Tainted Hearts

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    • Between: @Rambunctious & @ZaffiroAiLa | Spots: Taken | NPCs: Unlimited | Rating: R | Tone: Serious/Light

    • A story between step siblings, A young girl named Celeste and a young man named Vincent. The two were bonded by their parents marriage. Vincent's father, a multi-millionaire who spends his time away from home and more with his work. Celeste's mother who constantly nags her daughter and step-son to find a significant other to give her the grandkids she always wished for. Vincent and Celeste were very close. Celeste a pretty young girl who was constantly bullied by other boys, but her knight and shining armor, a little boy with thick rimmed glasses and paunchy appearance would come to save the day! Her brother protected her and cared for her. As they grew older Vincent left to study abroad. After a few years Celeste is excited to see her brother. But when she does he is nothing like he was before.

    • Vincent Carter
      27 | Heir to a Multi-Million Company | The Brother
      Charming, Easily-Tempted, Benevolent (Towards his friends and family), Cantankerous, Intimidating


    • Celeste Carter
      24 | Wealthy Daughter | Step-Sister
      Sensitive, A Bit Emotional, Dainty, Slight Child at Heart, Caring, Stubborn, Dense, Idealistic/Perfectionist

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