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  1. If someone could tell me the BB codes to make tabs, I'd be very grateful. ^^ It's just that it isn't listed on the BB Codes page, and I'm not sure where to find the little button/how to type in the code for it, and it'd be very helpful for something I'm making.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Code:
    [tabs][tab=1] Hi there![/tab][tab=2]Bye for now![/tab][/tabs]
    • Hi there!
    • Bye for now!
    • Thank you!
    • Bye!
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  3. It's worth noting that you can create tabs within a tab (example here), but it gets reaaaally cumbersome and confusing @_@
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  4. Now do it with tables, colors, and with /div formatting and I'll be impressed!
  5. Psh, adding complexity within each tab is nothing special, just a matter of extra time required. :lol:
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