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  1. Character Bio (open)

    Atropa Trist | 21 | Receptionist at Summer's Dream Hotel

    Atropa is a quiet girl who is known to be quite bold when she speaks.
    She believes that the truth is the best you can give someone, so she never holds back.
    Although she can come off as unkind because of this, it's not true. She's a very kind girl, she just doesn't believe in being dishonest or sweetening things.
    She also has quite a temper, and can take weeks to totally forgive someone once they've hurt her or pissed her off.

    Atropa grew up in a wealthy household, never wanting for anything.
    She was spoiled rotten, but grew up to be a decent person.
    When she turned eighteen, she left for the Summer, which eventually led to her finally landing in the town of Summer's Dream, where she currently lives.
    Her parents send her money every month, but she also works as a receptionist at the local hotel.

    The day was warm and sunny, as usual in Summer's Dream- a town that practically had eternal Summer and Spring.
    Atropa had woken up early that morning, for unknown reasons, and finally, after tossing and turning for two hours, decided to get up.
    She'd taken her shower and shaved, done her hair and makeup, and had gotten dressed, and then sat on her bed, unsure of what to do.
    She still didn't have to be at work for another two hours, and there wasn't exactly a lot of things to do in the small town.

    Sighing, she'd finally decided to go to the local coffee shop and grab a blended mocha. She grabbed her purse, keys, and laptop, before leaving her house and locking the door.
    Her parents had sent her monthly allowance, and she had more than enough money to do whatever she felt like.
    Typically, she shopped online for hours, since Summer's Dream didn't have a lot of shops.

    The coffee shop was only a block away, so she decided to walk, and enjoy the sunshine. When she entered, the bell rang above the door and the workers looked up, smiling.
    She was a regular, so they made her coffee without even asking what she wanted, and brought it to her at the small table she sat at with her laptop open.
    She'd decided to buy a few more things online, and then she checked her facebook.

    Nothing interesting in social media, she finished up her coffee and left, leaving a ten dollar tip for the workers as usual, glancing at her watch and realizing it was almost time for her to be at work.
    She stopped by her house first, dropping off her laptop, and then she left once again, and locked the door.

    Since work was farther away than the coffee shop, she decided to drive, getting in her cherry red Mustang- a recent gift from her father- and made her way to the hotel.

    Yawning, she entered the hotel and smiled sleepily at the other workers before getting behind the desk, slipping on her name tag, ready for another day at work.
  2. "Today's forecast will be cloudy with an eighty percent chance of precipitation. Grab your umbrellas, commuters, before it rains!"

    Long, slender fingers grip the steering wheel tightly as blue eyes kept shifting from the road to the fuel gauge rather warily. It's been declining rather rapidly these past few hours, and he's damned if the car finally runs out of fuel before he reaches a petrol station. If he were in the city, oh, he wouldn't panic like these - a quick, 15 minute drive could immediately lead him to the station before it runs out, but since he's in the middle of nowhere...

    He keeps getting a mini-heart attack whenever that little line keeps plummeting down, and he keeps sighing in relief when it does go back up again. Really, what he thought was supposed to be a calming road trip into the countryside wasn't... as calming as he thought it would.

    Tom lifts a free hand and nervously runs it through his hair, sighing shakily every time he feels the car slowing down, despite the fact that he's already pressing on the gas pedal enough - and praying to whichever high force up there that he'd make it before the car runs out of fuel. He's already turned off the air conditioning, and--he clicks the radio's off button--anything else that isn't really of much importance right now to conserve some petrol, but he isn't sure that it's working.

    He's a little panicky right now, so when his car manages to pull up into a small town where it's considerably clearer and sunnier than the roads he went through, he actually jumped in his car in his happiness and bumped his head on the ceiling. Ouch.

    Welcome to Summer's Dream, where it's always spring and summer! A sign read.

    He smiles as he reads, the corners of his eyes crinkling in his amusement. "Ehehehe, how lovely." he laughs quietly to himself as he manages to park his car on a supposedly free parking space... then it finally gave up on him as soon as he managed to secure a parking space. The town did look pretty comfortable and welcoming for its small size, and he's lucky that his car broke down now, and not earlier, since he's definitely not keen on going to sit out in his car, in the middle of nowhere, not knowing his coordinates and all that. But he would if it did happen. Not that he's saying he wished it to happen.

    As soon as Tom steps out, he wasted no time in stretching his legs. Spending hours cooped up in his car is definitely not comfortable. He stretches for awhile before slipping out his laptop bag from his car's passenger seat and slung it over his shoulder. He can't really afford to lose that--everything's in there, from his cash to his passport to his wallet, and losing that could be trouble.

    Blue eyes swept through the small town before locking eyes with a hotel. His face lights up quickly and he takes quick, long strides to get there. It isn't all that large, unlike the skyscrapers in the metropolis, but it's large enough to accommodate many guests. Tom makes a mental note to ask around for a refueling station, though.

    The glass doors open automatically and he strides in, almost hurriedly, as he makes his way to the desk. He'd be lying if he said he wasn't tired after all that driving--his eyes are already getting droopy. "Hello Miss," he smiles, a dimple forming as he read the name tag on the woman's shirt, "Trist? Yes, um, I'd like to book a room, please," he says, exhausted, "And... uhm... you don't happen to know any petrol shops or servicing stations nearby, do you?"

    His blue eyes are wide and almost begging the woman to tell him that she knows a station in his desperation. He's sure Luke would grill him when he goes back, though. He's not really supposed to take a long time out.
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  3. Atropa had just logged into the computer when a man walked in, looking tired. Obviously he was a traveler.
    Before she could speak, she realized that she recognized him.

    No. No way. Not here.

    The man who'd just walked in was none other than Tom Hiddleston, her favorite actor.
    Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she wiped her hands on her skirt, hoping her face wasn't too flushed.

    As he reached the counter, he smiled at her and began to speak. She was surprised she could even understand him with how nervous she was.
    "Y-Yes, erm, I have an available room, here on the first floor- it's rather big, though, sir." She told him, typing into the computer. It was their largest suite, and quite expensive.
    "Petrol station?" She asked, having to think for a moment what it meant.

    Petrol.... A gas station. Duh.

    "Oh, yes, there's a gas station about one block from here, sir. I can give you a map and circle it for you if you like."
    She smiled at him, feeling her heart racing in her chest. Luckily she wasn't flubbing her words too badly.
  4. His face lights up almost immediately when she mentioned that she did know a petrol station nearby. "Ohhh, thank you!" He exclaims in his mirth, then repeats it for at least four more times in his happiness. "You are a life saver, you know that?" He'd rather shell out some money than sleep in his car. Heavens know how long his legs are, and sleeping in a cramped space would be uncomfortable as hell. Tom doesn't realize that he's leaning in way too much into the counter, but when he does, light pink dusts his cheeks as he shuffles back rather awkwardly with a sheepish grin.

    When he settles into a considerable distance away from the woman, but still close enough to be having a one on one conversation, he looks at her for the first time as she types into a computer. She doesn't ask about his name, so he assumes that she knows, but the way she calls him 'sir' settles an unknown feeling in his stomach. "Please," he says, "Call me Tom - 'sir' makes me feel so old." He smiles at her.

    The girl stops typing and she answers his second question--a block away! He grins brightly and nods. "That would be lovely! Thank you so much - that would be a great help!"

    Now that he looked at her more clearly, her cheeks are flushed and she looks at him with recognition in her eyes. It appears that she's trying hard to keep her cool, though, even if she does recognize him, and it gives him a breather.
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