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  1. ~Sweets are divided by the sheer bitter. . Joy has been torn from hate. . .Happiness seperated by sorrow. All these feelings live amongst us all and they hide within one of the most evil of beings. Beings that are considered. . . freaks. They are different from them all. . they hide in the corners of rooms, within the back of classrooms, and within the darkest part of mind. There may even be a couple that have simply . . put on a 'mask.' Dark spirits were seperated from the white pure ones though when they come together as one, balance within one's mind collapses all in itself. This was not a rare occasion anymore. It had spread like rabies and this new 'disease' hasn't come to an end. .
    The kindest of people are so hard to tell these days. Are they the real deal or are they all. . false? When they've driving you into a corner, will they shower you with kindness or cut you open with nothing but pure hatred for their kind? So many questions and only very little have been answered. In a world like this, it was every man for themselves. Though for some, they've banded together and used a sheer amount of numbers to fight off these beings. The infected minds of corruption; people who have simply gone. . mad.
    Through all of this commotion, they hadn't noticed the girl who had been picking them off one by one. She didn't want to turn against such kind people but her impression on mankind was. . permanent. They've shown her how selfish everyone would be and they've shown her how hostile they've become over the years. Hakai lived as a kind, sweet girl. She hides her other self away in an effort to fit in. An effort to finally be able to know what it would feel like to be normal. Though there has been some complications along the way. Bloodlust cannot be eased away at a pace like this. Every night would be a whole new level of murder. One that was as worse as the last. Help was needed. She needed to tear away the hatred that blinded her from reality. But who would help her? Who was to guide her and help her release all of this tension? Blood would be spilled, there was no doubt about it, and it wouldn't be long before her next outrage began. The human race hung upon a thin thread and time was now against them all. ~
    I'd like to roleplay with someone! ^^ Anyone who'd type quite a few paragraphs, really. Well description wise x3 anyone who would be able to keep things quite interesting. Interested in gore/action? I'm sure I'll be able to match your style within time! Just keep grammer easy enough for me to read (as in keep the mistakes to a minimum) and I'd love for you to simpy do whatever would seem interesting! ^^ hope to see quite a few entries! Pm, or thread, it wouldn't matter for me >w<
  2. This seems like an interesting roleplay. Love the feel of it overall.
    I'll just send you a pm about this so we can go over characters.
    Sounds to me like everyone's gone insane xDD Awesome

  3. alrighty ^^
  4. I'd like join.... but it seems as though you've already grabbed someones attention.

  5. Ah, I wouldn't mind another roleplay ^^ I'd be ok with another one
    I don't have many roleplays going on any way haha.

    If you're still interested, I'd be glad to roleplay with you~
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