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  1. I am thinking of re-doing this. Anywho, I will place female characters in here sooner or later. (Probably later) But, I am going to give you some back ground info on me. (Not that is matters <3 )

    Outside of roleplaying: I am a 20 year old female who is currently in school for VA (Vet Asst.) I love to read, write, watch Anime. (I am a tottal Otoku) I just have been for the last five months on two Yaoi sites and plaied a Seme. (A dom man) So I need a break. But! I enjoy roleplaying. (After all it's how I meet my Fiance 9 years ago) I never say no!

    What I am looking for: A am looking for some one who plays a strong male lead.

    I want some one who can reply once a week at the least. (I know things come up. So I understand.) Any one who is more than a one liner is good. I understand it comes down to it sometimes that it happens but, I am sure we can come up with something.

    I also do not care about Grammar and spelling to an extent. No text talk. Why? I don't do it, and I have horriable grammer and spelling. (I use spell check)


    (I am willing to use a plot more than once)

    Best Freinds can love:

    Amii was best friends with James till her father got a new job and she had to move. Years later her mother has died and know she is moving back into town. What will happen between the two best friends?

    I am not as weak as you think:
    Amii was always weak, always going to the hospital. She never did sports, she never ran around. She wanted to do more, and with the chance of finally being able to do more than just read and dream of wanting more, she agrees to take experimental drugs. But what happens when her mother trys and has some one follow her around? Will she give in and let him help, or will she try to hard and push yet some one else away?

    Summoning gone wrong: (I prefer this one to be a more mature plot. That will involve sex ext)
    Amii was a normal girl, or most would think she was. Granted she had her share of bullies and she even had her share of personal hell. She just wanted it all to end. Once while she was on the interent she found out about "Summoning a Demon" It listed off all the things, needs and what you could have him do. To her this was perect though, she never thought it could go wrong and wrong it did go. She messed up some how and brought herself to him, and is know at his mercery. Though she has no idea what to do, other than beg?

    Death Dealer

    Amii has always thought of death as a way out of the pain. She is the "Odd" On out and the one that people tend to pick on. Her mother could care less and her father. Well she doesn't want to talk about that. So she slowly starts to slip away and one day she comes across a site that says "If you can't do it, we would love to help" They where called Death Dealers. What was the harm? She wanted to die, but she knew she need help. The deal was that she pay them they make it look like suicide and then that be that. But, once you agreed you had to die. Well, what could go wrong? When she wakes up after the attempt with the Death Dealer she know has to come to terms with what was going on. She relized she had some people who cared and it seemed to open up her mother's eyes. But, she did sign a contract? But what happens when the death dealer falls for her and she falls for him?

    (I need some one to play the male Death Dealer. This one should be mature if only do to the "Sucide" them in it)

    I am not what you say I am.
    What happens when you find out you are of some race, that every demon wants to own. Yeah those little fits of anger? Those feelings of wanting to protect and yet kill? What happens when you meet some one, who tells you that you are a race of weapon made and brought to life by the demons. Used for war, and this demons wants you. Not to mention he kind of just informed you that you are one of a hand full left and once you have a master, no one can have you.

    I need some one to play the male demon: (This idea might be mature as well. Blood, gore sex perhaps? up to you)
  2. Hey im interested in the " I am not what you say i am " One sweet.
  3. I'm definitely interested in "I'm Not as Weak as You Think" if you're still looking for a partner for that idea. :)
  4. I am, I am. :) Do you play Male roles? <3 Pm. Me :)
  5. Mabye we could reverse-engineer "Summoning gone wrong"?
  6. Do you mean switch around who is demon and who is not? Pm me :)
  7. Bump? Please, anyone
  8. I am interested in Death Dealer! :D
  9. Really? Really?!
  10. I'll like to do the Summoning gone wrong, keep it just the way it is.
    I'd love to demand what I want from you in the RP.
  11. Are we not already doing that? >)>
  12. Well, its a little different, but yeah just about the same lol.
    Sorry, Im doing so many other RPs I forget which ones im doing.
  13. It's fine, I wish I was doing that many :P But if you want to do another, role play with me. Let me know ;)
  14. If you're still interested, I'd like to do either Best friends can love or Death dealer.
  15. I am still interested! What ever one you wish to use! (Depends if you want more mushy, or more romanc with some dark sides to it)
  16. Honestly I find both plots very interesting. Right now I feel like the Best friends can love plot would be good for me (I'm mostly involved in dark and heavy rps at the moment, like I'm picturing that Death dealer could be). You think that could work for you? ~
  17. That would be fine with me. :) (Same, I kind of have some dark plots going right know) :) But, that would work fine for me!