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    It had been a week since this virtual hell had begun and it seemed more and more people were dying as they attempted to do what was necessary to reach the next floor. She'd watched as a young girl sat and stared where her log out button had been, as if waiting for it to return at any moment, that this was all just some kind of sick joke. Naomi wished that this could be the truth, that this was all some kind of virus infecting the game and that there were people on the outside trying to fix it. She exhaled a long breath, looking across the path from a bench she'd taken a seat on, watching as some of the other players walked by, presumably on their way to a place they could farm or train up their levels. She should be doing the same really, but since defeating a mini boss yesterday she was in a position to take some rest.

    The town she was in was called Lárhith, a first level area which was fairly beautiful in it's design. It had many shops, streets and scenery you could visit as well as some nearby places you could farm for levels and gear if you were just starting out. It was about time she was leaving this place for the next town over, but for now she was content to just sit and relax. Plus she had some things to consider, for she'd been offered an invitation for a few guilds, though in truth she wasn't entirely sure if she wanted to join any guilds. At least not yet anyway. Pulling out a small piece of dry bread she began to eat, taking small bites as she restored her hunger meter. "Ugh" she expressed, mostly to herself. She'd have bought something more tasteful but as she didn't have much money yet and having spent most the money she'd obtained on better gear, she had mostly bread to put up with.
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  2. Kazuo had just woken up from a short rest. Like any other day this past week, he woke up disappointed. Disappointed that this wasn't all just a long, weird dream he was imaging and that he'd wake up back in his room. Instead he wakes up in the room of a small inn he sleeps at, angry that this game has become his reality. He rolled out of bed and did his routine inventory check and notice he was running low on food and money. Normally, this problem could be solved by simply farming the NPC areas around Lárhith, but recently players have started to consolidate themselves in guilds and have began to claim these areas, taking the loot for their members. This was also a good way for certain guilds to keep the market in their favor. It was an easy way to ensure people would continue to join. Kazuo contemplated joining one of these guilds, but his past experiences with certain party groups kept him from doing so. Loot distribution and leadership was usually the main issues and since it was still early in the game, there was no guarantee how long a guild might last. For now, he just focused on the basic necessities for survival.

    Kazuo left his room and walked downstairs to the lobby of the inn. There were a few small groups of players talking amongst themselves. Kazuo faintly overheard their conversations as he walked by going towards the exit. Some were talking about how much they missed home, others were recruiters or players planning their next area to farm for loot. Kazuo quietly sighed to himself as he exited the inn. He knew he would eventually have to leave Lárhith and move on to the next town if he was going to continue to play solo. As he walked on the street, he opened up his mini map and carefully examined for any areas near Lárhith that hasn't been hogged by guild where he can get some loot. Shortly afterward, Kazuo felt a tightening grip in his stomach. It was the effect of his hunger. He decided to take a break and eat a quick snack. There was a woman sitting on a bench near him. She was eating a small bread roll. He walked over to her and asked "Excuse me, may I sit here?"
  3. As she sat, taking small bites from her bread roll she decided it was a good idea to make a plan about where she'd go next. With the guilds having occupied allot of the surrounding area, getting through without being turned away, charged or attacked was unlikely. There was only one area she knew of which wasn't yet occupied but that was mostly due to the area being a challenge to get though. Some of the lower level players had attempted it before being killed off by the mobs that lurk there. Fortunately she was a decent enough level with good enough gear to make it, though by herself it'd still be quite challenging and if she wasn't careful where she was stepping she'd be in trouble fairly fast. She could take on a few of them, maybe, but if she was overwhelmed it'd be over. "Excuse me, may I sit here?" a voice pulled her from her thinking as she turned her head, looking up to the owner of the voice. She blinked, "Hmm? oh! sure, sorry go ahead It's not saved for anyone" she said before moving over a little to give him some room. He used a polearm, not a common weapon choice for players but certainly an interesting one and from the looks of his armor he too had managed to get a few levels ahead, of course she could have just looked at his HP bar, though she felt that would have been rude.

    As she was thinking this she found herself looking at the floor in front of her, swallowing another bite before the floor in front of her suddenly filled with shadow. She looked up, taken from her thoughts a second time to see a small group of players dressed in similar colored gear. "Times up" said the boy who was clearly the leader of this group, a grin cast over his face as he looked down on her, "I think I'm going to say no for now... thank you anyway" she replied with a smile which changed as his grin turned to a displeased look. "I don't think you understand what we're offering you, we're the Knights of Valor, we own two zones around Lárhith. You can't afford to say no" he replied. Naomi felt a little awkward, "And I'm greatfull for your offer, I just don't think I want to be in a-" she was cut off before she could finish, "Look, either you join us or we'll make sure you stay here till you do" he said in a warning tone. Naomi furrowed her brow, "This is a safe zone... you can't do anything here" she replied, causing several of the group to chuckle. "So we'll wait till you leave" he replied which caused Naomi to feel a sting of anger inside at being blackmailed so obviously in this way. "My answer is no!" she replied sternly. The leader of the Knights smirked, "Then I guess we'll be seeing you again, real soon. We'll see how you think when you're not in the safe zone" he said before turning, giving Kyo a look as though the man was beneath him, "Come on, let's go farm some more" he said as his group began to depart.
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  4. "Hmm? oh! sure, sorry go ahead It's not saved for anyone" the woman kindly responded. Kazuo took his polearm, which he had strapped on his back, off and laid it against the bench. He then sat down and took an apple out of his inventory. As he took a few bites, he quickly examined the woman next to him without staring. At first glance, it apparent she was a player who had some experience. Her armor was clearly above that of an average player. It sparked his curiosity on how good of a fighter she was, but he remained silent and continued to eat his fruit. He watched as groups of players passed by as he sat. Suddenly, a group of uniformed players started to approach his bench. He recognized the uniform from a few days ago. One of their recruiters tried to coerce him to join, but it didn't work. At first, Kazuo thought they were coming for him, but they turned their attention to the woman.

    Kazuo felt disgusted just listening to their conversation. A group of guys threatening a girl? Disgraceful, he thought to himself. When the leader turned to him and gave him a condescending expression, Kazuo chuckled, feeling unintimidated by him. As the group walked away he commented to himself "Pfft. Knights of Valor? What so valorous about threatening a woman. Cowards." That group was a prime example of why he refused to join guilds for the moment. Players tend to overestimate themselves, claiming to be more powerful just because that have a following. It annoyed Kazuo to watch people at this way.

    He turned his attention to the woman. It was clear she didn't fear them, unlike most players who break and join at the sign of danger. Kazuo was a bit impressed that she kept her composure, especially that she was also a solo player. There weren't many players who continued on solo. "So, your one of the few solo players too, huh?" he asked her.
  5. She let out a long breath as they left, thankful they'd decided to leave even if they threatened to get her latter once she left the town. Not that she knew how they'd planned to do that, considering their were many players here and unless they followed her all day they couldn't possibly expect to know where or when she'd leave. At least that's what she told herself. She heard the comment from the boy next to her, though she decided not to comment on it since her mind was wrapped up in just about everything else going on. She knew exactly why they wanted her in their guild, news must have spread about her taking on the mini boss and acquiring decent gear. It seemed any time people gossiped it was when someone reached a certain level or did something like that. "So, your one of the few solo players too, huh?" once again she was pulled from thought, 'I really need to stop daydreaming...' she thought to herself before smiling, "You could say something like that" she replied, "I guess I just don't feel like being held back or made responsible for the lives of others, at least not until I have to" she said honestly. It was true, a big part of what prevented her wanting to join a guild was the fact that sooner or latter you could be faced with a decision to make, and the wrong call could very well cost you a life. "What about you?" she asked curiously, "You have some decent gear from what I can tell, I'm guessing your with one of the bigger guilds?" she asked.
  6. "You could say something like that. I guess I just don't feel like being held back or made responsible for the lives of others, at least not until I have to" she said. Kazuo nodded his head in agreement and leaned back into the bench. He understood the anxiety of having to make decisions that could greats affect others, but even being solo wouldn't fully help escape some responsibility. Every action may directly or indirectly affects another eventually. "What about you? You have some decent gear from what I can tell, I'm guessing your with one of the bigger guilds?" she asked. Kazuo rubbed the back of his head and started to chuckle. He turned to her, "Well, I thank you for the compliment, but I'm not part of a guild either. I guess you can say the reason is some what similar to yours." he replied. He held his hand out as a gesture for a handshake, "I'm Kyo" he stated. Kazuo didn't share his real name because he didn't see the point of it. The few people he had conversed, he rarely saw again and chances are with both of them being solo players, he thought he probably wouldn't see her again either. In her case, he thought maybe it would be better not to see her again. Although he didn't fear the Knights of Valor, they were a decent-sized guild and bad relations with them would be an unnecessary annoyance for him. Still, he didn't like that they were being thugs and trying to coerce this girl. Kazuo sense of respect made him feel foolish. He didn't even know this girl name, yet he felt like he should help her anyway he can while trying to be neutral. It was a conflict between his moral and his logic.

  7. As he presented his hand she reached for it with her own, taking it before giving it a firm shake, "Nami, It's nice to meet you" she replied, her tone soft with a hint of refined quality to it. So he was also a solo player it seemed. It was strange, by this point she hadn't expected to meet another solo player, most having been absorbed into guilds or killed off due to inexperience or their own unfortunate mistakes. For a moment more she sat and enjoyed the warmth of the virtual sun that hung above the town before she slowly stood up, "Well, I suppose I should get going. If the Knights plan on farming I should get moving while I still know where they'll be and It's about time I get to the next town anyway" she said before looking down in the direction they'd walked. Naomi wasn't a very tall girl, nor was she short. She was slender and if first impressions made any bearing on how a player would fight, it was evident that Naomi favored speed and accuracy over power and strength.
  8. Nami? Nice name, but where have I heard that before?, he thought to himself as he shook her hand. He remembered hearing that name before, but couldn't recall where or why. If the Knights of Valor wanted her, than this is the same Nami he heard of. Kazuo leaned back on the bench and spent the next moment trying to remember. It bothered him every second he couldn't recollect. "Well, I suppose I should get going. If the Knights plan on farming I should get moving while I still know where they'll be and It's about time I get to the next town anyway" Nami said as she stood up. Kazuo turned his gaze to her, "Oh, you heading to Landsom as well?" he asked. If she was, he was willing to join her since he was going there as well. It also would give him the opportunity to find out who she is and it would make the trip easier on him if she is truly skilled. Though he would still be wary to not cause too much trouble with the Knight of Valor
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