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  1. I normally do one x one but i'm trying to find just a simple group search
    • i won't do a group rp that has a strict character format or a large skeleton
    • i might not post all the time once school starts back up.
  2. When does this 'school' you speak of start? Maybe I can gauge.

    Are you alright with fandom RPs?
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  3. it depends if I know fandoms, and it starts next week.
  4. Next week? I guess I'll toss in some gigs here.

    You appear to be into idol anime. High-five!


    Ideas 1 and 3 are completely independent from the anime*cough*anime despite sharing uncanny similiarities that do not include the existence of Cinderella Project.

    Let's toss every other little gig here.


    Eden Awakening's gender ratio is very very unbalanced. We need more female characters.


    The first installment of my 'Faerie' series.

    OPEN SIGNUPS - Princess Cronus | OoC

    Hocus Pocus.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.