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After a catastrophic event sunk the west half of the United States, Takym was born out of the wreckage. The rest of the states were dissolved into the country and despite losing half it's size, doubled in population. Most of Takym are impoverish streets, endless rows of merchants, and factories. Takym, despite being connected in nearly every part by the Skytrain, is greatly divided in its castes.

Towards the beginning of the era Erik Ganson shaped Takym through his dictatorship; all allegiance had to be pledged towards him, or you would face consequences otherwise. The streets were decorated in his name and a step out of line could cost you your life. He catered heavily to the upper and practically built the elite, allowing poverty to roam through the streets. It was a fearful time, but there were those who knew how to make the most out of what they could.

After Ganson came Modderus. Though Ganson had built the elite, feeding their greed, they awaited his death, for their true time to step in. Modderus is nothing but a front and a pretty face, and the elite have all the control. Society outside of upper and elite classes have deteriorated. People run rampant in the streets, and the one thing that really keeps them in check is the implant, still adminstered at birth just in case the Elites feel they need to keep tabs. Most policemen and justice workers are even deployed by elites. Justice is near entirely lost to lower class citizens.

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