OFFICIAL EVENT 🍄 Tales From Iwaku: Fall Edition! 🍄


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Welcome one and all to the fifth TFI: Tales from Iwaku event!

I'm Pav, your host and fellow lover of the written arts. This event is meant to be an open challenge for the talented people here to both show off their work and read the works of others! Here's how it works: a few possible themes will need to be incorporated by the writers into a written piece of any format, be it a short story, a poem, song lyrics, a manuscript or even a diss track. Whatever they feel works best. Those submissions, at the end of the month, will be posted up for people to read and give feedback on. A public reading of the pieces (with the author's consent!) will also be done in the Iwaku Discord Server, to share more thoughts on each submission.

TFI is officially open to submissions from September 1st to November 30th at 11:59 PM CST. The date of the call on the server will be determined after submissions close, but likely taking place in December.

So, what are the possible themes to choose from this time? Look no further, because they are:
- hubris
- imagination
- déjà vu

Only one theme needs to be incorporated into each submission, but you're free to use multiple if you want! It'll earn you extra Pav-Points, which have no financial value, but hey, at least I'll think you're super cool.

You might be thinking at this point, are there any prizes for joining? The answer is: YES! The winners will be able to choose from multiple different prizes, with first having first dibs, second picking next, then third receiving whatever is left.

Please welcome to the judging panel the winner of the previous TFI @Fluffy and our fellow wonderful mod @wren. ! These two have generously decided to join me. We can't wait to read all your submissions!

I really look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with and see you soon!
Feel free to ask any questions, discuss ideas or profess your undying love to me down below.

- Want to see all the winners of previous TFIs? Check out the showcase here with all of their amazing work!
- Did you know that there are participation and winner trophies for every season of TFI and collecting them all could lead to you receiving the elusive... ultimate TFI trophy for collecting a win in every season? 👀

  • All submissions must be under 2000 words. Any submission longer than this will be automatically disqualified. Please note that if your entry is longer than 1000 words, it might not get read out over call due to how long it would take (it'll depend on how many submissions come in!)
  • All submissions must follow Iwaku rules.
  • The submission should, of course, be your own work and not anyone else's. Fanfiction is allowed, provided that you state what fandom the work is based on. However, just know that people who do not know this fandom might not understand your piece fully when voting!
  • The submission should include at least one of the selected themes for the month.
  • The submission cannot contain explicit content. Mentions of such things may occur, but you cannot submit full smut. If there is anything potentially triggering content (ex. Self harm, suicide, etc) in your piece, please leave a trigger tag at the beginning as well.
To submit a piece, please PM me and title the PM "TFI ENTRY" with this little form filled out to go with it!

Title of the piece:
Word Count:
Chosen theme(s):
Chosen format: (Short story, poetry, rap, joke master list... You get the idea.)

Remain Anonymous?: Yes or No
Permission to read aloud during call?: Yes or No
If you win, do we have your permission to put your piece in the TFI Showcasing Thread?: Yes (Anon) or Yes (Credited) or No
There will be no vote this time around, simply a deliberation between the threes judges mentioned above. We will be judging the pieces based on the incorporation of the chosen theme(s), the ease of reading and how complete the story is. Grammar will not be a huge deciding factor in judging, we care more about the story you have to tell! We will try to have everything judged ASAP but please allow us time to discuss!

The prizes for winning can be transferred to someone else if you so choose as well, but you must tell any staff member that contacts you about winning before the prize is given. First place will receive first dibs on a prize, second place will get a choice from what is left and third place gets what is left :D No game keys this time around!

Prize pool (in no order, since prizes will be chosen by winners!):
- a half body digital sketch commission from yours truly, me! <3
- one Amazon giftcard of 15$ USD
- one Amazon giftcard of 10$ USD

Details on art from me:
- I'm not great with muscled men but I'll try my best for you if you want.
- I do not draw furries or mechs. The drawing can include a very very simple background at your request.
- Please provide visual references for me, not just a written description. Even searching up pictures online to help me is preferable!
- It can take me up to 2-3 months in order to complete your art. Please be patient as this is something that you are receiving for free! Any abuse towards me will result in me refusing to finish the work and you losing your right to this prize.