Sword Art Online RP - Alfheim.

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  1. This RP is going to be based on the world of Alfheim from the anime SAO. Use this character skeleton before starting:

  2. Name- Chaos
    Species- Spriggan
    Age- 17
    Appearance- Black hair with red highlights, hazel eyes, with light armor of the same color scheme of hair
  3. Name-Luca
    Appearance- the son of a salamander and slyph, tall and broad shouldered, large dark green wings and medium armor engraved with ancient slyph runes, carries twin broadswords
  4. Name-Balker
    Appearance-Son of a Human and slyph He is not very tall and he seems to have scarlet hair and scarlet wings and has light to heavy armour that has a star engraved into the center,carries a katana with a scarlet hilt and a blue blade with old runes engraved into the katana that mean Light in the dark and dark in the light.
  5. name yuuki
    race cait sith
    age 18
    (should i start us off)
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  6. This thread has been moved to plot discussions, as it is all OOC and bios. Please keep the main forum specifically for In Character posts.


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  7. Name: Shin Westin
    Species: Salamander
    Age: 18
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