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"Taboo" Relationship.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Artificial Sugar, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. I'm looking for someone to do a romantic brother/sister role play with me.
    I'm looking to play the sister, and I have two separate ideas- one set in Medieval times, and one set in Modern times.

    I expect my partners to be active- which means be able to reply more than once a day, every day.
    I expect my partners to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
    I use third person only, so please use third person as well.

    Also. If I don't post/reply for three days, please BUMP the thread or PM me.
    I sometimes read replies on my phone, and forget to reply once I get on my laptop.

    And most importantly.. If you want to quit the role play, please let me know.
    I will not be angry. I will appreciate your honesty.

    However, if you quit without a word to me, and ignore my PMs, then you'll officially be on my black list- which means I probably won't role play with you ever again.
    Just have some manners, please.

    (God. It's sad that I have to add this, but here we go..)

    If you're a dude just looking to chat with a girl and do some kinky shit, then please don't message me. I will not hesitate to report you. I'm not looking for cyber sex, I'm not looking to get off. I'm looking for a ROMANCE role play, based on a taboo subject.

    My main objective is ROMANCE, not SEX. So if that's all you're here for, please back the fuck up.
    I'm married, and I am not interested.
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  2. Hey, I'm very interested in hearing your two potential ideas. PM me?