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Taken to an Island RP Sign Up

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by CaptainWrite, Jun 26, 2012.

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  1. The Plot

    The government is kidnapping random citizens and taken them to an island that nobody knows how to find but them. You are blindfolded and taken on an airplane to the island with no name. The government is doing this for experiments. However, during the plane ride you somehow are programmed with a super power and you have no idea what it is.


    Medical Knowledge
    What your character is talented with
    What you were doing before you were taken to the island
    What your power will be on the island
    (Note: You don't have to do this in order)

    The Rules

    No Goddmoddling
    You can only have one power so choose wisley!

    My CS

    Name: Eve Johnson
    Age: 21
    Pervious Occupation: Eve used to make floral arrengments and worked at a flower shop. But she also knows all kinds of plants and what is good to eat, what's good for medicine and what's poisionus.
    Talents: She is very good at working with all kinds of plants and herbs.
    Her Power: Eve will be able to manipulate the Earth's plants and bend them to her will.
    Personalitiy: She is a rather quite person and perfers working with plants rather then people, though she isn't mean to people, she is just shy and not very talkitive.
  2. Re: Taken to an Island

    ( Id like to hoin but I'm confused >.< am I supposed to start off in the plane? Or being captured?)
  3. Re: Taken to an Island

    (OOC: It's up to you, but I would probably start by getting captured and then getting to the plane.)
  4. Re: Taken to an Island

    Ooc: Okay. One more thing. Would you like me to roleplay as a boy or girl?)
  5. Name: Lily Tresscott
    Age: 20
    Medical Knowledge: She had always been fascinated by poisons so she learned to both make and cure a lot of different poisons.
    Talent: Good at using nature to its fullest (hiding, surviving, make traps etc.)
    What you were doing before you were taken to the island: Lily were walking home from the college she were studying at.
    What your power will be on the island: Lily will be able to turn her shadow into a solid copy of herself.
    Personality: She has a hard time talking to people if she don't know them and even if she know them she will rather be with animals than with humans. But she has no problem with being social with others even though she often makes assumptions about people and thinks bad things about them. She keeps all of that in her head though and plays pretty innocent on the outside.

  6. I forgot to explain how our characters get their power. Once the government gets them on a plane, they inject a serum that mutants the DNA and gives your character your power, though the government and your character has no idea what your power will be. Sometimes the power is related to what your character is good at, like mine, or it can be totally random.
  7. Name: Jayden Greitens (like brightens but with a G)
    Age: 22
    Previous occupation: Was the member of an aspiring rock band
    Medical Knowledge: Minor first aid and stitchings (been in a few bar fights)
    What your character is talented with: pryo techinques (was also the special effects guy in the band)
    What you were doing before you were taken to the island: Jayden was on his way home after having a jam session with his band
    What your power will be on the island: short range rapid teleportation
    Personality: Out going kind of guy likes to be noticed, liked to be the leader of the group or the guy that people looked to for advise.

  8. Name: Nathan Owens
    Age: 17
    Medical Knowledge: Ummm band aids...
    What your character is talented with: He is good at not being noticed and reading people.
    What you were doing before you were taken to the island: He was your typical high school student not doing much but working at the local McDonalds and taking care of himself at home.
    What your power will be on the island: Nothing too cool...he just gets to read peoples' thoughts and talk into their minds. :P
    Personality: Nate was always pretty laid back. He keeps to himself and likes to stay in the background. He really doesn't have too many friends but he likes it that way. He gets agitated pretty easily but that could just be the hormones. Nate doesn't talk unless he genuinely has something to say because he likes to keep his emotions and feelings to himself. He can be a bit dangerous and that's why a lot of people stay away from him.
  9. Name: Kim Toren
    Age: 16
    Medical knowledge: Basic wound stitching.
    What your character is talented with: umm I dunno yet
    What was your character doing before being taken to the island: Sitting in the park listening to a new rapcore album with her usual earmuffs on.
    What will your power be on the island: The ability to manipulate soundwaves.
    Personality.: Shy and timid. Kim keeps to herself and mostly has a problem interacting with the opposite sex. Nervous around others.
  10. Name: Tristian Smith
    Medical Knowledge: Band aids and wrapping
    What is your character talented with: Persuading and making friends quick
    What was your character doing before being taken to the island: Working out with his friends in the gym
    What will your power be on the island: Increadible speed and strength
    Personality: Outgoing, funny, flirty, adventerous and likes to have fun mostly
  11. Name; Meghan
    Age; 18 ish
    Medical Knowledge; is one of the nations youngest Radiologists (x-ray techi), can do basic surgeries, and other such levels of health fix-it
    What your character is talented with; bones in general, animal bones, human bones, and also has an odd knack for naming animal species
    What you were doing before you were taken to the island; finishing up some grade work, and tormenting the Government for not letting her start school earlier than she did (collage at 10)
    What your power will be on the island; shape shifting into a person, or animal. (the bone stuff is the tricky part)
    Personality; shy, but smart (like I said ten). Has a tendency to live in her work more than her life. Is looking for love, but everyone thinks she has an ego just cause of her degree.
    Also on a side note she will have worked with the government on this project only because they threatened to take away her degree do to age.
  12. Hi I'm new and retarded and posted before I saw this so now I'll post here and yeah, sorry!

    Name Matt Bellamy
    Age 24
    Medical Knowledge: none whatsoever
    What your character is talented with: he's musically talented, he's smart, but thinks differently than most people.
    What you were doing before you were taken to the island: going to the studio to work on a new album.
    What your power will be on the island: -not sure yet. I'll get back to you!
    Personality: Smart but unlucky. Will go on about conspiracy theories to anyone who will listen, or not. Socially awkward. Slow to trusting others but incredibly loyal to them once he's deemed them trustworthy and good friends. Clumsy. Has a slight speech impediment.

    I hope this is okay!

  13. Name: Anya Renaldi
    Medical Knowledge:
    Her mother was a heart surgeon working in major hospitals through out the country. She's picked up a few of the basics from her mother, she also knows first aid and CPR through classes she had to take in high school.
    What your character is talented with:
    Coming up with plans on the spot. Anya is also good at dealing with difficult people which helped her alot through out her career. She currently is a freelance writer, writing articles for Vogue and a number of newspapers, as well as working on a few small projects of her own, but most of that is underwraps, with even her parents not knowing what she's writing.
    What you were doing before you were taken to the island:
    Anya was on her way to pick up a dress she was planning on wearing to her mother's 60th birthday party
    What your power will be on the island :
    To be able to move things with her mind [Telekinesis]
    Anya is an extremely detrimined and ambisus young woman. She can stand on her own two feet and look after herself, she isn't afraid to speak up and say what's on her mind. She struggles to let people in, putting a wall up around herself. Her heart has been broken one too many times for her liking and she'll do everything to make sure she never goes through that pain again.

    To read more click here
  14. Name: Jaiden Lee
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Medical Knowledge: Plasters, even then, pretty bad.
    Talents: Drawing, Magic Tricks, Drumming, Climbing, Running.
    What you were doing before you were taken to the island:
    Power: Illusionist, can make people see things that are not there!
    :Jaiden is a very bright, and hyperactive person, always seeming to be on the move and doing something spontaneous and creative. She's protective of those she likes, suddenly becoming very aggressive if someone tries to hurt them. Always being so cheery, Jaiden never seems to take a situation seriously- no matter how dangerous or threatening it may be.

    Hope i did it right! Sounds like it will be fun!
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