Take the red pill and build the Wonderland with me!

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  1. Hello my friends!

    When entering this page I did so with a hope in my heart to establish friendship and tell stories no mortal has ever dreamed of with you!

    I am a swede that dreams more that I live, so therefore i have decided to live out my dreams in social adventures. Sharing is caring, right?.

    I don't really know what to write here, so how about you asking me about anything and i will answer.

  2. Welcome bro, Now here is the problem...I ate both pills.
  3. Thank you, Good Kid! Oh that's nothing to worry about! However you might want to get used to living in two different realities at once.

    Ps. Dragon Ball Rules!
  4. Nice intro there. On a side note: Olmec heads are pretty cool.
  5. Thank you, The_Djed_Eye! :)
  6. I like telling stories! >3 Welcome to the community brave new world!