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  1. So, I have an idea in mind for a Drow empire long since retreated underground after a serious of ruinous wars of conquest. The old Dynasty, having learned their lesson, banned their people from contact with the outside world. That ended a few short weeks ago, when the old empress was assassinated and Teyacapan Citali was crowned the new Empress of the Drow Nation.
    She promises to break the thousand year silence, to lead her people into the light and reclaim the land, the riches, and the glory that once was theirs. Hefty promises, but she has the army to back it up. A thousand years of mining and smithing has given them enough mithril to arm near eighty thousand soldiers, the largest army in the world by far, and much time to train them.
    Nevertheless, the troops have no real combat experience and nearly none have even been aboveground. They have no real pack animals to speak of, for the few native to the Underdark do not fare well beneath the sun, and food supplies are already strained.
    What they need is a forward base. A country on the surface from which to stage their glorious return.

    That is where your character comes in. Teyacapan must have her forward base, at any cost. A marriage alliance? a military alliance only? Holding a member of the royal family hostage? Coming in with brute force and conquering the kingdom by surprise? I'm OK with nearly anything.

    I only have a few requests.

    -I'm ok with this being heterosexual, but I've been craving a lesbian pairing recently. XD Giving Teya a female lover would make me very happy.
    -Don't suck at English.
    -Don't take forever to reply. Please. :c
    -Don't give me nothing to work with. If you can use two sentences to set up a great situation for me to reply to, great! If you write six paragraphs and I know exactly how to respond to them, that's wonderful. But it doesn't matter how long it is if I have nothing to go off of.
    -Don't just sit there in the RP. Make stuff happen! Your person's kingdom should have a culture, a history, its own problems and goals and conflicts. Don't be afraid of your imagination- use it.
    -Don't be a jerkface. You don't have to be chatty (I often am) but acknowledge the fact that I am a human and we are partners in a writing adventure, and that we should have fun together. ^^

    That pretty much sums it up! PMs preferred to posting here on the thread, but eh, it's a free country.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.