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  1. Ello, everyone!​

    So, I haven't RP'd in 8 years and I've been back for 3'ish+ months.
    I've begun to RP as of very recently to regain my ability, see where I'm at and besides losing a lot of fancy vocabulary words, I'm quite pleasantly surprised with myself!
    Depending on what I get, I can return '2 paragraphs - 6 paragraphs' and this has been growing just on a daily and more based on my sudden inspiration at the time of response.

    What to keep in mind!


    1. Please, no one to two liners.

    2. If you don't want to RP with me anymore.. -sniffles- ..That's fine! Just tell me because I would tell you.

    3. I would like people with time availability as close to mine as possible BUT it's not required!
    It will just make me upset we can't RP enough because of time difference =(

    4. I like story too! This is just what I'm in the mood for, so don't assume! Suggest ideas/plots and see what we can do :3​
    RP Time Availability(But I can always talk at least)

    US CST
    Weekdays: 6:30'ish PM - 10pm-midnight, Depends on how tired I am.

    Weekends: Usually 8AM - God knows when. Depends on how much Monster I have access to.
    Kinks & Preferences :: WIP, So help me PLEASE!

    About Preferences: I've gone so long without RPing to come back with different taste's or none at all.
    So help me fill this in by us bouncing idea's off of each other and trying them out ^-^

    Modern Fantasy

    Futa/F (Either way but I'd prefer being Sub)

    Monster/F (Im F)

    For kinks, Refer > HERE <
    Other things


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  2. Care for a pm?~
  3. I would love to RP with you ^_^
  4. Sure! PM me and let's talk ^-^
  5. Updated my list with a new flavor.. Fear!
  6. Cleaned up my thread's look and updated my situation ^-^
  7. If you are looking, feel free to drop me a pm so we can come up with something ^.^
  8. Want to rp together?
  9. still hunting for a good dominant beast / monster ?

    been hunting for a monster x woman / girl rp where the maiden is a hunted victim.

    if you need a beast / monster, or have a pairing with one you want to do let me know, i am interested.
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