Taking Control of Objects in the rp World

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  1. Sometimes in role playing there will come a time for the character to take control over an object or person, examples would be a Mecha or a person through mind control or an actual control panel, think Gamer or Gundam.

    In my opinion, it's important to accurately portray the duality between the one controlling and the one being controlled.

    It's important to be able to portray a duality both physically and mentally for both if applicable

    The Exercise:

    Your task is to create a post in which your character will take up control over a person or machine, and portray your character and what they're controlling both separate and as one. Your character must portray his/her own actions as being then imprinted and replicated by what's being controlled. Like a Mecha with a full body syncro system that moves according to how the pilot moves in the cockpit.

    Alternatively, you can make a post that accurately portrays how your character utilizes a physical control interface over a person or machine. This requires you to make your characters detailed use of the interface to coincide with the actions of what's being controlled, like the controller of an xbox.