Sword for hire...

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  1. I have stayed on the sidelines for long enough. Im in search of an adventure big or small with rewards that reflect much the same. Just save me from the dullness of inactivity and take me to a world of danger and possibility. Better to die on the battle field then on a bar stool...
  2. A man is bored.

    Give him a job, they would say. A daunting task.

    Would he dare risk his life for a job?

    It only calls for those who truly ask for it.

    Would he do it?

    Only time will tell.

    What shall it be, Roaming Savage?


    Or walk on? The choice is yours.

    And we have a job for you.
  3. My Miyu might be a challenge for you.
    She is pretty bored herself, she hasn't been doing much since everything in her life just... died down.
    She is an assasin, well, an assassin for hire more than anything, she works for no one... but is hunted down by what appears to be everyone >D

    I rp gore, horror anything twisted disturbing and fun >D