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  1. Jody Ellen was there when the plague broke out 10 years ago but what felt like 30 years to her, during this time riots took place everywhere. She didn't understand what was going on...she was only a child, 6 years old. All she had was he father George, mom divorced him when she found out that Jody wasn't her kid. He did some things wrong but he was always there for his girl in the end. One day while Jody and her father were moving from place to place hoping to get away from the plague, someone within their crowd turned and all hell broke loose. The S.W.A.T team opened fire on all of the citizens who demanded entry in. Hundreds died, even Jody's father who begged one of them to spare him because he had a child. The little girl watched as a bullet was taken to her father's head.
    The plague first began growing in our crops, spread through the air then once you had it, you died. After you died you start to crave flesh. Thats right, this disease reanimates the dead. Once you've been bitten by one of the infected you would turn within a day or two. Jody however, was...well she was different...when she was 14 in an attempt to try and become cool to the rest of the pre-teen crowd she would sneak out. One day though she had gotten bit but hadn't turned for 3 days which was unusual. Its been two years now and she still hasn't turned...she was immune. Doctors wanted to check her out, see why she was immune, but their lab was all the way across the United States...she needed someone to get her there safely...someone who's had experience dealing with those things out there...
    She sat there, in her dirty red shirt and wrinkled jeans... waiting for someone to come, seeing if anyone would come to aid her.
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  2. Rodrig made his way through the forest that, supposedly was the place a person was said to be immune, many of those rumors spready, and they usualy spread fast.
    The forest was huge, but no undead or at least not many would be waiting here for him.
    "I wonder what I'm going to hear this time. Usualy the stories get more weird the further I travel."
    Rodrig spoke to himself as he mad his way through the forest.
    His voice seemed to have attracted something he slowly got a grip on his sword as the, half rotten person attacked him. He swung his sword hitting it's leg before cutting of it's head.
    One or two of those wouldn't cause too big of a problem.
    Finaly the forest opened up and he saw the so called save zone. It didn't seem special at all, most undead wouldn't break through just a small wall.
    Rodrig made his way over the plains slowly walking low so he wouldn't be seen this field would be filled with undead.
    It took a long time for him as he finaly appeared at the gate after a small check up he would be allowed to enter, now looking for hints towards the person that was told to be immune.
  3. There was a huge building, bigger than the rest of them. People walked in and out without any problems, it was probably where the leader stayed, answering peoples question about the city.
  4. Asking around for a bit Rodrig approached the building and after waiting some time and was allowed in to ask his questions.
    "I am looking for the origin of the rumors about someone that is imune."
    He explained calmly.
  5. A woman named Pam walked up to Rodrig "the rumors are true, in fact she's right here."
    Rodrig saw a young teenager in filthy clothes, her short black hair was barley seen under the hat she was wearing. "Her name is Jody," Pam said.
  6. Rodrig walked up to the girl he just spotted leaving a "thanks" to Pam.
    "So you are told to be immune?" he sounded rather unfriendly, he met many persons that would trick villagers so they would give them money and so they would have a lucrative live while everyone else has problems with this world.
    "How did you find out?"
  7. Jody held out her right arm to him and rolled up her sleeve. It was a real bite all right, the infected flesh ended up turning into a dark red and extra skin started covering over it, becoming all bumpy. "It was two years ago when I snuck out one time..." she said. "When I came back after three days I showed Pam the wound...she almost shot me..."
  8. As she showed her arm he looked in amazement.
    "You either went through hell to fake this, or you are immune."
    Rodrig took her arm and looked closer.
    "What are your plans? Will you try to find a cure?"
  9. "I don't have any Plans...but Pam does...she's looking for someone to take me to Washington D.C...there doctors will be waiting for me, they will run a couple of tests to see how my body is immune and go from there to find a cure..." Jody rolled her sleeve down again
  10. Rodrig fell into thoughts, It would be a great opportunity to help her, but on the other hand if she was lying he would waste his time.
    "I will get you there."
    His mouth was faster than his brain once again, offering help that might cost him something, so far it worked, so maybe he would stay lucky.
    "I'm used to fight those things, so I can get you there."
  11. "Alright, let me go tell Pam" Jody said and walked away leaving you standing in the middle of the room. Moments later she came back out. "Alright, she said she will meet us up's best to go seperately.." Suddenly you heard an intercom speak across the town.

    Attention, a curfew is now in effect, anyone who is not in a home by 3 o'clock pm is automaically arrested and sent to prison!

    The intercom kept repeating this phrase over and over again, Jody looked behind her. There was a clock hanging on the wall. "It's already 2:40 shit....the militia will never let me go, not'd better spend the night..." she said. "Follow me."
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  12. Rodrig was left there and was rather surprised by the fast agreement.
    "Why are they arresting people for staying outside, I thought this was a safe zone."
    He started walking and followed her.
    "It's wise to leave in the morning, it's a lot easier to get on the roads that way, but where should I sleep? Is there an Inn or something?" it was still getting on his nerves, this city literally locks away the persons living in it
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