Sword Art Online - The Great Merge

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  1. Evan was killing time playing his favorite online game ALfhiem Online. He was out in the Grasslands killing off low level monsters when he noticed something strange. "Huh? What's going on with the sky?" He asked himself as the sky was flickering. Was there a glitch happening? It got worse as parts it looked like players were falling out of the sky. "Whoa! People falling out of the sky?! What the heck is going on?!" He had no time to ponder on it and rushed over to where the other players were falling.

    Meanwhile. "Ugh......what a night. Had too much to drink." Jet said. He had spent most of the out partying with friends. He couldn't even remember what time he had gotten home. Well, not having to worry about school since he had gotten suspended for fighting and his parents couldn't give two shits about grounding him, he decided to head into the game called Demon Hunters where he could take out his frustration out on demons and other people. However upon logging in, he appeared someplace extremely different then in his usual location. In fact, it looked like a totally different game. He looked up and saw a giant tree. "The fuck is this?" He asked himself. He was going to log out, but curiosity got the best of him and he decided to check it out. Little did he know he couldn't. With that he decided to head towards the giant tree.
  2. Arora leapt up thirty feet into the air, nearly hitting the top of the icey blue and white domed ceiling. Below her, a large creature the size of four cars piled high was attacking her comrades left and right, flinging them against the arena's walls like flies with a sickening crack. Thankfully, it wasn't like they could feel pain anyway but the sound... Done taking her survey of the room, she began falling towards the ground again. She raised her sword above her head with both hands clutching the hilt, ready for the final strike to shock through her weapon. At twenty feet, she braced for impact. At ten, the tip of her blade was just about to slice through the virtual flesh. Suddenly the entire room began to flicker out of existance, cries of alarm being raised by those around her as darkness suddenly engolfed them all. A small gasp escaped her lips as her eyes closed tight as she realised that she was still falling, but not onto the monster. Instead, what seemed to be an entirely different world flickered into existance beneath her, just as most VRMMOs would do when someone first registered. How very, very strange...


    Joshua laughed aloud as the fire monster took off into the sky from where they were battling in the Ancient Forest, back where it had first come from, shooting down to try and gauge out his eyeballs. "Coward!" he yelled after it with a grin. He swiftly climbed the tree beside him until he reached the top, where he allowed his wings to grow out from his shoulder blades. He crouched down on the branch as if he were about to do a hundred meter dash, then moments later he shot up and to the left, chasing after the thing with his dagger raised. It was only a small leveled monster anyway. Something, or some things, suddenly entered his vision as hundreds of players began falling from the sky like small stars before they flickered out of eye shot in order to land somewhere up ahead. Probably the tree, or wherever their race was supposed to be from. Although it was abnormal for so many to be registering at once and... all going to the same area? It was only then that he noticed the 'WARNING!' and 'Error!' signs in the pulsating sky. He gave the escaping prey a quick two fingered salute and began racing towards the falling figures' destination, smiling to himself in glee. "This should be interesting!"
  3. "This is insane. It's raining people. What's causing this?" Evan asked himself as he continued to run towards the people. He however notice something different about them. By that, they looked like they didn't belong in ALO. There was one that looked like a futuristic space solider while another looked like a race car driver. "Are these, people from different games? How's this even possible?" Even wondered. He noticed a female player that looked like they belonged in ALO. "Hold on! I'll catch you!" He shouted towards her as he picked up the pace.


    Jet had made it into the City by the tree, The Yggdrasil Capital Aarun. Jet decided to look around the town out of sheer boredom. For some reason he couldn't log out when he tried and it was beginning to irritate him. Upon exploring the city he noticed he was getting odd looks from players and NPC's. Course, he didn't take it well. "They hell you all looking at?!" The gunslinger yelled causing them to turn the other way. "Heh that's right. Nothing to see here. Damn, some people can be such rude assholes." He muttered to himself as he continued around the city.

    Kirito had just made it to the Capital as well, though he was on a different mission. It was all over the news last night and one various news websites. Sugou Nobuyuki had escaped from prison and Kirito had a gut feeling that he was out for revenge. He logged into ALfhiem Online to see if anyone were to fit Sugou description. Hell he'd bet that if Sugou spotted him he tried to kill him on the spot.....Well he couldn't since this was a game after all. However that was about to change. Flashing red warning symbols lit up the sky. "This doesn't look good." Whispered Kirito.
  4. Arora felt her hands clench tighter but grip empty air as her sword disintegrated into a glittering pink wind, sending it back to her inventory. Her arms flew up to cover her face with a yelp while the ground came rushing towards her at high speed, instead of the usual slowing down that it did right before inpact. A male voice yelled something up to her but with the wind rushing in her ears she could hardly hear what it was. Already, she was trying to think up a spell that could heal herself after impact.


    Vlad made himself use an extra boost of speed in order to shoot forward some hundred yards, quickly approaching the Butterflies Valley. Going through the peaceful town would make it much easier to reach the Tree, instead of taking the slightly further away and dangerous Ruger Corridor. Most players considered that way a shortcut but he didn't pay that rumour any heed, simply choosing the take the ways that he viewed as faster. Besides, he loved this town more than almost any other is ALfheim due to their entertainment and great deals that could only be found there. He chuckled to himself at the memories of the place, giving himself another push in order to reach there within the hour if he hurried.


    "Kirito-kun!" Asuna spotted her friend from a distance, giving him a short wave as she ran to meet him, glad to see that he had had the same idea. If Sugou had escaped from prison, the first thing on his to-do list would be to kill the two of them. In the real world though, that would be to much of a difficulty but... She looked up at the sky with wide eyes, feeling the old fear that hadn't been present since four years ago when the initial shock and horror of being trapped in SAO had kicked in. Now it was back and just as strong. Now, she realised why the reports has suggested Sugou to be in the Game world, why her father had burst into her room as the last second and tried to take off the NerveGear but was too late. He was here and he was going to kill them just as he had tried two years ago. Her raised hand fell to her side as she approached Kirito, eyes now locked on the shifting red sky.
  5. "Don't worry! I'm gonna catch you!" Evan yelled hoping she could hear him. At least I hope I will. He thought. Luckily he did one of the those jump slides and managed to catch the girl right before the hit the ground. Of course he managed to take most of the impact. "Whew......well that was a close one." He managed to get out. "Are you alright?" Evan then asked the girl still in his arms.


    "Hmm....Ah. Asuna-san." Kirito waved back just before she approached him. Looking up at the sky, he knew what those red flashing warning sign meant. "Sugou, he's back. I don't know how he got out of prison or who would be crazy enough to free him. I've got to find him and put an end to his madness quick." He said. Even though that Sugou did escape prison, this wasn't his doing. It was someone else. Someone, or better yet a group more menacing than Sugou could ever be. Kirito observed the area as other ALO players were being warped into the capital. He noticed someone different. Someone that stuck out like a sore thumb. Jet to be exact. "Asuna. Look at that player over there." He pointed to Jet. "He looks extremely odd."
  6. 'Too late!' she though, bracing for impact with the hard ground. The same voice yelled again but this time was accompanied by the sound of running and the feel of hands grabbing her as she was just barely caught. She lowered her arms from her face and opened her eyes, blinking a few times in confusion. "Y-yes, thank you. I'm fine," she replied, seeing the owner of the voice; a boy with dark black hair. She looked around herself at the open grassland which surrounded them, something that didn't exist in Atlantis unless you were in the Botanical Gardens. She turned to look at the boy again and realised she was still in his arms, causing a light flush of pink to settle over her cheeks. "Sorry. I must be heavy." She gave him a small, apologetic smile as she quickly stood up and dusted her dress off awkwardly.


    Asuna followed his gesture and easily found the player Kirito was talking about. It was easy enough to tell that something was wrong, considering how everyone continued to stare at him as if he were a ghost. Aside from his strange clothes, he also carried a pair of twin guns, something that had never been seen before in this world. "He couldn't be a Quest, could he?" she asked, already knowing that it wasn't so. She was able to view his level, character name as well as basic stats. "We should try to communicate with him, maybe he knows something."
  7. "Oh no no no. You weren't heavy at all." Evan said to the girl. He quickly picked himself up and brushed the dirt off of him. Others weren't so lucky as they hit the ground like tiny meteors. "You have any idea what's going on here? Why are people falling out of the sky?" Evan asked the girl, but before he could get the answer they were transported to the Capital. "Oh no. It must be real bad if they teleported us here."
  8. Sinon was in the middle of a battle with a high rank boss when things started to get weird. "All most there, just a few more shots" She said while jumping over the odd looking monster. Just at that moment everything froze, and the scenery started to change. At first it was white, then she seen a huge tree in the middle of nowhere but it seemed pretty far. She didn't realize right away that she was falling, because she was too busy thinking about what was happening. "This isn't gun gale online...where am I? What's happening?" She said to herself. When she looked down she noticed that she was only a few hundred feet off the ground. With a flick of her finger she put her hecate into her invetory so that it wouldn't be damaged when she landed on the ground, and braced herself for landing. Just the moment she was supposed to land on the ground, she was warped in front of the tree that was miles away earlier, little did she know she was at the capital of a game called ALfhiem Online. "Woah, i kinda feel happy i was warped here, if I wasn't i would of taken a lot of damage back there" she said to herself. When she looked around she saw lots of different looking character's, and saw red flashing warning signs in the sky. 'Things don't look good here...I wonder whats happening' She thought.
  9. "Now I know it's nothing good." Evan said as he looked up to the sky and saw the red flashing warning sign. The ALO player also noticed the girl he just saved was no where to be found. "H-Hey...where she go?" He asked himself, looking around his surroundings. The girl he had just met was no where to be found. She must have been teleported to another part of the capital. He did however noticed another girl. One who looked extremely different. She looked like she was wearing some sort of military clothing and she had what looked like a sniper rifle. "Hey you!" He ran up to her. "You have idea what's going on here?" He asked. Evan figured she was about as clueless as him but what if she wasn't.


    "I don't think he's a quest. He, could be from a different game.....How's that possible though?" Kirito replied with. He needed answers. Hopefully this player, who ever he was could give them a clue on what was going on. "Hey! Hey you!" He shouted at Jet.

    Jet turned around with an annoyed looked on his face. "The hell do you want?" He asked.

    "You....you don't look like you're from this game."

    "Wow really no shit. I wouldn't be caught dead in this fairyland crap. Why am I not in Demon Hunters Online?"

    "Demon Hunters Online?!" Well that proved Kirito's point. Jet was from a different game. How he got here was a different question. "How did you get here?"

    "How the fuck should I know?! I logged into Demon Hunters Online and it sent me here, to gay ass fairyland."
  10. Sinon heard the voice of someone behind her saying "You have idea what's going on here?".
    "Umm..sorry I'm probably more confused than you are. I don't even know where I am, or how i got here" She answered while looking around, seeing that also a lot of players were confused. " I know for sure that this is not gun gale online. This place is too different and so far with all this craziess, it kinda gives me the creeps. I know that something major must of happened though, I think that players from different games have been teleported to this game by the look of all these different characters..but why?" She said to herself without even knowing she was taking loud enough for him to hear. "Oh I'm Sinon by the way" She said with a small smile. "What's you name, and are you from this game? Do you have any idea where we are?" She asked.


    Asuna giggled a little at the guy that dressed differentlys comment, but she knew that this situation was serious.
    'What's happening here' She thought with a worried face. She then moved closer to Kirito and held his arm. "Do you have any idea why this is happening? or how they might of got here?" She asked Kirito.
  11. "Oh my name's Evan. Right now you're in ALfhiem Online which is the game I'm from, and right now we're in the Yggdrasil Capital Aarun. I was teleported here and usually ALO players get sent here when an important event happens. although those red flashing warning signs mean something else." Evan replied with. He noticed that there were a lot of player gathering in the middle of the city. Not only were there ALO players, but also players from DHO and GGO, all in their specific little groups. In the middle of the group was a stage was a ALO gamemaster. Evan could tell because the ALO gamemasters would cover themselves in this blood red grim reaper like robe. Another man stood next to him. He sort of looked like Neo from the Matrix, but was wearing a dark blue trench coat, didn't have sunglasses and was carrying a katana. "Well it looks like we might be finding out what's going on."


    "This may have something to do with Sugou's escape." Kirito replied with. He figured he would try to asked the odd looking man once again. However Jet was already starting to walk off. "Hey wait a minute. I got one more question for you."

    "Ugh......what now? Better be important too." Jet said.

    "Have you seen or heard of a man named Sugou Nobuyuki?"

    "Sugou Nobuyuki? Heard of him before. Think that's the guy on the news. The one that escaped prison. Why you his kid or something?" Jet then asked. Boy did he know so little. Then again he couldn't care less.
  12. "It's nice to meet you, Evan" She said to him. Sinon then looked back up into the sky at the red flashing signs then looked into the larger group of people ahead of us. She then spotted two guys standing on a stage in te middle on a stage. "Who that in the red robe and the guy with the trench coat?" She asked him while pointing at them. Her curiosty was getting the better of her she wanted to know what was happening, so she started to walk closer to the stage they were standing on. 'Could one of them be a GM, That could be it, considering he does stand out the most of these people..but who's the other guy?' Sinon thought to herself.


    The thought of Sugou Nobuyuki escaping brought back painful memories to her. ' Why would he do something like that, leaving me locked up in a cage at the top of the world tree...I was just so lonely and scared back then.' She thought as memories kept streaming back from the past. She then walked closer to Kirito "What if he comes back into the game? What if hes already herer?" She said with a worried face.
  13. "Don't worry Asuna. Sugou won't lay a finger on you. Not while I'm at your side." Kirito replied as he brushed some of her blue hair from her face.

    "About damn time I saw someone familar." Jet spoke pointing to the blue trench coat guy in the middle of a group of people.

    "Hmm.....you know that guy?" Kirito then asked.

    "Well not directly. He's the Gamemaster to my name. His name's Lance I believe." Jet began walking towards the huge group. He didn't like being surrounding by people but he wasn't going to hear anything standing so far away. Kirito began to follow as well, holding Asuna's hand as he lead her.

    "Oh the guy in the red robe is one of the Gamemasters for ALO. I don't know about the blue guys though. He could be the Gamemaster for a different game I guess." Evan replied with. Everyone's attention was now on the two Gamemasters in the middle.

    "Attention players. I suppose you all are wondering why you are not the game you are suppose to be." The ALO Gamemaster began.

    "Yes....well it seems that a good amount of gaming server have been hacked a merged into one by a cyber terrorist group calling themselves Legion." Lance continued. "That's also the reason why you can't log out as well."

    "Can't log out?" Evan asked himself. He brought up his menu and low and behold the lo out feature was gone.

    "W-Wait! D-Does that mean if we die in here we die in real life?" A random player asked.

    Lance was silent for about ten seconds. ".......Yes that is correct." As you could probably tell, the group of players began to panic.

    "That's.....that's insane." Evan couldn't believe it.

    "It's like SAO all over again." Kirito spoke, his eye wide with shock.