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  1. Before I begin, this video will illustrate the question I'm posing.


    So, here are the bullet points of my life that I recall in my paranoid moments...

    - I was born to parents named Janet Mary and Terence Joseph. Because of some Irish custom, on certain official documents they were referred to by their middle names. I was thus the son of Mary and Joseph.

    - I was named Greg Corcoran, which together translates as "Vigilant King". I was thus the Vigilant King born to Mary and Joseph.

    - The name Greg comes from "Grigori" - to watch. The Grigori were a host of Fallen Angels, one of whom included Asmodeus - the first novel protagonist I would create and the online screen name I would later adopt.

    - The person who will be Best Man at my wedding is called Jamie King.

    - One day after I renounced my faith in God, my mother was in a car accident. She survived. The day after that my brother Alex was hit by a car and killed. The incident would eventually lead me back to religion. The driver of the car was the grandfather of Alex's best friend, who had chosen to drive that evening for the first time in weeks, through the misguided belief that his eyesight had improved.

    - Whilst waiting for news from the hospital, I prayed to God and asked for three things to happen as signs that Alex would pull through surgery. I asked for a petal to fall from a rose-bush. I asked for the light in the room to change from white to yellow. And I asked for the next book on my grandmother's shelf I looked at to start with the letter "A". All of these things happened. A minute later my dad arrived and told me that my brother had "gone to live with Jesus".

    - Whilst getting over the death of my brother, I was given a book to read. The book was Redwall. It featured a villainous snake called Asmodeus.

    - When writing my current book, The Chimera Path, I explained the concept to a friend, who knew nothing of my past. In the book there is a character who is a young, innocent child who everyone tries to save from misfortune. At the time I did not have a name for this character. When explaining the character to my friend, he said "Wow, you should call him something like Alex." I took this as a sign and named the character accordingly.

    - The first girl I had a crush on at school was born on the same day as me. She was in the same hospital and had been born roughly 4 hours before me. Her surname was Blake - the same surname of the writer who would first introduce me to Paradise Lost, the book that inspired my writing career and, once again, featured the character Asmodeus.

    - The second book that inspired my writing was Hamlet. This is a play about vengeance. Upon browsing the library one day, I found a book about Elizabethan theology. Turning to page on vengeance, it informed me that the demon of vengeance is... you guessed it.... Asmodeus.

    - In the Book of Tobit, Asmodeus is a vengeful angel who becomes obsessed with a girl. At the time of reading this I was a vengeful schoolboy obsessed with a girl.

    - Upon writing my first novel, Asmodeus, I included a scene set in the birthplace of King Arthur - Tintagel. This was one of the first scenes I wrote. The scene features the angel Asmodeus teaching Morgan-le-Fay to live without her parents. Tintagel is in Cornwall, the county to which I would later move after finding the strength to live without my parents.

    - I currently live at the intersection of 4 roads: Pendarves Street, Tehidy Lane, Tresillian Road, and Beacon Street. Beacon is the first town I lived in when moving to Cornwall. Tehidy was the name of the building where I had my first office job in Cornwall. Pendarves was the name of the first care home I worked in in Cornwall. And Tresillian was the town where my last girlfriend in Cornwall lived.

    - The lowest point of my life was a holiday to Texas, in which I was suffering depression. I wrote a blog about being single, sexually-frustrated and devoid of all hope. Texas is where my current fiance, Tegan, lives and we would meet almost 4 years to the day after that first holiday. I am now planning to move to America to be with her, just as my Uncle did at the exact same age that I am now. My uncle currently lives in Texas. Furthermore, Tegan originally comes from Arkansas, which is where Diana, the current administrator of Iwaku, lives.

    - When writing my latest novel, The Chimera Path, I used celebrity pictures for all of my characters... except one. Amelia, the heroine of my novel, had a face that I could only picture in my head but did not match any known celebrity. I could not think where the inspiration for this character came from. In the story she is ignored by the hero for a great amount of time, until she finally makes him realise how attracted he is to her. I later met Tegan, my current fiance, who has the same hairstyle, physique, personality, mannerisms and outlook as Amelia. I ignored Tegan for a long time, until she finally made me realise how attracted I was to her.

    - During my four years in Cornwall I have become friends with a priestess, a singer, a professional DJ, a photographer, a dress-maker, a book-designer, a wedding planner, a florist, an electrician and a cake-maker. Now that I have come to organise my wedding day, four years later, I have everything I need amongst my circle of friends.

    These are just the ones I can remember. Coincidences happen to me on a monthly basis.

    So my question is this: Am I reading too much into things? Is this number of coincidences an ordinary amount for a human lifetime? Or do you think they indicate that there is something more than chance at work in the world?

  2. I think it is very easy to find connections and coincidences when you're looking for them.

    Not to say they aren't a higher power... but rather, you really LOVE looking for them. So you find them. A LOT.

    I like to do the opposite and try to ignore coincidences like that. It makes me a little uncomfortable sometimes to feel like I've been following a pattern or path that's been predestined for me. I kinda wish I was more oblivious to the workings of the world, because it tends to make me very moody.

    I have a lot of similarities to you in pre-Iwaku history and story. But I dun wanna get in to those cause some of them upset me a little. @___@

    But I will mention that me and Gibs met YEARS before we ever started dating. On a whim a few friends ask me to get him back to the community after he had been gone a couple years, and I told him that he was now my husband and he HAD to come back to the site.

    Months later we were dating. ._.;; We discovered his Dad worked as a truck driver for Coca-cola and my Dad worked as a driver for Pepsi. And they both got fired for the same reason. There were a lot of other odd similarities between out families. Like, really awkward odd similarities.

    A year later we were living together and few years later we got married. XD

    So, I don't know if it's more of your Kismet in the great cosmic story of Asmodeus, or if we have similar experiences and have fell upon being kindred spirits... Or if you're a total dingbat looking for higher purpose and meaning in an existence that HAS no true meaning. Buuut, at least I get it. >:D
  3. This.. kind of just blew my mind.
    I do not know what to say. ._.'
    In my own life, I have not noticed coincidences. I don't really believe they happen to me often, if at all.
    Perhaps some are fortunate, and then again unfortunate, to experience them so frequently.
    It's kind of a question that is to never have an answer, I believe. Extremely deep topics such as this are hard to decipher, and cases adding to them are unpredictable. So..
    I.. don't know.
    You have a very special case of coincidences. Though, going through the worst to come to where you are now, through my eyes, it looks like a nice future to come. c: if certain things had not occurred, you would not be where you are at this very moment. I think about that a lot. How maybe one day if I had taken a step to the left instead of going forward, well, that could have just changed my entire path for the present. You never know.

    I don't think I even answered that question right. T ^T'
    -sits and lets others add their thoughts.-~