Switching it up.

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  1. As you all know.. I normally post an article.. buuttt none have jumped out at me today. So, we are going to do it a little different.


    [h=3]"Wisdom is the supreme part of happiness."[/h][h=3]Sophocles[/h]

    We will discuss this quote. Do you believe this? Do you think "ignorance is bliss"? Does wisdom makes you happy? Do you think happiness can actually be achieved?
  2. I prescribe more to the ignorance is bliss - I'd just rather be informed than happy.
    It's so much easier to not stress if you have no idea.
    People who are informed worry about things like climate change, world war, economy... and those who do not have any idea about these things are not so stressed about the state of the world or how it will impact their lives, things like that.
  3. omg this is so true

    i watch the news and thats informative and all it does is make me sad....
    oh and i dont think you can be happy i think it is just the level of misery

    not as miserable
    kinda miserable
    normal miserable
    really miserable
    fuck loads of miserable

    and if they say well *blah* makes me happy
    no it doesnt it just makes you less bored
    take video games you play them and your not as bored and when you stop your bored again...

    their is no love its just not wanting to be alone when you die....

    can you tell im rather in a pissed off mood today ^_^ im such a ray of fucking sunshine arent i
  4. I agree with the "Ignorance is bliss" part, but the fun thing about ignorance is that it ultimately leads to ruin. If everybody would remain ignorant of everything, then society would collapse, or it would not have even formed, because we would not have discovered fire, or really, anything. Certain kinds of wisdom may bring happiness, but other kinds bring misery, especially if you know about something which you have no power over. So I guess wisdom and knowledge are just necessary for us to continue, but the can be unpleasant to have.