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  1. 'September 16th, 2013.'

    Fel's eyes looked up from her notebook, scanning the sunrise. The orange-red sky looked beautiful, maybe one of the only peaceful images she would ever be able to encounter for a while, maybe ever. The only drawback was the sounds of grunts and moans coming from the streets below her, and the fact that she may be one of the only living person in the city. Sighing, she began writing once again.

    'Another say without seeing another person. I don't even know if there is anyone left besides myself now. Maybe I should try leaving the's food here.'

    She closed the book and picked up her axe, grunting a bit at its weight. She took out a large stone and began sharpening the blade, knowing she may need to use it today. She was running out of food on the roof of this mall and she wasn't sure how much was left in the mall. She knew there was one more store she could go into where there was food...but she didn't have the nerve to go in there. Not again.

    Blinking, she put the axe back down after a couple more glides with the stone. It was probably around 6:30AM and that was prime time to scavenge for food. She stood, her long hair falling against her back as she walked over to the edge of the roof and looked down on the streets below her. Limping around on the pavement were a few groups of zombies, not as much as there were last night so they must have moved on to try and find some other meal. She studied where they were and picked the best route to kill a few and make her way to the restaurant she scouted yesterday. She knew today she wouldn't be able to stay out for too long, yesterday's mission attracted far too many undead for her liking and the barricade she had on the bottom floor almost broke down. It was too risky to try and build on it last night, but she would have to work on that after a quick food run.

    Nodding to herself she turned, walking over to her weapon, picking it up and resting it on her shoulder. She picked up her guns as well, and grabbed a small bag and her gun. The bag held ammo for the gun and a few granola bars in case she needed a snack during a longer trip. Making her way through the door and down the stairs she headed towards the second floor where she had made an escape route she could get in and out of. She'd have to climb a few feet down, but she didn't care, it kept the zombies out. She jumped quietly down to the pavement below, looking around to make sure the coast was clear in the alley. From what she had seen on the roof a group of 3 would be around the corner on the main street as soon as she went there and hopefully the fight wouldn't cause too much commotion.

    She carefully walked down the alley, making sure she didn't make too much noise. She could hear them making noises and the sounds were getting closer, she gripped the wooden handle of the axe and pressed her back against the brick wall as she made her way to the main road. Her foot steps were the only sound in the air as she quickly turned the corner, swinging the blade until it connected with the bastards skull, making a gut wrenching thuk as it broke though the things head. She grunted as she pulled the axe, blood splattering on the pavement as she connected the axe with another, and turned to the other one.

    The sickening stench of rotting flesh entered her nose as she stared at it, glossy eyes looking back at her as it lumbered over. It's leg was broken so it was slow, but the sound of the bone of its shin chipping against the other made her stomach churn. Why couldn't they just stay down? Swinging the blade once again she missed, gasping as her eyes grew wide and she quickly pulled it back, catching the skull on the way to her shoulder. Blood sprayed on her shoulder as the axe came back but she quickly began to run, making her way to the restaurant and quickly finding a place to hide. Her breathing was quick, scared at the fact that she had missed and was so close to being bitten. Waiting a few minutes she got up, walking over to the sink and taking her shirt off to rinse it from the blood. She would soon find some food and make her way back to the safety of the roof. Soon she will be safe again.


    [[OOC: Okay, so for the first posts, just make a scene for you character and we will soon all meet up at Times Square, you can choose to have your character join in when we first arrive at Times Square or sometime later in a different place if you'd like. Have fun guys! ^^]]
  2. "This city ain't gonna get me anything now." This is what Jordy thought as he walked around the small FedEx complex. This FedEx in particular was close to Time Square and was the central for all filing,printing, delivering, and shipping. The only reason it was small is because behind it was an assorted amount of trucks and other shipping materials. Sadly, most of these were taken when this damned apocalypse happened. Jordy walked the top of the flat building looking at all the wreckage from the days before. Here would most likely be his resting place unless he found a safer place to stay. The only way he was staying safe now was because only the front had windows and Jordy managed to block them off with various filing cabinets, chairs, and other various items. He felt like Tom Hanks in Cast Away with all of the packages he had. Toys, crossbows, pictures of family, it goes on and on. Jordy didn't really have a family, or if he did he would probably abandon them if he could. Many days had past since the apocalypse started and it was only him and his friend Yowie (which is a nick-name). Yowie was this little Asian kid who did nothing but look through boxes and climb through the air vents. Jordy thought oh him like the one kid from Indiana Jones."Hey, lady! You call him Dr. Jones!" That is what he thought of the kid, some sort of "side kick". It was good that he was around though. Jordy had collected quite the amount of crossbows and bolts. That is all that kids these days want, weaponry, which is what made it all the convenient for Jordy. At the top of the FedEx building sat two or three loaded crossbows with 60 or so bolts on the side. Jordy didn't have much to eat, only fatty cakes, and cola. That was all that was in the refrigerator and the broken down food truck outside. Jordy loved Fatty cakes but he started hating them about the 500th one in. Jordy was fat but he burned calories by walking around, running around checking to see if the supports were secure or going through packages to find anything of worth. Jordy once found a pack of Cuban cigars. He smoked one a day while sitting in a lawn chair looking over Time Square at all the zombies as they walked around moaning and groaning, which sounded like his ex-wife, who he hopes is dead. Jordy was running out of food and would need more weaponry to keep this place secure. Until then he would just do what he would normally do. Open packages, smoke a cigar, talk to Yowie, eat Fatty cakes, and rest. Sounds like retirement...
  3. [​IMG]Jordan was just trying to cope with everything that was going on at the moment. It was like hell just came up and washed all its demons on earth for the humans to suffer. But even worse it was like the demons were inaide the humans making then kill off eachother in some sick kind of twisted way. God thsese undead bastards make me sick. He hated to even look at them but the more he killed the better he felt. Clutching his bat in his hand he walked ontop the the empty cars and stood there as the undead creatures walked past him.

    To Jordan it was easier to him then just having to wack thm on site. The fact that their senses were dead except for hearing. If you made noise and shouted you were toast but it you were quet then they would walk past you like you didn't exist, but not all. Some happen to wander twords you like they can see you but he figured they just were doing that. Damn i wish i had a gun right about now. The one things worse about having a zombie outbreak was having to guns to blast them.

    Yeah it would make noise but at least it got the job done faster from a long distance. He continued to walk on the cars and then he stopped when he got to a poliece car. Jumping down he reached in the car and grabbed the .45 which only had about four bullets and he placed in his [ants and he placed his shirt over it so it wasn't visable. The sounds of sreams and crys came from the buildings he was passing and he already knew what was going on.

    It pained him when he saw a undead child that he had to put out of misary. Jordan reached the subway station and he could hear the footsteps of the undead heading up onto the street. Walking down he met the undead halfway before craking its ead open with the bat and watching to drop onto the floor. As he waited on the platform he saw a train speed dow but some to a stop right next to him. The condoctor got off with a ak47 pointed at him. "
    You aint no damn zombie are you?". Jordan shook his head surpprised there was someone alive. ' nope im just tyting to head soehwere..i dont know Time Square". The man nodded. " Okay get on this is the safest transportation since the streets are flooded with cars.
  4. Jason sat quietly behind the counter of an abandoned convenient store. This had been his shelter for a couple of weeks now. It was depressing, though. When he first arrived, there were a pair of undead he had to do away with. Two more joined them later on. The air was putrid, the floors were bloody. All of the resources were nearly gone, too. He was living off of the nonperishable snacks and bottled drinks, with the occasional roasted hot dog. He was lucky enough to find some frozen wieners he could cook over a fire.

    He decided he would move on from this place once he finished munching on the box of Goldfish crackers and apple juice box he collected. In his backpack, he fit in some more packaged foods for later on. There wasn't much that could properly sustain him, but it was better than nothing at all. Surviving in this apocalyptic wasteland was an incredible challenge...

    With a sigh, he dropped the litter of his 'meal' onto the tiled floor and began prepping himself to leave. The backpack was secured over his shoulders with his sword and he took his baseball bat in hand. With his free hand, he adjusted his dusty glasses and went for the door to exit this graveyard of a store.

    Cautiously, he walked amongst the empty vehicles. Jason was a mess, to put it mildly. His black slacks at a large tear on the back of the knee and his white dress shirt was hardly white anymore due to the splatters of blood, bile, mud and other unpleasant substances. Around his waist, he had the sleeves of his nice business coat tied together. His skin had a layer of filth over it, too. He wished desperately for an opportunity to bathe.

    Jason's ears picked up a disturbing noise, then. Just ahead of him, he could see one of the zombies feasting on the corpse of a woman. He gave the sight a dry look before walking closer, readying his bat for a swinging position. The foul creature turned its head and screamed at Jason before climbing to its feet. That was as far as it got, though. In a single motion, he smacked it in the head with his weapon, sending the body to the ground with less than half of a skull. It laid there lifelessly next to its prey with its rotting brain spilling right onto the sidewalk.

    "I'm sorry. I could have saved you... If I would have left sooner," he said to the dead, torn open woman. There was a grim expression on his face. He couldn't be everybody's hero, he painfully discovered at the start of this madness.

    With his bloodied baseball bat in hand, Jason continued through the city, hiding in every place he could as he searched for somewhere, or someone that could help.
  5. Micah winced at the sound coming from the other side of the cabinet, the "other side" being the outside. He was the one on the inside... the last place he'd wanted to be but he'd had little choice when he'd stepped into the place of his work, the restaurant.

    It had all started earlier... and it happened so fast. A few seemingly crazed students on campus attacking other students, the security guards had arrived only be be attacked by the injured, the one they saved, changing and mauling their saviors. Micah just knew he had to get away from there and the decease of madness that was spreading. The dorms were too dangerous, the whole damn area was... so he'd decided to run to his work place. It shouldn't be open yet, it should be safe... was his chain of thought. And at first it seemed to be correct. He'd gone in through the back, opening the door with a key. It was dark inside... and he wanted to keep it that way. There was still chaos on the front road and a light suddenly clicking on in the front room of the restaurant was bound to draw the wrong attention.

    He went to the back, where the kitchen and office area was, windowless rooms where a light would shine to the outside... only, the lights were already on. Micah nearly fell back as his school bag was grabbed from behind, panicked eyes looked back to find the clouded gaze of the owner, his boss, inhuman sounds escaping that mouth it attempted to bite his shoulder. He abandoned the bag as he pushed the infected man back and made a run for the kitchen, barricading himself in the storage cabinet and locking it by forcing the latch down from the inside. The undead man could open it with a simple turn of the lock from the outside but, lucky for Micah, all intelligence seemed lost. It was just scratching and ramming against the door. It had taken some time to calm down inside the cabinet, but once he did he looked around and found a knife, then pushed open the doors, driving the knife deep into an eye. Blood splattered onto his shirt but was mostly lost against the black fabric.

    Days passed, Micah wasn't sure how many but he guessed a few weeks. The days were starting to blend together, he had nothing to do but plan a possible escape, and without seeing much of the situation outside, it was difficult to come up with a good idea. Then he heard the front door of the restaurant open then and panic set in. Had those things learned to opened doors? He'd been staying in the back, lights off... what could have drawn one of them inside?

    Micah grabbed his knife and ducked behind a counter, leaving his map of the city on top. Soon, he heard the water running and was pretty sure the undead had no interest in working faucets. So, slowly, he crawled around the counter and looked at the figure, a girl with blonde hair and a bloodied axe. Clearly, she was still alive, but he couldn't be sure of the state of her mind. She might try to use that axe on him....
  6. Breathing heavily, she finished cleaning the majority of the blood that hadn't already stained her clothing and turned off the faucet. She didn't want to risk attracting more of them to her whereabouts. She turned around, for some odd reason she could feel eyes on her, but she shook it off as the feeling of those damned creatures outside.

    Fel sighed, blinking as she walked over to some counters, placing her axe down near her for just a moment as she looked; something she rarely ever did but nonetheless she did this time. Her eyes scanned the counter and the cupboards for food, anything that she would be able to cook and make use of. Standing on the tips of her toes to reach a higher cupboard she grunted, stretching her body so she would be able to feel around for anything that could be up there. She just needed something...

    "There!" she sighed, feeling the familiar packaging of instant noodles and a couple of possible granola or protein bars. Grabbing them she relaxed her body, smiling softly as she stuffed the food in her backpack, but something caught her eye, causing her to quickly reach for her weapon once again. A map was laying on the counter and to her it seemed like it hadn't been laying there for all that long. There couldn't be a zombie in here could there...? With any luck the culprit would either had killed themselves...or even still be alive, it wasn't like there wasn't any food here after all.

    "I-Is anyone here?" she asked, keeping her voice down as she slowly walked towards the map, if the person who had been here before had died, this could be handy to have. "I won't hurt you if you aren't going to hurt me..." she said, trying to listen for any sign of movement.
  7. The ride wasn't long but to Jordan he wished it would have lasted a bit longer. The conductor told him to be careful and that he was going to head on forward in search of some survivors. Nodding his head he watched as the train pulled off and he turned to look at the platform. There was dead bodies everywhere but most of their heads were gone or busted open. Only a few undead were roaming around and tearing off the flesh of a new corpse. Shaking his head he clenched the bat in his hand.

    It felt like it was a never ending war and he wondered when he'd find some survivors. Taking out the two undead creatures as they walked tword him and then he walked up the stairs quietly until he reached the surface. It looked like a blood bath. There was blood on the walls, people running for their lives and then some undead ramong around in a group. Jordan thought about taking them out but changed him mind deciding that it would be useless to draw attention.

    As he made his way around the city he walked down a few blocks until he saw a convient store. When he went inside he grabbed a few supplies of food and then headed out. It wasn't long before he saw a guy walking and trying to find a place to hide. Seeing it as his oppertunity to find a survior he shouted out. " Hey! Over here!".
  8. Jason had his back to the wall of an ally when he heard someone shout in his direction. With the metal bat firmly in his grasp, he peeked over the corner to see a man headed in his direction. This stranger wasn't acting hostile, however he was acting ridiculous. Raising your voice in a world filled with cannibals that responded very well to sounds was unwise...

    A quick gesture was made to the man, signaling for him to rush over and follow him. Jason backed away from the corner and tuned, stepping farther into the trashy aisles that were in between the abandoned buildings. Wrinkling his nose at the stench of dumpster garbage, he took a seat near a stack of old tires while he waited for the other person to join him.

    "Are you alone?" Jason asked him meekly, holding his weapon on his lap. For just a moment, he looked this new face over. Whoever he was, he was in better shape than Jason was. Unlike him, this man was built to be strong. Despite the results of malnutrition, loss of sleep and whatever else he could assume this guy was going through, he noticed a charm to him. It was just now that Jason realized he missed being able to see handsome faces. This was the first one he'd seen in many, many weeks.

    To not be mistaken for someone who was creepy, or just downright weird he looked back down at his lap. His fingertips tapped anxiously at the handle of the bat. He didn't feel safe out in the open, but he needed to do it. Staying in one place forever wasn't possible.

    "Ah, oh, my name is Jason, by the way..." He felt he might as well introduce himself, too. There was no reason to keep his name a secret. In this grim environment, he needed to meet all the people he could.
  9. Jordan saw that he had finially got the mans attention and he watched as the man signaled for him to come. Looking around he saw a few undead wander about but itt seemed like they weren't heading in direction but around the corner at the end of the block and some of the, slipt of into another direction. Instantly he jumped from the car landing on the sidewalk and he turned into the corner where he got a good look of the guy sitting down on the tire.

    The guy looked fragile like if he hugged him he'd break into a million of pieces. When the nam asked if he was alone Jordan nodded his head and then made a face because of the garbage but the face quickly changed because he had smelled alot worse. Leaning againt the wall he looked out the alley way and then at the guy who looked down and fiddled with his bat and then spoke his name. " Nice too meet you, the names Jordan".

    Pushing himself off the wall he extended his hand for a handshake and then he flashed a warm smile. Even though they were in a bad perdicament and everything that happened, he was just glad that he found a survivor because to him that ment that there was some type of hope left. Resting one hand on his pocket he looked at Jason. " Hey we should find some shelter soon because its going to get dark and i have no flashlight, we may need to push forward".
  10. Micah watched the girl as she looked around and felt around the higher cupboards, clearly glad to find the the little stash of junk food. His boss used to keep it up there because he had a habit of working late. Sometimes it was like the man lived in his office... that man was dead now, and his lifeless, once zombified body was now laying out in the back alley, where Micah had had no choice but to put it. He couldn't risk making himself sick by keeping it inside.

    He snapped out of his thoughts when he heard the footsteps near him, then pause. He guessed the girl had noticed the map he'd left out because she asked if anyone was there. The following words sounded sincere enough... so, slowly, he lifted himself up and faced the other person head on, raising both hands for a second to show that he wasn't hiding anything. "Um... hi," he muttered awkwardly, lowering his hands again, "sorry I hid, I had to be sure you weren't one of those things... or a looter." There was a television in the back office that he'd watched for a while until the picture went out. He'd seen how even regular humans were turning on each other for survival....

    "You're hungry, right? There're some canned goods in this pantry over here," he said, stepping over to a door and opening it. "There's a freezer too, with meat mostly, but I wasn't sure if cooking was a good idea. I didn't want those things smelling it... if they can smell, anyway." He ranted a little, realizing he was pretty happy about having a person to talk to. "I'm Micah, by the way," he introduced himself with a small grin as he tossed her a can of mixed fruit and pointed out the can opener that sat rested on a counter.
  11. Jason nodded at the mention of shelter. Carefully, he stood up from the ground while looking left and right for danger. Normally, he wouldn't be so trusting of another person. In times like these, though... He needed all the help he could get. So did this other man, no doubt. Jason hoped to find more survivors so they could know for certain they weren't alone here. There was hope yet for the world.

    "I don't even know where to begin to look..." Scratching at the side of his head, he tried to think of a good direction to take. Jason wasn't leadership material, he admitted to that. Part of him hoped that this other guy might know something, like where to find shelter with few cannibals to fret about.

    A note was made in his mind to keep his eyes peeled for a flashlight, and batteries. Now, he felt lame for not grabbing any of the flashlights from the museum. All the security guards carried them and the rest were kept locked away in a room. If only he'd thought of it...

    Alongside the stranger named Jordan, he walked cautiously through the treacherous wasteland.
  12. Jordan watched as Jason looked around for some undead wandering around and he knew that they would be back eventually. It was only a matter of time. Shaking his head he stood up and then walked out of the alley way to see some undead walking through the street and another feasing on a rotten corpse. " Well there a few shops up ahead, i know thiers a clothing store where we could stay and even get new clothes since mine a dirty and somewhat tattered and theres a pharmacy, there medical supplies in there".

    He wanted to make sure if they were in a tight sutuation that they'd atleast have medical supplies although he didn't want it to come to that. Walking down the street Jordan watched as the sun began to go down and the cool air was creeping in. AS they kept walking a few undead were heading in their direction so he quickly smashed his bat againt their heads and watched their bodies drop to the floor.

    Eventually they arrived at the clothing store but the door wouldn't budge. " Its stuck hold on". In one swift movement he kicked the door open and then looked around. Seeing that their was no undead he closed the door behind then and then pulled off his shirt and looked throught the shirt section.
  13. Fel looked over at where someone had stood, gripping her axe tighter for a moment, but soon relaxed as he explained why he hid. Shaking her head she leaned her axe against a nearby counter.

    "No, that's fine. I understand why you would have hid. I didn't realize someone was staying here." she said, offering a friendly smile to him. She was relieved that he wasn't one of those undead things, and so far he didn't seem harmed.

    Upon hearing that he had something to eat, she watched him open up a cupboard to reveal a few cans. She caught the can the threw and walked over to the can opener. This was something she hadn't had in a long time, fruit. Back in a more comforting time, she preferred fresh fruit to canned ones, but she gladly began opening the tin. She looked back to him as he revealed his name, Micah.

    "Thanks, my name is Fel." she replied, sipping some of the sugary juice before making a pleased sound and speaking again, "I have a place close to here, I've cooked some meat there before I ran out and they can't get in." she added, "If you'd like we could transfer some food and stuff over there and you could eat it if you want." Fel didn't like the thought of eating meat nowadays, not after everything that's happened. She could just barely handle eating chicken.

    "I noticed that map." she stated, eating some fruit from the can, "My hideout is getting pretty rundown and I was thinking I wouldn't be staying there for much longer. I didn't have a map or anything that would help me find out where I should go. Do you think you'd like to join me? I was going to try and look for some survivors nearby, I found you, so maybe there is still hope in humanity." she said as she blinked at him, waiting for an answer as she sipped the juice.
  14. Micah grinned at the invitation. Sure, the little restaurant was safe for now, but only because he'd been so careful. One slip up, and anything too loud could attract attention. He'd hate to stay here alone and wait for the worse... "Yeah, I suppose that 's a hell've a lot better than sitting around here." He said, then moved to collect his back pack, dumping out the books and paper. School work was hardly important anymore....

    "Meat won't hold up for long outside a fridge, guess I better not take any. Damn, such a waste..." he muttered the last part with a sigh. He started to fill the empty bag then, loading in as many cans as he could without making it too unreasonably heavy. He threw in a couple water bottles as well, and a can-opener, of course. "So, just where were you thinking about looking?" he asked over his shoulder as he reached in a cabinet for another knife he could carry as a weapon against those... things. He was as ready as he'd ever be to move out.
  15. Jordy sat in a fat maroon chair reading some books next to him. Nothing was going on as usual. He did his usual routine and walked around for a bit. For some odd reason Yowie was not seen most of that day. Jordy decided that he needed to go through some boxes. In gated back area of the FedEx there was at least six or small buildings with boxes and an assortment of trucks with boxes in them.

    Today Jordy decided to go to the farthest building in the back and look through some of the boxes. He looked at all of the zombies that moved along the streets as he moved toward the building. As he stood in from of the opened building he heard noises. Jordy held his cane close to him and looked around. "Hey, is anyone there?" Yowie appeared from a pile of boxes with some materials. In his right hand he had flares, and this was the best thing they had found yet, other than the Xbox. "Where did you find that?" Yowie pointed to the back of the building where there was some rescue supplies. Jordy knew that they could either be saved by this or that it could be their doom. They both rushed to the top of the FedEx and positioned the crossbows into a more formulated line. Yowie stood with the flares ready when Jordy yelld for him. Jordy finished up his preparations and Jordy nodded to Yowie. A red flash flew into the air and drifted off toward the east.
  16. The journey to the clothing shop this fellow mentioned didn't go without violence. Their path was blocked by a trio of undead, at which Jason and Jordan reacted quickly. Jason's metal bat was more red than silver now, coated with the blood and squished remains of those he caved the heads of. Now, those years on the high school baseball team that his parents made him get involved with were useful. For the longest time, he denied the helpfulness of athletic games. 'I owe you an apology, dad.' he thought solemnly to himself, wishing dearly that it wouldn't be too late to say such words.

    To not lag too far behind his new found companion, Jason delivered a powerful blow to a zombie that was desperately crawling towards them. It was missing a good portion of its head, and had both legs broken... Perhaps, the area that needed damaging wasn't stricken. Crimson splattered all over the college student, some droplets even catching on his lenses. A frown of disgust was made at the odor that was no stuck onto him.

    After jogging to the clothes shop behind Jordan, shutting the door behind them. He put his back to the glass while panting, his metal bat shaking in his trembling hands. Jason needed a break from running and killing. It was all taking a toll on him and he had been eating nothing but nonperishable convenient store food lately.

    Jason tucked the baseball bat into an outer pocket of his backpack so he could use both hands to barricade the door. A line of shopping carts were steered from their proper place so that they'd block the entrance. They might not have been too weighty, but they were a pain in the ass to move sideways because of the wheels. At the very least, they could inconvenience someone who'd try to climb over them. Safety first, right? He figured that if the other man didn't approve, he could do better. It was obvious that Jordan could handle more weight than he could.

    Locating the men's section, he set his backpack down and began stripping off the formal coat he had on. Using the clothing rack as privacy, he changed into a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt that had splotches of lime green and silver on it, with other intricate shapes. None of the design made sense to him, but a shirt was a shirt.

    "I'm going to look around," he announced to Jordan, taking his pack and starting towards a rack of coats. He thought he'd get a new, quality jacket to keep warm. Also, he planned on scavenging in the employee section of the store. Maybe there were decent resources there.
  17. The undead creatures were starting to get annoying. They couldn't walk down a single block without having to look left and right or in the alley ways in case something was going to jump out and attack them. The walk to the clothing store was only a few blocks but it felt longer when you were constantlly swinging your bat like a mad man. He honestly didn't see Jason as the fighting type but more of the calculating and reading books type, but anything was possible nowadays.

    Once they arrived in the shop and Jason barricaded the door he scrolled throught the clothes looking gor a shirt that he wanted. It wasn't that he was particualr in certain clothes but he was just debating the wether he should get a long sleve or short sleve shirt since it was getting chilly. Jordan pulled on a long sleve shirt and he grabbed a red hoodie and threw it over his shirt. When Jason said that he was going to look around he nodded. " Just be careful". He glanced over at Jason before taking an extra shirt and tossing it into his bag.

    For a suppose to be small clothing store the place was pretty big with an upstairs and a downstairs. Jordan thought it be best to look around now that he thought about if there were any undead or things of the matter. Picking up his bat he headed down the stairs slowly and looked around before he continued. It was quiet. As he help walked he never took his eyes off the clothings racks incase anything were to jump out. As soon as he was going to turned around an undead lashed out from the cash register. Jordan didn't even had time to think but just react. In a moment the bat the smashed against the things head.

    Breathing heavy he looked down at the undead and realized it was a worker of the store. It made him wonder about what happened to the others. Once he made sure the downstairs were clear he headed back upstairs.
  18. Fel looked over the map, trying to find a place where there could possibly be others. They'd have to check it out first to see if there was any good hiding places too, if they were going to stay there for a while. Thinking back to what she had in her hiding place as Micah gathered some of his things, she wondered what would be best to take. She wouldn't be able to cook anything where they would be going, unless they could find a similar mall building like the one she had been staying in.

    "What if we went to Times Square?" she asked, pointing to it on the map. It wasn't too far from where they currently were, and it would (hopefully) be open enough to find somewhere to hide. There could also be people there as well. If not now, maybe as days went on citizens of New York would migrate to the place that used to be so busy in hopes of finding other alive humans.

    Waiting for Micah to state his opinions, Fel also filled her backpack with some remaining cans. Now that there were two to this party again, they'd be able to gather more food, but it would disappear just as fast. "We might be able to come back for it if we find somewhere we could both store and cook it." she said, looking back to the male with a shrug. Such a find of iron and energy seemed too much of a shame if they'd have to leave if for good.

    Grabbing her axe and wiping the blade off with the sleeve of her sweater again and placing it against her shoulder once she was done and looked to Micah, wondering if he'd agree with her plan.
  19. With a fleece lined windbreaker zipped up over his shirt, Jason was exploring the clothing shop for salvageable items. He poked around the employee break room, specifically for food. The room was completely empty of any life, thankfully. It allowed him to scavenge wherever he needed to without worrying about a walking corpse trying to eat him.

    Packages of snacks were found in a cupboard and stuffed into his backpack. There were three granola bars left in an opened box, some packets of oatmeal, individually wrapped rice crispie treats... In his mind, he made a note to offer some of it to his new found friend, Jordan. There was another person to look after now, in addition to himself. He felt grateful that the first survivor he ran into was a strong, capable man. Had it been a vulnerable woman, this would be going so much differently. Even though he had no attraction to females, he still knew to be the protective gentleman. That's how he was raised.

    While staring, disgusted, at some rotting bananas at the center of a round table he heard some crashing in a separate area of the shop. Without a second to waste, he rushed towards the noise, desperately hoping that a zombie didn't make Jordan its victim. Jason's footsteps were heavy with his hastened pace and there was a loud thud against the floor when he jumped over a fallen clothing rack to where he saw his companion.

    Thankfully, the undead creature was laying motionlessly on the floor, leaving Jordan unharmed. A look of relief washed over his face, his eyes twinkling with concern behind his glasses. "Maybe we should stay together," he suggested, now that they knew this place couldn't be entirely empty. They'd need to get a move on soon, too. This wouldn't be a decent place to build salvation.

    Jason supposed they could look around some more for supplies, or objects useful as weapons. There would probably be an axe someplace specially made for shattering the glass box containing a fire extinguisher, so that was worth looking for. He already carried two decent weapons, but maybe his friend had room for another. It never hurt to look.

    "So, um... We need a plan," he spoke up sheepishly, looking at the fallen zombie again.
  20. As soon as Jordan made it back upstairs he saw Jason heading in his direction. He knew that he was checking on him. His bat was now spilled with old blood and new blood. Quite discusting but there was nothing that he could do about it. He looked at Jason for a long time regersting his facial expression tword the undead creature and then he looked down at it. Its brains were splattered and the blood was still pouring out from it. Soon it would rott and they'd have to burn the body before it attracted more of them.

    When Jason said that they needed to stick together he nodded knowing it was the best idea incase anything drastic happened while they were in the store. Looking out the window he saw some of the creatures wander around there voice lopung in a agony noise that he wanted to end though he knew he couldn't run out there and try to kill him all because he would die and what would be the point in that.

    When he said that they needed a plan Jordan looked away from the window and then back at Jason. " I was thinking of one. Since it's getting late we should stay here for the night and rest up and when morning comes we head out, mabey to times square. We might even find more survivors there and we could be better off. The more we stay the more it isn't safe so sleep with a weapon.".

    Jordan grabbed took Jason's hand and lead him upstairs then he grabbed some clothes and made two pallets out of them and a heavy coat as a pillow. He placed his bat by his pallet and then layed down looking up at the cealing. He knew that he wouldn't fall asleep easily. " Hey im glad i found you, i would hate to be alone. Atleast i have company". He gave a weak smile before taking a granola bar out of his bag and splitting it into two tossing on half to Jason.