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  1. I made a similar thread a while ago but what do you know, my tablet stopped working because it's like 7 years old and Windows 8 hates it. Anyway, I'm back now and NEED SOMETHING TO DRAW Y'ALL. These are all free because they'll be essentially doodles, unless I'm feeling particularly inspired or something. I may open up a commission shop in the future once I'm happier with the quality of my work. Depression takes many things away from you.

    Here's an old ass album of my old ass art. Like, the newest images in there are around two and a half years old. However, my art at the very least hasn't gotten any worse, so take solace in that I suppose!

    Here's the most recent example I can show you, which I drew about a week ago. Yeah!:


    Just a few tidbits before we get started:

    - Please don't request characters with very cluttered or complicated designs.

    - If you want me to draw you, let me know if you'd like a stylized piece or a realistic portrait. Though I don't have examples of the latter, I promise you I'm quite capable of it and would enjoy the practice.

    - A little blurb about their personality or background to go with their references is very helpful.

    - If you do not have a visual reference of your character, please give me a detailed written description. Artistic freedom is appreciated in this case.

    - As far as subjects I won't draw: I'll try basically anything, though I'm pretty bad at animals and robots. I especially like doodling monsters and cat girls/kenomimi/anthros/whatever. Gore and nudity are fine by me.

    - Please be patient with me. I may take a while to finish your piece.

    - Please reply here instead of PMing me. PMs stress me out, man!

    That's it for now. I'll add more later if necessary!
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  2. I would commission you if you did open up a shop; even your old ass art looks pretty impressive to me. Could you try drawing this character? I'm not sure how to gauge his design's complexity, so I can always pick out another instead if you just let me know it's an issue. Also, I have the patience of a saint, so take as much time as you need. I will be happy to wait for however long you require.

    Face: Here's an edit I was working on to try to show what he should look like. I never got around to figuring out how to put in his hair though.

    Hair: It was supposed to be kind of like cornrows/dreadlocks, similiar to what Kaname Tousen has here. The length should be at least to shoulders or longer. Let it hang loose or put it back in a rubberband, whichever you want. Feel free to take artistic liberties with it since I have no idea what I was doing with it myself.

    Outfit: Here's another shoddy photoshop edit to show what the outfit was supposed to look like. It was just a prototype at this point, so if you want to do a different outfit entirely, you are more than welcome to do so.

    Blurb About Character: Mature, knowledgeable, keeps a level head, approaches everything with an open mind, willing to give most things a try, his morality is a blurred line and he often adapts it depending upon the situation, outgoing, go-getter, charismatic, generally regarded as the leader of the group but he prefers to play the supporting role to someone else, he gets angry and very aggressive when he gets scared, when he was younger he was once possessed by a demon and had to have an exorcism performed on him, ever since then he no longer feels any fear when facing demons, however he's absolutely terrified of human ghosts and movies like The Grudge gives him nightmares.
  3. You need to have more confidence in your artwork, it is incredibly stunning to me. :) I would definitely commission you but I'm trying not to spend money- saving for college. Anyway, I'd like to request a drawing of my character Aria from a current role-play I'm in. I'd like her somewhat realistic or at the level the latest drawing you provide for us above is in. It's kind of a steamunk era role-play so the outfits may be somewhat complicated; if they are, I'll provide a third dress that will be quite simple so you don't have to stress yourself with the mechanical clocks and whatnot!

    Here's a picture of the dress she wore during the ball: [​IMG]

    Her normal attire( She's a princess ): [​IMG]

    I'd appreciate you drawing her in this one the most, but if it's too complicated, it's fine!

    If both are too complicated; here's the dress I'd like her to be in( The bottom would be long and flowy ):[​IMG]

    Aria will have the same face as the woman in the picture above but she'll have long, blond hair that reaches a bit longer than her mid-back; same color as the hair in the first picture. She also has golden/honey colored eyes.

    I'd also like her to be wearing a necklace, here's the description:
    Its like a cylinder, the top half of which resembles mesh and the bottom half is solid. Hers has emeralds encrusted in the bottom half and it is made of gold.

    Here's a blurb of her character:
    Aria is a beautiful and slender woman, standing at a height of 5'8"; her olive-toned skin is accented with a well-defined face and pretty eyes that are a vivid green in color. The intense gaze is adorned with long, soft, and nearly silk-to-the-touch blonde hair in which has a brown tint to it. Aria isn't exactly what you'd expect from her rather elegant appearance. The woman is no delicate flower- in fact, she's a fiery, spontaneous, as well as a rebellious princess whom isn't afraid of much, if anything at all. The female's sense of humor and overall personality is quite endearing and even adorable, to some. Not your average royalty, she works within the castle, cooking in the kitchen and even helping the maids. However, along with that passionate aura about her, she can be sarcastic as well as incredibly stubborn, though incredibly sweet if given the chance. Very opinionated, but she is a great person in general that cares with all her heart.
  4. @-Frey- @GwynnRosen
    Hey guys! <3 Thanks so much for your sweet words. I love both your characters and would be happy to draw them for you. Just letting you know that I'm currently stuck with the flu (only able to sit up today after three days so far...) so I'll be a bit slow, but I got your posts. :3
  5. Thanks so much; and no worries at all. Take all the time you need- flu is quite the annoying sickness to have. I hope you feel better soon, and once again, thanks for the compliment on the character and for drawing her! :D
  6. Don't worry about us internet denizens, we're fine. You should focus on fighting back that flu and feeling better before anything else; real life and well-being should come first and foremost. Take it easy and take care of yourself :)
  7. If/when you have time -- interested. Are you still taking requests?