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  1. Watch This

    How would you feel if this happened to you? Did it almost happened... has it happened? Do you know anyone this happened to?

    Would you have a situation like this happen in your roleplay? How would you character feel? Would they be the kids that were switched or would they be the parents finding out about the switch? Nothing is perfect.. things in roleplay shouldn't be either.

    I feel like this would be pretty cool in a way. I mean there is always the chance that you'd get the sucky family, but if it worked out this way... I'd love it. I love the idea of a big family <3

  2. This is totally crazy, wow.
    Sidenote, looking at DeeAnn and then the rest of her family, I'll bet her father secretly suspected that her mother cheated on him. XD
    ALLLLLL black hair all up in that family, except her.

    In my opinion, I'm not sure it would make a huge difference. Genetics aside, that family that you grew up with IS your family, really. They raised you. It's not really any different that the families who adopt. I expect it would be more upsetting for the mothers, honestly. Your life isn't a lie... you were just accidentally adopted. That's the way I look at it, anyway. ><
  3. Yeah. I have to agree with the whole 'accidentally adopted' stance for the kid. However for the parents that must be kind of... Devastating, I guess.

    This does seem kinda cool, especially if both families are good with merging or whatever XD I'd probably wanna be the kid who got switched if there ever was a roleplay like this, or perhaps a sibling to the kid. Just 'cause it's probably more interesting from that point of view... I mean, you basically have two families now and you don't know anything about one of them.

    That's just my opinion, of course :)
  4. I also agree that genetics does not necessarily make your family your family, as weird as that sounds. The people who have raised you are your family. And no, this did not happen to me. I resemble my dad and my brother so much that it is just almost impossible. Nor do I know anyone who had this happen to him or her, but I imagine it would be a very strange situation.

    As for roleplays... Why not? I have not used this device in particular, but it sounds like fun.
  5. There's this thing in the adopted/foster family community where you have the birth parents, and the real parents. Real is a generally term, this is just the way I've heard it most of the time. Your birth parents are the people who had you, while your real parents are the people who you would call mom and dad. For example, I call my birth mom "mom" because I love her and she raised me. However, since I was brought up thinking my brother's dad was mine, I called him dad. I still do, even though I know that he isn't my dad. I love him as much as if he was my real dad. That's my take on it.
  6. Hell no, Papa Vader told me about it at an early age, so it's all cool!