Switched Around

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  1. theres a village called clarawildoor. its a beautiful peaceful place. theres trees and grass everywere. more so then houses. though houses here and there, theres more poeple then you would think. and in this town with many people the people are mean and sneeky. the town is none for its thefts. and today there is a girl. shes sitting around some kids and reading.
  2. Hikiro walks down the sidwalk listening to music, ignoring the world and everyone in it. He was heading towards a park to meet up with his friend Steven to sell off some packs of cigarettes. It was how Hikiro made money. He'd steal some smokes behind his fathers back and sell them to under-aged kids. As Hikiro enters the park, he stood under a tree, a little far off from the rest of the people running around and hanging out. He checks his watch, waiting for Steven to show up.
    ‚Äč"Tch... He's late... that bastard..."