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  1. Sadly, most of my roleplays have gone with no love and had passed. With more time on my hands I will be able to reply to roleplays more frequently.

    Currently I have two roleplay plots I would like to do, however, I am open to fandom and any other ideas you may have. Listed below will be the fandoms I will do without question.

    • Assassin's Creed (Any and all pairings!!)
    • Batman (Joker X Harley, Harley X Batman, Catwoman X Batman, etc)
    • Avengers (Any pairing)
    • Cross-overs (Uncharted X Tomb Raider, Harley Quinn X Deadpool, etc)

    Roleplay plots:
    A War's Romance.

    The plot would be rather present/future after the Third World War, two powerful countries maintain control, Russia and the United States. The other countries have been left to rot and forced labor, joining the two main countries as territories. Most natural resources have been destroyed or plagued with nuclear waste, While the land grows slowly, Russia and the United States have snatched up locations providing minerals and food sources.

    Along the two countries is a solo rebel country set in Italy and Spain. Both countries make up the rebel towns, cities, etc. (I don't have a name for the rebels yet) their cause is to bring down both Russia and the US and rise the other fallen countries to the way they were.

    This roleplay would start with recruitment for the rebels, YC would be a soldier who got assigned during recruitment to be an Air raid assassin, meaning they would go by air or land and steal resources and supplies from Russia and their allied territories. The second week of lessons, made more like an military boot camp, he meets my character, the highest general and the teacher. While she teaches him they bond and eventually fall in love. Then Russia and the US call war once more and the rebels are forced to split up and fight for the other side or risk the deaths of may of their harmless citizens, so they must choose their cause or their love.
    (I would like to play the teacher. This is a MxF)

    A Planners mistake.

    A wedding planner is planning a wedding for a couple of two years. Being one of the world renown wedding planners, Devyn Thomas takes time to get to know his clients personally to choose them a wedding they will not forget. Tis case however, Devyn ends up becoming the marriage counselor for the bride/groom who has an abusive partner (can be another problem which makes them seek help from Devyn) . Eventually becoming close friends with them and eventually falling in love with the other. Will job get in the way of romance? (I will play either Devyn or anothr character for this. This is a MxM or MxF romance. Kinks are allowed, this roleplay in particular requires doubling characters.)

    If you are interested in these or one of the fandoms above, send me a PM. Hope to roleplay with you. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.