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  1. So basically it will be a group of kids/teens/ and young adults that are trying to survive in a post-apocalypse setting, I am looking for 2-4 partners, it will get be a regular apocalypse not a zombie
  2. In terms of apocalypse, is it just the end of the earth? Or is it a chemical/biological warfare type of thing? Are there going to be any fantastical elements?

    I'm sorry for all the questions, this really does interest me.
  3. I was thinking something like world war three happened, if everyone wanted fantasy element sI was thinking everyone got a power due to nuclear radiation
  4. That's something that sounds interesting. Nuclear Radiation....... this is interesting. I will likely join along for the ride.
  5. Ok well that makes three of us you @JusticeHunt20 and I, do you know anyone else who may he interest?
  6. I might. Would it be sort of Fallout-like, nuclear nasties and raiders and such? And of course, I have more questions too, like how long ago was the Apocalypse? Is there still anything left form the old world to scavenge? So on and so forth.
  7. yeah true
  8. The setting would be an abandoned city, due to the war being nuclear most of the survivors have one superpower, the city will be damaged some buildings completely collapsed but most would still be standing but badly damaged. The apocalypse wasn't long ago, I would say the war ended 6 months ago so the survivors are trying to gather resources and survive. Any other questions?
  9. Ready when you are.
  10. Sounds cool.
  11. I PMed you a couple of more questions, though it seems that you've already answered some of them. My mistake! But yeah, if you could answer those questions that'd be awesome, but otherwise totally stoked for the RP.
  12. I'm not sure how i feel about the powers thing, but, I'm still down. Big Fallout fan. Lol
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.