Swords of Blackest Destiny


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So this is my first RP on this site so here we go

For over two hundred years the nation of Amar has seen peace and prosperity. The horrid wars of the past forgotten by all except the Order of Warden Swords. The wardens have kept watch for the creature known only as the Abomination to rise again. But even among them there are those who doubt. Doubt however can only last so long. The Seal of the Golden Sword is weakened and the Abomination is making his move from deep within the abyss he was sentenced to.

This is going to be a fairly open story line. It will of course lead to a final confrontation with the Abomination. but there will be time before the Abomination is really be revealed as the big bad guy allowing the characters time to grow and develop before the final trek towards the end is made. i was considering some sort of invasion by a bordering nation maybe started (behind the scenes of course) by the Abomination as the initial arc of the story.

I am always open to discussion on the way the story goes as previously stated this will be pretty open.
Character guidelines:
- Characters must be given the stamp of approval by me
- this is a fairly expansive world so races i am a little lenient with but don't go too crazy with them
- As for classes or whatever works as a better description. Again they are open i want to get a pretty diverse group so look at the people who post before you and try to be at least a little different.
- The Character's history must tie somehow into the Order of Warden Swords, for a description of the Wardens see below
-The Order of Warden Sword: they are a highly selective and Highly skilled group of magical Warriors. Although small in number they are a strong enough force that their existence has acted as a warning for the border nations that might consider war. Each warden has a different set of skills both magical and weapon wise. each is a master in their own right. They were created by the First Warden to be the force in readiness for the return of the Abomination. The First Warden was the on who initially sealed the creature and knew that the seal was not perfect. So they stand ready, the Master Warden, the one who command the order is also the Captain General of the Nation. Being a warden almost puts one on level with being a lord.
- I do not expect the powers of your characters to be as thought out as mine i have been using this power set for a while but some thought would be nice
- Also anyone who thinks they are good at playing the evil guy is welcome to take the Abomination when the time comes since i know i am not that good at it.

Character Sheet:
Class/ Affiliation:
Brief history:

My Character:
Name: Varnel Aldathian
Age: 22
Race: Human
Class/ Afilliation: Captain in the Order of Warden Swords. His magical Ability is the ability to summon Four blades. The blades of Anger, Death Justice and War each with its own power. Anger is the Power of Fire, a ruby red blade that is laced with fire and burns his enemies on contact. Death, a pitch black blade that feeds on the life force of the enemies around Varnel. The more life force there is to feed on the more the blade augments his swordsmanship. Justice, a golden sword that glows white, grants him the power of truth as well as increasing his swordsmanship above that of Death. Anyone cut by Justice is incapable of lying in the presence of the blade. War is his ultimate weapon but he has yet to fully master it, a simple looking hand and a half blade it gives off an aura of power. It turns him into the ultimate swordsman allowing him to perceive all sides of the battle allowing him to create military strategies that are nearly flawless. But until he has mastery of it that part of the ability is flawed
Personality: Highly intelligent with a strong sense of duty that allows him to lead on the battlefield well. His intelligence level however leaves him to overestimating his abilities at points. He does not trust many but when someone does earn his trust he is completely faithful and protective.
Brief History: Born into a minor noble family he went to the Wardens as soon as he showed signs of magic. He very quickly showed great skill with the sword and a great leadership ability. At the age of 20 he was offered a commision as an officer and very quickly ended up in charge of a squad almost a year ahead of schedule for the normal officer. His superiors have great expectations of him


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Name: Alsaire Lucrosh
Age: 20
Race: Human
Class/ Affiliation: Order of the Warden Swords. Nicknaming her magical talent "Butterfly's Kiss", with it Alsaire creates nineteen illusory replicas of herself, which must be struck with a sword to dissipate. Each of the replicas is as fast as she is, and are controlled through a series of hive mind mental "gambits", set by Alsaire on their creation. Typically this gambits are to strike at opportune moments and then to fall back . Each replica possesses only minimal strength but is capable of striking an opponent, generally resulting in nothing more than a cut due to their lacking physical power, though a well-aimed strike at a vulnerable spot is still possible for them.
Wise and skeptical, Alsaire is often said to have the soul of an old man in her. She takes joy in helping those around her and is a loyal and fierce ally. She has a temper, though it's difficult to bring to the surface.

Brief history:
Alsaire is the eldest of ten children, many of whom she aided in raising. It was this that fostered her great reservoirs of patience and understanding. When Alsaire was twelve, she was taken to be an apprentice beneath a bladesmith who admired her analytical methods and her mild temperament. This bladesmith trained her in handling weapons, particularly swords, and she holds an affinity for him still.

Alsaire's magical talents were not discovered until she was fourteen and she was tasked with defending a young noble who resembled one of her younger sisters. When the young girl was attacked and injured, Alsaire's temper flared and it was realized that she was not only a skilled wielder of swords but had a particular strength for magic.

Taken from her master to study more rigorously after this, Alsaire spent the remainder of five years being trained by an elder member of the Wardens until she graduated as his assistant and became a member herself.


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Urban fantasy, cyberpunk.
Character Sheet:
Name: Kendrick "The Stranger" Lorander
Age: 41
Race: Human
Class/ Affiliation: Former Senior Member of the Order of the Warden Swords. Currently a wanderer.


A blade made of black obsidian stone, it is the length of your normal shortsword. Lines of blood red patterns run along the flat side of the blade, before all the lines converge to form a pentagram at the space connecting the base of the blade and the hilt. The hilt of the blade is wrapped in blood red cloth to allow him to grip the blade better. The red patterns along the sword are rumoured to be the blood stains of those the Stranger has faced in combat, though nothing was ever proven. This sword allows the Stranger to drain the life energy of his opponent with every stroke that makes contact with the opponent's body. Energy can also be absorbed through contact with one's blade, but to a lesser extent. Stories have been told, of how the Stranger has faced down squadrons of men, growing weary until he cuts down the first - which he will mysteriously pause, with the blade still inside the man but once removed, the Stranger seemed to be revitalized and renews his combat.


A blade of white stone, it looks identical to Sange, only differing in the colour and symbol. The colour of the patterns are blue, and the symbol which the lines converge into is that of a line intersecting a circle, right through it's very center. Do not be fooled, however, by the white of the blade and think that it symbolizes something holy. Oh no, it does not. This blade allows Kendrick to manipulate the aura around his body - a truly terrifying power, as the aura can be used to augment his physical capabilities, and can also be brought to life and shaped as a projection, although that requires much focus and despite much training, Kendrick can only make an energy construct when both of his swords are in their sheaths. Stories speak of Kendrick being surrounded by enemies, before all of them are pushed back with a fiery blue incandescence of a wolf's head that soars into the sky, before crashing into the ground as a wave of blue flames that explode outwards.


A cynical man, The Stranger is a dangerous person to interact with. He is known to be quite mad, able to appear as a wise and immaculate gentleman at one time and have random outbursts of emotions, usually anger or hate. However, he spends time meditating trying to suppress such outbursts, which are now at their minimum. He is a man of his word, and one that teeters thinly between the line that marks out a hero and a villain. His intentions and actions are for the good, but his methods of bringing justice usually involve an execution - he finds trials a waste of time.

Brief history: The Stranger lived a life of luxury in his youth, his father owning a large shipping company in the land. However, halfway through his training the company collapsed, leaving his family penniless. He had considered quitting the training, but he decided against it and didn't even go home. His father killed himself. Devastated, he poured his entire being into training, honing his skills to become what he was today. It was later, when he was an official member of the order when he found the love of his life, got married, had children. It was the first time in more than a decade when he felt true happiness once again. The Fates seemed to take sadistic delight in wreaking tragedy on the Stranger, however. His family was massacred when he was away hunting down a group of dark beings - it was done in revenge. He was not sure who did it, after all, he had many enemies.

The Stranger recollected his thoughts and decided that the Order was to blame for all that tragedy in his life, so he just walked away. He wasn't going to care about guarding the "seal" to whatever Abdomination anymore. All he wanted was to live ow be wanted to live. And feel happy again. Truly happy.

P.S. Thought that you guys would need an antihero that pops in occasionally.

The Marine

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Both of these i think will work very well. I have no problems with them... Approved

Nissa i had a thought that your character could be placed under Varnel that way we have a good starting point for our characters to meet.

as for The Stranger we will just have to find a way to work out a meeting between us all. But i do like him, should be a good group.