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  1. Alright, well. It comes to the time where I seem to be needing Role Play partners. I have many plot bunnies, and creative ideas stored into my brain, but alas, I don't want to go just based off of MY idea. Let's collaborate! That's my favorite thing to do in 1x1. Which yes, I am looking for 1x1 partners, BUT if you have an awesomely amazing group Role Play that is so awesomely amazing, than I might join :3
    Well, I can do anything from Fantasy and Modern, to everything in between.
    I can play both genders equally.
    I prefer playing anywhere from 17+ characters
    I really would enjoy it if you typed more than a paragraph, but one FULL paragraph could be enough if you give it all the p-zazz it needs, you feel?
    Well, I think that's about it! Remember, kiddies, throw any kind of idea at me! Even if you think it might be weird or anything, I might want to collaborate on it! ;D
    PM me or comment here, if you wish to Role Play!
  2. I don't have any particular ideas right now, but I'd be happy to role-play with you. I'm fine with fantasy and modern equally, but I think it's often much fun to mix the two together a wee bit, so perhaps that would be a good way to start collaboration? I'd be happy to hear some of your ideas...We can always start with one and then alter it so it fits us both properly. Either way, it seems like it might be fun to RP together. So...Let me know, okay?

    As for your preferences and such...17+ age range is fine, I do have characters in that age range, and I can play male and female fairly equally as well, though I tend to prefer female most of the time- it really depends on the story. In terms of how much I write...I write as much as I can based on what is going on, what I have to work off with, etc. I can try for at least a full paragraph, but that also depends on what you call a "full" paragraph. Many people think of paragraphs in different lengths as "full", so it confuses me.

    Any interest? Let me know.
  3. I'd like to rp. :)