Survival Horror as Cousins? and a Paranormal Horror story

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  1. As the title suggests I am looking to start an Apocalyptic story of two cousins joining together to survive the nightmare their world has become. Ideas are encouraged, the story is open to just about anything you can think of.
    I would like to play the male

    The other idea, is a ghost story. the story is intended to be long running.
    I'll play the ghost girl,

    if you have any questions please feel free to ask. :3
  2. Ooh! :D I remember you telling me about the ghost story! Have you finished writing it yet?
    I don't think I'd be so good at RPing it, but I'd still love to read it! <3 Happy hunting!
  3. I would be interested in the cousins surviving the Apocalyptic world plot! =D What all do you have in mind for it? And do you prefer onexones played through threads, pm or im? :3
  4. Yeah i keep starting and restarting it. Im playing the ghost cause i want to see the reactions when people when they discover things. That is why there is no description. of the plot here.
  5. Instant messaging would be great, the original idea was simply a zombie apocalypse but that is to clique. Sounds too much like the walking dead. That is why im open to suggestions and ideas from an outside perspective.
  6. Ahh, very cool! It looks like you use MSN, do you ever use AIM or Skype? (I have MSN too, so just curious) :3 I'd love to throw some ideas around! I'll type some up after work and we can play with them if you'd like.
  7. Yeah i have skype, and yeah go ahead and cook up some ideas. Im interested to see what you come up with.
  8. I'm interested in what you have planned for the " Apocalyptic story of two cousins joining together to survive the nightmare their world has become " one. Let me know if you want to brainstorm!
  10. Seems like something I would be into! I have to ask though- would this be a romance story between cousins? Or just horribly grotesque? Either way, I'm still interested.
  11. Actually i was going to leave it open and see where the story took them. The original idea was romance but it sounds more interesting if the idea is a wild card and not an Ace. If you get what i mean.
  12. Deffinitely! In ways of romance, I saw it being a type of" Younger girl has a crush on her older cousin: sort of thing. Though there is possibilities of additional characters if you're open to that idea. I'll be home in an hour and a half and logged into skype if you want to do some brain storming :D
  13. I will login in my username is werewolfyn, i dont get off work for another 4 hours so if im slow to reply thats why.
  14. kk sounds good. I'll add you :)
  15. Awesome! My MSN is: Ameiga Art. :3 Annnd, my Skype (which currenlt isn;t working :\ ) is Crescendoll Meg! Feel free to add me and Ill im you the ideas I have! =D
  16. I need your msn email to add you,
  17. It's, buuut, I finally got my Skype ( crescendollmeg )up to speed! =D So please add me on there! <3