PROMPT Swear Words

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  1. Every culture has words they consider swear words! In fact, sometimes we steal perfectly normal words and then turn them in to swear words. O_O Cursing is GREAT flavor dialogue for any location or setting.

    In this exercise, you're going to be listing out common swear words from your chosen location and explaining what they mean and why they are considered "bad language".


    • DO people even curse or use swear words? Is this a thing that happens in your culture or location?
    • Is cursing something that everyone does, or only the "ill mannered"?
    • What are the different kinds of reactions to cursing would you get from a poor person? A rich person? Does social class make a difference?
    • What are some common swears and what do they mean?

    And of course, write down some details you might think up that I forgot to mention!
  2. Hah! The only thing I can think of now is the dutch word "eikel" which is an insult where I live, but also means "acorn" and the tip of the penis.