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  1. Sweet Cravings

    Greetings Wanderer!
    It has been per-say, a month or a few weeks since I have posted up a partner request? Well, I have returned and I have returned with cravings. Before I begin listing my desired plots I have a few role-play candies, no go's, and a little bit about myself.

    About Myself
    I, myself, is a student, meaning I'm not online during the weekdays. Along with school I work, sometimes on the weekdays. The days I'm free is the weekends. During the weekdays I'm usually on my phone; I don't post on forums on my phone. I like my posts being free of typos and grammatical errors, so don't expect a post if I'm on my cellular device. I can post in PMs on my phones (I have the tendency of being lazy when I'm on my phone, just a warning).
    My writing is third person, past tense. I write around three or more paragraphs depending on what I'm given. At the least I will write two paragraphs, small posts makes me cringe.
    Quality = Quantity
    Both equal. I like long and descriptive posts with very little grammatical errors. I'm not a grammar Nazi so I won't nag on you, but if it is something like, you're, your, it, it's, their, they're, etc, I will call you out on it.
    I can role-play as either a man or a woman, transgender, submissive or dominant. Yes, I do prefer playing the submissive role in the bedroom, but there are times when I prefer being dominant.
    Plot > Porn
    Smut, smut is good. I enjoy smut. But I prefer having more of a story than just mindless fucking. Eventually sex gets boring and we probably did all the kinks we wanted. Probably 65% plot and 35% porn.
    When doing a role-play with me, I enjoy NPCs. It would be rather boring without them, right?
    With all me role-play partners, I don't mind talking. I might sound a bit strict but I enjoy making friends. I'm quite new as well so I don't have much friends so please don't be shy and say, "hi".

    No Go's
    ⇢ Toilet Play; Feces, bodily fluids (such as pee), are not welcomed.
    ⇢ Furries; They make me uncontrollably uncomfortable, sorry.
    ⇢ Age Difference (Major); If the age difference is over twenty or twenty years older.
    ⇢ Canons; I dislike canons. I can't bring myself to role-play as one or role-playing with one.
    ⇢ Fandoms; I don't have a lot of fandoms. However if you manage to convince me I would have to do GoT.

    Role-play Candies
    ⇢ Obsession; Whenever a character is obsessed with another character.
    ⇢ Love Triangles; Two characters that are fond of one character.
    ⇢ Victorian Era; A dark eerie Victorian Era theme.


    The bold roles are the roles I prefer playing. If neither roles are bold, I don't mind what role I take.
    Bride of a God
    In ancient times of China each year they would pick the most beautiful girl in the village. The girl will be nominated as a sacrifice to the God. The girl will be usually drugged and sent off into a small boat taken by the large tornado out in the sea. The tornado will take the young girl into the World of the Gods.
    Male Role: God | Female Role: Village Girl
    Genre - Hetero, Romance, Supernatural, Angst, Drama, Love Triangle, Anime Physique

    Love is Money
    A young heiress has been a healthy customer of JESS for about a year and half, requesting the same male companion at least three times a week. The two get along very well and he has gradually become not only paid entertainment, but her best friend, confidant and main form of companionship. It would be great if things could stay this simple, but what would happen if she fell in love with him? Would money honestly be enough to buy a lover?
    Male Role: Escort | Female Role: Heiress
    Genre - Hetero, Romance, Angst, Modern, Forced, Mental Illness, Psychological, Realistic Physique

    Her Knight
    In a World where male dominance is normal there is a Kingdom where it is ruled by a Queen. Beside her side is a knight. A knight different than the rest, a woman. The Queen is usually ridiculed and hated on by other Kings. Each day a King would come to her Kingdom asking for her hand in marriage, but they would be turned down kindly. The Queen will not stand for being dominated by a man. Her knight, a woman, is quite special to her. They share a bond not known by others.
    Female Role (Dom/Sub): Queen | Female Role (Dom/Sub): Knight
    Genre - Girls Love, Fantasy, Romance, Its a kissing book, Anime Physique

    The Hunter and the Monster
    Victorian Era, England, in the dark times where demon spawns from hell rises a society of hunters rises. Each hunter is given a task to find, kill, and bring back the head of the monster they capture. A high ranked hunter is given the opportunity to find a S-ranked monster, the Queen. A name given to the beast, known for her killing style. Many people say she's a woman of sophistication and grace, much like a Queen. But no one has witnessed her in the daylight. The hunter must go out find the Queen and bring her head to the society.
    Male Role: Hunter | Female Role: Queen
    Genre - Hetero, Romance (Opt), Horror, Gore, Religious Themes, Explicit, Anime Physique

    My Beloved Queen
    A loved Queen who is known for her compassion grows older and weary. Her King is known to be cruel and a tyrant, the Kingdom stays afloat due to the Queen. Sadly, the two's relationship is not bonded by love but by paper. The King is abusive and forces the Queen into coitus most of the time. She keeps her silence from her people. One day the King hires a champion. The champion is known to be the strongest in the Kingdom and is now the Kings personal protector. Queen finds herself quite attracted to the champion and is often found staring at the man. Behind the champion's formal manner, he is obsessed and infatuated with the Queen. He's willing to do anything for his Beloved Queen.
    Male Role: Champion | Female Role: Queen
    Genre - Hetero, Obsession, Romance (Opt), Age Difference, Hardcore Kink, Anime or Realistic Physique

    If any of these do not appeal to your taste I'm quite open to collaborating with you.

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  2. I'd be interested in the Queen and her Knight rp,

    If it's still open? xD
  3. Yes, it is. Send me a PM to discuss about roles and CS.

    Thank you for taking an interest. :)
  4. I'd like to play a male role, and the last deity I played was a genderbent babby Cronus who barely talked.

    How about Bride of God?
  5. I'm quite confused on the first part. But other then that send me a PM?
  6. It has been sent.
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