GROUP RP PLOTTING Survival RolePlay #2

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  1. You wake up on a vast island that is part of a series of islands inhabited by wild animals, pirates, villagers, and who knows what else. You have no memory, and gain a heightened set of skills. You awaken with 3 or less weapons of your choice and may find up to two more throughout the role play. Creating makeshift weapons is not counted in this. You don't remember your name, only a number with which to identify yourself. You realize your new skills as the role play goes on. You must survive. Should you eliminate all human threats you may go home. Though in this place, at times, humans may be the least of your worries.

    Alrighty guys, so what shall we do? Same world new thread? Anybody got some changes they would like to see, should it remain a jump in or a character sheet, should we plot or just king it? Talk to me, what's up?
  2. I want to see more people in the thread. But if we make a sign-up sheet, it'll take longer for us to get started and actually want to start soon. And I also like the original idea, I don't want to mess with that at all. But if you have any ideas, I'm all eyes.
  3. I'm actually thinking we should make things a little more interesting and have someone as a pirate/beast master. Like a DM for D&D XD thoughts?
  4. We can maintain Jump in status, no problem there. Newbie friendly of course.
  5. I like the world and also the idea. You only remember a number you're given and that you wake up in a strange place. But I think the island should be separated in into like elements. Water, Fire, Electricity, ect. ect. Each area with different deadly creatures. And not just pirates but other dangerous people and creatures. Make it more difficult. Same idea. Different island and foes.
  6. I feel like a newb b/c I don't know what you mean when you say DM and D&D.

    And I also like her idea.
  7. I don't know about separating the islands into set group types, though it can be a string of islands? The idea of a DM (Which I am going to call the 'Danger Master') is so that there is more action and it is more challenging so that should take care it that in and of itself.
  8. Alright, vetoed lol. Separate islands with a different danger theme for each. DM and D&D Dungeon Master and Dungeons and Dragons lol. Though in this RP we're going to call our DM 'Danger Master' instead :D
  9. Okay I feel so conflicted b/c I like her idea of seperate islands, but I also like your idea of linking them.
  10. How would they get to the other islands? I just figured since it sounds like a tournament or.. let's say a game, that they would have different arenas. Just need to know how get to the other islands xD
  11. I don't mean that they are connected lol, perhaps by sand bars? Bank, it's not arenas or anything. The plot hasn't been discussed yet, though I was thinking something along those lines as well, only it's more they're left to their own devices and watched until they all die or win and then they're set free or they are hunted by the people who set it all up. Perhaps like a gladiator kind of deal, only the 'area' would be the set of islands, not each one a separate arena. Thoughts?
  12. I'm fine with it.
  13. Well I was just spitting out ideas lol
  14. Alright then, that makes three of us. Four counting Laharl, I'm sure we'll get others being a jump in. Now is the matter of a Danger Master..... I guess I can do it. I will use purple for my character and say... green for danger?
  15. I guess that works lol
  16. Alright, I'll put up the rp thread and start it off with my intro from the other considering it ended as soon as I did XDD
  17. Alright so since i havent been able to post yet here is my idea.

    The islands are seperated andall have different danger types. I say we have 5-7 islands depending on the amount of players, we all know about two different islands but are mostly split up. Depending on a dice roll we shall debate what island each character starts on and what ones they know of. The initial island being one of the two. As for the danger zones i say we have an island with vicious animals, the oh so original pirate fortress, one that is a harsh plateau full of mountainous terrain, the center island being peaceful with a nice vegetation. thats all i have so far.
  18. That sounds like a decent idea, although given that their memories have been wiped I think it would make more sense for them to have no idea what was going on at all. I like the terrain and beast idea, although there will be wild animals on every island, just different types for the type of island. The pirates fortress I had thought of being a floating castle, like a wondering island that you need a boat to get to. Makes it harder you know? I was going to have one island that was predominantly predatory plant life, thought that would be cool. As for the dice roll I was going to just let everybody start out on whatever island they wanted, Bank just posted but I haven't seen it yet, I know that Sweet posted as entering on the same island as I seeing as though she felt the quakes of the cannon fire. Anybody have any input on these ideas? The dice roll for starting position seems like a good idea to me, though it would have to be from here on out. We also will have to discuss number of islands and terrain types before we get too much farther.
  19. The terrain types.. that's what I mean't be the element. Fire, Volcanic rock and lava flowing, water being the swampy island, ect ect ect xD Ice, a snowy cold island. And I call the number 18 xD If I can