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  1. S Y E L L E ' S | R E Q U E S T S
    Q&A / What I'm Looking For
    Pairings That Are Primarily Mature 18+
    Q: What type of partner are you looking for?
    I'm looking for somebody who is a dedicated poster without a track record of losing interest in role-plays. Please, if you feel like there's even a slight chance that you'll end up getting bored with an idea that peaks your interest, do not start it with me. There's nothing more disappointing than really getting into a good 1x1, only to have it abruptly end. Sometimes a very long post will come to me and I just let my fingers move, and like most, I'm an avid protester against one-liners. We're all writers in one way or another, be creative! At least a paragraph and a half at the least. In short, I want a partner who will really get stuck into the plot with me and write a sufficient amount to keep the story moving and is either eighteen or older - I really do not mean to offend or deter anyone, but it's merely just a preference.

    Q: Are you willing to change any of the plots for your listed fandoms or pairings?
    Yes, yes, yes! If you're looking for a partner or more members of a fandom RP that's listed below, tell me! I'd be more than happy to work something out with you regarding either! If you do like one of my plots and you have suggestions or criticism, also tell me! I'm looking for a partner, which makes the idea as much yours as it is mine.

    Q: Do you prefer to RP as a female or a male?
    So far I've only RP'd as a female and secondary male characters - I don't feel like I'll be switching that anytime soon. So yes, I'm looking for male counterparts to my roleplays.

    - I'm currently looking for a partner to role as the Mad Hatter in my MxM role play, in which both lead characters are male. I haven't had experience in a MxM RP before, but I'm very eager to try.

    P A I R I N G S
    {All plots can be altered or changed completely if you're interested in the pairing but not the plot}
    Burlesque Dancer x DJ / Bartender / Wealthy Businessman


    A young dancer from down south spent years attempting to ditch her southern accent before travelling to New York City; in hopes of fulfilling her dream to become a dancer. However, after being turned down by several prestigious touring companies, she comes across a small Burlesque club after misreading a vacancy ad.

    Evolved Human x Evolved Human


    The US Government created a list with the names of thirty seven individuals who were confirmed to have paranormal abilities. They were then hunted by an elite team of trained marines who were to terminate them; but before they could kill the last two, they went rogue. Injecting themselves with a formula designed to give ordinary people abilities, the government is now calling on those two people for their help, namely because the formula also gifted the marines with murderous tendencies.

    Alistair x Mad Hatter [MxM]

    Alistair has always been considered strange by his family and the only friend he's managed to keep. Having been practically raised in the chairs of psychiatrists and therapists, Alistair was never taken seriously when he explained his dreams. Every time he closed his eyes he would see the face of somebody new, a stranger he hadn't met but knew was about to die. It was rare that he would see their deaths, but soon that too became a frequent occurrence. Though when a face he'd seen once appeared for a second time, he became obsessed with him. The stranger with the brown hair and odd coat that is destined to die but somehow manages to survive.

    Three days ago, Alistair's mysterious man stopped appearing and he fears that if he doesn't intervene, the man he's come to feel familiar with will be gone for good.

    • Alistair's ability is a simple prediction of death, whether he wants to see it or not. At first, he could only see who was going to die, but over the years his ability has improved and he actually sees it too.
    • What I have above is all I've figured out about this RP plot wise, so you're free to alter the Mad Hatter in any way you'd like - you can give him an ability [not necessarily one that frees him from death, we can figure all of that out together]

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