live in Paradise, two large domes built after the Third World War on the south and north poles, the only places the war had not reached. There thrives advanced technologies and preserved man-made resources. The people there grow fat with greed and wealth, while beyond their crystal walls lays chaos. Those of lower class use any means to survive, from theft to murder. Many have carved small communities in the ruins of old cities, others separate and isolate themselves from others.

    With man kind's weakened state, the myths, and tales of old have began to spring fourth from man's very imagination. Demons.... Monsters... These are what they are called. Taking advantage of man's current state, these beings begin to cross over the plains of this world and theirs.... The surprises do not end there. With all the chaos erupting on on earth a greater evil comes into play, awakening from ancient sleep beneath the earth. Seals from thousands of years ago have began to break and the greatest monsters of all have begin to return to the lands in which they terror end during the time of feudal Japan, ancient Egypt, ancient China, medieval Europe. The looming destruction of Earth nears as dimension gates begin to open all around the Earth. Is their any hope left?

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    Name: Solidat Stormfields

    Gender: Female



    Personality: She is incredibly smart, sometimes has a smart mouth but realizes that her brain to mouth filter isn’t there, Very quick to trust people until she is betrayed then you got no chance, and she is quite cautious person who stays aware of whats going on around her

    Bio: The creatures killed her parents at five years of age the only reason she survived was because of her strong guardian. Her best friend was a mutated wolf of massive proportions that her guardian gave at 7. Her guardian was killed by the other people around her shortly after she turned 15 years old

    Weapon: Bow and arrow that can turn into sword

    Mutation: She has the ears and tail of a wolf

    Extra: She was temporarily blind when she was little but she got better as she got older but her eyes give the deception of being blind

    Description: light blue blind eyes with strawberry blond hair and blue streaks. She is 5 foot 6. She wears a nice blue dress with black tights and blue flats with bows on them. She has blue earrings in the shape of a star. She wears a wolf necklace that can be used to call her wolf. She also wears a dark blue headband with a star on it


    Name: Masuki

    Gender: female

    Age: 16


    Personality: She is shy yet quite bold and not afraid to speak her mind, she is very protective

    Bio: She observes the human but to do it she must sneak out every night. She had an older sister whom went missing a few years back. Her parents are extremely strict and believe that humans are a disease that must be wiped out. Her brother ha the most protective instinct that it’s ridiculous

    Weapon: her fangs, she has a sword that she carries in her mouth, her wings of pure steel

    Extra: she has the same necklace as the girl called Solidat

    Description: she has black fur with red wings and claws.

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    kara kurozaki
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    Name: Arin Okami

    Gender: Female

    Age: unknown

    Darkness dragon

    Personality: She has kinda blunt way of speaking to people, she also is a fun person to be around, she has a good heart with a trusting personality, and she has a very poor reaction to betrayal so I would be careful of what you do

    Bio: When Arin came through the portal into the human world she got into a fight with some humans and became badly injured so she had to turn into her human form. After a couple decades she finally was starting to heal but she found out she wouldn’t be completely healed until she found the light dragon

    Weapon: her fire breathe, her teeth and claws, and when she is in human form she has a pair of knives

    Extra: she absolutely loves candy from the human world

    Description: in her dragon form she has a red mane with black scales and she has emerald green eyes. In her human form she is known to wear black clothes and a red scarf. She has black hair and emerald green eyes.
    Name: Lucifer Fang Kurosaki

    Gender: female



    Personality: She has a very kind heart but that won’t stop her from killing you if she has to, she trusts quite easily but you betray her and it will be the death of you, she has a horrible temper that builds up slowly, and she is quite loyal and protective

    Bio: Her family was killed by a horde of demons when she was 7, she barely escaped with her life. About 3 years later she found a companion whom was a dire wolf with three tails and was quite large. When she turned 15 she heard that if you could kill a dragon that the demons would respect you and leave, so she head to try but found no trace of any dragon anywhere

    Weapon: a samurai set and a large sword that can cut a horse in half, and her fangs

    Mutation: she has the ears and tails of a fox demon and can use electrokinesis

    Extra: she doesn’t like boys

    Description:she is about 5ft 6. She has deep red hair with a streak of silver. Her eyes are gold and blue. She wears a black jacket with dragon shirt and blue jeans. She has a feather earing. She wears a black wing necklace with a demon fang on it
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