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  1. I tried this once with someone and enjoyed it but they stopped replying after awhile so I thought I may try to bring it up again. I am looking for a roleplay regarding a Utopian society. There's a wall. On one side of the wall is the Utopia and on the other side of the wall is a forest. In the forest there are people living there but it is dangerous, no government, no rules. I was thinking that the character from the forest is interested about the Utopian society and somehow gets over the wall. The character that lives in the Utopia finds the other somehow, maybe sleeping in the bushes? They decide to help the other because they are different and the Utopian character isn't completely brainwashed. Maybe he/she is even related to the mayor or the president of the society which just makes it harder for them to be different.

    Let me know if you're interested and what character you'd like to play. I would like to play a female but I can play a male if need be. I'm a pushover like that. I also can do any pairing, FxF, MxM or FxM.

    Thank you for reading.
  2. Hey! That sounds like a great idea, and I would LOVE to roleplay with you! If you don't mind, I think it'd be fun to play the character living outside the utopia. Oh, and I'm cool with you playing a female. Let me know if you'd like to roleplay?
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  3. YAY! That's awesome! What gender would you prefer to play for this?
  4. I think I'll go with male for this one. And do you want this to have any romance? I don't mind if it does or doesn't, but just want to know to help with writing the story.
  5. I was hoping that it would have some romance at some point.
  6. That's fine with me, as long as there's nothing explicit. So, where exactly do we do this roleplay? I'm completely new to the site.
  7. By "where", I was asking if we do the roleplay on this thread, or if not, how? Sorry, its my first day here.
  8. Oh it's no worries! Welcome to the site. We can do this on what's called a thread or over a personal message. Either works for me. Do you have a preference on one you would want to try?
  9. Thanks. A personal message seems like a good idea.
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